Summoning "Hostile"

I am trying to make an item (a wand) that summons a particularly nasty critter to serve a PC. Unfortunately, when he’s summoned, he’s hostile, and I can’t seem to figure out why. What am I doing wrong?

void main()

    object oPC = GetItemActivator();
    object oTarget = GetItemActivatedTarget();
    location lTarget = GetLocation(oTarget);

            AssignCommand(oPC, PlaySound("as_hr_x2ghost8"));
            object oSpawn1 = CreateObject(OBJECT_TYPE_CREATURE, "thekillerrabbito", lTarget);
            ChangeFaction(oSpawn1, oPC);

Just make the faction friendly to the PC under the creature’s properties.


Thanks @Fester_Pot . However, this is a normally VERY hostile creature (it’s the killer rabbit from Monty Python). I didn’t want to make a whole new UTC just for a non-hostile one. Thought I could simply change factions to match the PC. This seems to be the case in the script I stole this one from, but he just starts attacking…

You could have the PC apply a cutscene domination effect to the hostile when it spawns. I think that should be fairly reliable.

AssignCommand(oPC, ApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_PERMANENT, EffectCutsceneDominated(), oSpawn1));
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@TheBarbarian, once again, you’re a twisted life saveer.

That produced the function I was looking for, if not the effect. Because I use “BMC” for henchman control, I can still give it commands. Unfortunately, I can’t see it’s Character Sheet… Not really necessary, actually it’s just exactly what I need, with the amount of effort I want to put into it.

Thanks again TB (oh man… what a horrible abbreviation…)

You could always use Barbie…