Summons system

I have looked through the vault here for a good summons system…not sure of the ones I have seen

Can anyone recommend one to me please that you know of that works very well and is trusted.

I would like one that changes all the spell casters summons I to X and undead summons too.

Familiars and companions would be a bonus.

Anybody? Does anybody have good summons scripts?

I’m sorry that no one has yet weighed in on this, but its not something with a straight forward answer. It also brings up other questions as to what the intended use(s) would be. IE … do you want something that will be used in a specific module (SP or MP or both) that you are creating or do you desire something that can be used in whatever SP module you are playing at the moment? Do you want it for NWN Diamond or do you use NWN:EE? What version of the game is used is a minor concern to be honest, but NWN:EE makes any palette bloating less of a concern.

In all cases, some core resources will need overwritten. Adding this via a hak is the best solution. What all is needed you wonder?

  1. If new familiar/companion options are desired the 2da work will be required.

  2. If new creatures (either summons or familiar/companions) are added, then adding some lines to a TLK may be required (or at least desirable).

  3. Actual blueprints for each creature will need to be made other than for the existing core choices (though many of those should be fixed/tweaked as they were never set up properly by Bioware).

  4. Behavior changes could require scripting changes as well conversation editing at times. You also need to keep in mind that any such changes also affect the behavior of these creatures when an NPC summons them. If you make them too overpowered so casters can breeze through the game solo with a zoo in support, you could find it backfires when NPC casters now do the same and things just get even harder.

  5. Blueprints. Lots of blueprints. If adding new options for summons, you’ll likely need 9 new blueprints for each spell change (multiplied by each variant). Familiars and companions would then need a full 40 blueprints for each variant so that they can level up properly with a casters newly gained level.

  6. Overall balance. Making changes can have adverse effects on the game. Are casters now overpowered to the point that most other classes get ignored by players? How will resting restrictions (if there are any) affect game play? What is the passage of time in the module?

Over the years, I’ve looked into many of the systems on the Vault here. In the end, I used many as inspiration, but ended up just creating my own variations. Unfortunately, what I have isn’t easily shareable and I lack the time to take away from current projects to make something a bit more plug-n-play friendly for others. Its on my “to do” list however. That and dozens of other things though.

The short answer to you is to just download and play around with some of the options already on the Vault. Most will require some work to implement though. As to which are the best … I did a quick review of the options and none really stood out enough for a direct recommendation.

Hey thanks Kalbaern,

You took the time and lots of effort to give me this answer. Very much appreciated. Yes I looked at what is available on the vault and nothing I see will work for me…or I do not know enough to implement one of them. I use NWN:EE. It would be for my own module use with friends.

I know you mentioned there are none on the vault you would recommend. I truly hope you or someone with the skills you have can make one for the community…that would be awesome.

I tried to use one of the ones on the vault…it did not work…I took it out but somehow screwed up my summons for undead. None of my spellcasters can summon any undead of all levels…groan. Do you happen to know where I can get an original undead summons script from the vanilla game?

I wish you really could share your own summons scripts with the UTC blueprints as an .erf.

Thanks for your answer and help.