Sundry Items


I’m gradually assembling a pack of various parts I’ve created or ported over time for different projects.

The statues at right are from the RK placeables pack. There are many more where those came from.


Here are some of the exterior items:


Some more additions for the interior:

and exterior:


Creepy eyeball:

Eventually I’d like to rig and animate that eyeball model with several idle animations so that it appears as if it is looking around.

The tintable alcove is my work; I tried to enhance the texture with dirt along the folds and wear on the edges. It’s not perfect, but I do think it gives the model a little visual “pop”.


Modern office building:


A drow art gallery?


Drow sub-commander’s temporary quarters:

The chest has a reskin in the form of a visual effect.


Experimenting with a “Giant Castle” tileset:


Experimenting with a RWS Deep Chasms tileset high-low joiner tile:


Demonstrating the cave set room map problem:


Bridge gate:


Lensing effect of cloud emitter:


Here are some new variants for the deep chasms tileset:


Ramp transition:


More modern extras…


Plus some exterior placeables:


A few more new placeables:


Construction tile:


A port of GhostFactory’s royal carriage:


One can never have enough building models.