Sundry Items


Everything is just gorgeous. I just love the detailed work you did.


Thanks. I believe there’s a flying eye in the NWN CEP, which uses the bat skeleton. It seems like it would be a decent porting project.


Yours is so much better rj.


Probably because it has a larger image map. I have been thinking it would be fun to animate so it appears to be glancing around, then have it turn to face the party leader wherever {he|she} moves.


That would be great. I don’t know if it is possible but it would be crazy if it could blink.:laughing:


Well it’s not textured to have an eyelid. But it could be put it inside a housing built for the purpose and have that (separately) animated to blink the eye opening.


Some more items added to the pool:


Is that a ship borne cannon? Everything look great rj. :star_struck:


Nice new toys to play with :slight_smile:



Thanks. The pirate’s cannon is from a very decent BlendSwap model by OliverMH, which has a pretty reasonable poly count (at least in the LoD parts) and a good texture. It worked out well.


I’ve been exploring (and exporting) a few fantasy/oddball models from the CadNav site:

Some of these will serve very nicely as decorations in the Underdark, I’m thinking.


…and Sigil!


If you put bird legs on the roundish item behind the teepee like hut, you could call it Baba Yaga’s Hut. :four_leaf_clover::laughing: These are all well done. Just so much better than most of the placeables that were part of the original game. Just such a great job rj.


There are several things there that would be useful if detached.

The piece at left has those three bits at the top, one by itself might make an interesting statue.

“Baba year’s hut” has a rough spiky pitchfork thin at it’s top left, would be a neat bit of decor for humanoids.

The eagle on the gate would be a nice statue or decor piece.


The figure on the gate is actually a winged hooded humanoid, although it’s had to see because I shrank the image to save space on this site. I suppose the drawback to using separated parts is that they only use a small part of the texture map, so they wouldn’t scale up well appearance-wise.


cannot WAIT for that joiner tile!!


More stuff added to the placeables pile. The animal cage is animated, although making it non-static means the walk mesh doesn’t work and the captive sinks into the floor a little. Can you spot the stuffed toy? It’s a little environmental touch I’m using for the refugees.

Yes, the deep chasms tileset is gradually getting converted along with multiple new additions. It’s getting a little tedious alas, but I’ll get there.


It must be the human male in the back, no wait he just ate to much at lunch. Great job as usual rj. Seriously the only thing that looks like a toy to me is the is the red, yellow and tan plant in the back.


Spoiler alert …

It’s behind the man on the floor. BGII could use that.



My most sincere thank-yous for bearing with that tedium, man. For the areas I need to build it’s either that or HORRIFYING amounts of “let’s try to engineer BCKII kludge jobs to fake it and then pull what’s left of my hair out when I can’t get all the parts to WM-up right.” :slight_smile:

(adore BCKII but I’m not very good with it.)