Supple Hairs

Are you not tired to see your hairs acting like metal helmets, your long locks cutting through your flesh ?

Are you not drooling over Skyrim HDT hairs ?

Stop crying, daddy Krig has the soluce ! :sunglasses:

But he needs some playtesters. So if people are interested, PM me.

Now more details about what I am doing

Short or mid-long hair

I weight the top vertices to the head bone, and when I comes at ears level I begin to mix the weight with ponytail1 and ponytail 2 bones , further down, at jaw level I add the neck bone (note that gives me some vertices weighted to 4 bones, and it works)

The first time I tried it it was with Bethany’s hairs, recently I did that to Leliana’s hairs which are a bit shorter.

So if you could tell me what you think of these two haircut, it would greatly help me decide if I investigate further in this direction.

Long hairs

This one doesn’t need testing as I used it for monthes at the PW for which I modelled in the years 2012-2013

I weight the locks that rest on the body to the ribcage bone, thus they move with the body, not the head. The main difficulty is to softly moves from 100% ribcage bone to 100% head. The success depends from the topology of your mesh, if you have enough vertices you can create really supple locks of hairs.


If somebody could do a video from the Bethany’s hairs in the character creation screen, and post it here He/she would have my eternal gratitude. :heart_eyes:

I noticed an odd thing about the Hair pack. These are screen shots of the oddity.

The hair accessory toggle is changing the hair color. I do not know if you did this on purpose or not. So I decided to let you know of the oddity. I still like the general work done some of the colors are just to much.:grinning::four_leaf_clover:

I was trying to help give you the video of Bethany’s supple hair when I noticed this oddity. I still can’t the video to work right. I will keep working at it.:four_leaf_clover:

Greenman, all feedback are good, and better than no feedback.

When I posted this hair pack I was still experimenting with NWN2 models, and at this time I was not sure what was the effect of colors in the tint map (please don’t laugh). I did the same error with my earlier head models.

The main color of my earlier tint map is not green, and so you have this weird behavior. It’s one of the things I am correcting in my update. And I will add, that I have very few feedback like yours. Even when I shared my models on a PW world I had very few feedback, and without feedback it’s impossible to increase the quality of a model.

Now about Bethany, thanks again for trying to help. someone gave me a solution and I have posted an animated gif at my personal blog (although I wouln’t mind another solution that would allow me a longer video)


Oh, I had no intention of laughing at you. I just thought you should know about what I had found. I am not that talented on the computer I can draw a little but I am not good enough to do what you have done. I could see some people using the Hair colors to go with your purple hair on the one style. I still love your work. Good luck. :star_struck::four_leaf_clover:

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When I created these hairs I studied how OC hairs where done.

They have 3 colors :

  • full green RGB 0,255, 0
  • full blue RGB 0,0, 255
  • full red RGB 255,0,0

At the time I understood that red was for accessories, but it was not evident which part (hairs or locks) was affected by green or blue. if you look at some male hairs tint map they are mainly blue. So for a long time I could not decide and the affectation of green and blue was not consistent with all my models.
Later I tried to stick to green=hairs, blue=locks, red=accessories. But this doesn’t satisfied me. It works with low resolution diffuse maps, but not with high resolution.
So actually I use only green for hairs, and red for accessories. But I don’t use full green, I try to use 2 or 3 partial green. The repartitions being done using the Gimp select by color function. I think that this gives a more natural transition between main color and locks with high resolution textures. The disadvantage is that you cannot have locks very different from main color.

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you can mix the green and blue channel as you like, and as you see fit for your custom mesh. obsidian used one channel for the main color and the other for highlights. single colored hair looks a bit plain and boring, especially if it’s made of one solid mesh.