Sundry Items


Conversion of a charming little halfling mill with a working waterwheel in back:

It’s tintable, and the door opening is sized to fit the Botumys Hobbit door.


More CadNav conversions – rock arch, primitive props, hobbit mill, (planescape?) water tower, and a very nice wagon model.


Here’s another set. I’m getting getting close to the end now with a total of 179 new placeables already. Just a few more to go.

That glowing lava vent should come in particularly handy. Plus the skull rock and more ruins. I’m not sure about the decaying bridge though; the narrow width will likely cause walkpathing issues. But maybe it’ll be useful for decoration.


Here’s a cache of old dead tree models I came across, then ported:

I think these will serve nicely for a variety of purposes. Creepy forest, anybody?


That’s timely for SOAR.



Oh sweet dead forest baby, where have you been all my ghoul-infested marsh’s life?


The completed set is now available for download. Enjoy!


Fabulous, thanks!!


Guard tower, WiP:

Basic texturing complete. Just needs some fine details.


In-game shots:

Tinting included. The texture files are pretty beefy though; best to be selective about using this I’d say.


Just gorgeous rj!


Working on some additions to the set:

Think I might round out that pile of feathers a little.


Bow saw:


Let me just say that the work that you do you is staggering. That goes for a lot of the brilliant content creators on here, the things you guys are capable of is mind blowing. Cheers mate, well done.