Sundry Items

Conversion of a charming little halfling mill with a working waterwheel in back:

It’s tintable, and the door opening is sized to fit the Botumys Hobbit door.


More CadNav conversions – rock arch, primitive props, hobbit mill, (planescape?) water tower, and a very nice wagon model.


Here’s another set. I’m getting getting close to the end now with a total of 179 new placeables already. Just a few more to go.

That glowing lava vent should come in particularly handy. Plus the skull rock and more ruins. I’m not sure about the decaying bridge though; the narrow width will likely cause walkpathing issues. But maybe it’ll be useful for decoration.


Here’s a cache of old dead tree models I came across, then ported:

I think these will serve nicely for a variety of purposes. Creepy forest, anybody?


That’s timely for SOAR.


Oh sweet dead forest baby, where have you been all my ghoul-infested marsh’s life?

The completed set is now available for download. Enjoy!


Fabulous, thanks!!

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Guard tower, WiP:

Basic texturing complete. Just needs some fine details.


In-game shots:

Tinting included. The texture files are pretty beefy though; best to be selective about using this I’d say.


Just gorgeous rj!

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Working on some additions to the set:

Think I might round out that pile of feathers a little.


Bow saw:


Let me just say that the work that you do you is staggering. That goes for a lot of the brilliant content creators on here, the things you guys are capable of is mind blowing. Cheers mate, well done.


The updated version 2 is released with an additional 25 placeables.


Experimenting with an open floor tile for the Mechanicus Purgatorio tileset:

It’s open in the sense that the radiator-style corner column is smaller than the usually tile corner column for this set, giving it an “open” feel. I have some mixed feelings now about the style, but perhaps it’s good enough? With an open floor tile, most of the parts would be available for expanding to a complete tileset.

What do you think?

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That’s really amazing. Beyond just the plane of mechanus something like that could be useful for someone doing a modern setting. All we need is a queen Alien to crawl up over the side. Very impressive.

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Personally I would remove the brass trussing from the column. It seems vaguely like webbing, maybe the trussing pattern not being symmetric is the issue since Mechanus is the epitome of order. Instead I’d extend the radiator fins out on the column, or just keep it as is.

In any case, having a full tileset would make a lot of people happy.

Thanks. The truss is there to support the platform and the ceiling. It’s the same truss structure used as support underneath the platform on the other tiles. I could have gone with a solid column, but I wanted a more open look.

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As to it looking like webbing… Maybe Bealzebub would have a use for it when he works his way out to Demonweb Pits.