Survey about the original campaign NWN2

survey about the original campaign nwn2
hello everyone this is just a small survey.
Thanks a lot in advance if you answer a few questions of your choice.
Thanks a lot in advance.
I’m probably trying to make a small module
single player only.
(at the moment I’m just asking
and I can’t give any promises. if I start doing something, I’ll write)
inspired by the original campaign and nwn1
and if someone likes it and I have the opportunity to make a sequel.

1.What did you like about the original campaign?
2.What didn’t you like about the original campaign?
3.what would you change in the campaign
if you could? (just describe)
4.which characters you liked and disliked?
5…which NPC do you want to take as a companion.
6.Do you like the implementation of cut scenes?
7.Do you like nwn1 dialogue style better?
8.what did you dislike about the plot?
9.What didn’t you like?
10.examples of companies or modules that you liked
(single player only)?
11.examples of weapons / items / armor that you would like?
12.examples of spells / abilities you would like?
13.which locations did you like and dislike?
14.what would you like to see in nvn2?
15.What enemies did you like and what fights?

  1. I liked that you could play any class since there was always a companion available to fill in for the abilities your PC lacks.
  2. Shadow Reaver knock down ability works on characters immune to knockdown
    3.Be able to raise Shandra
  3. Hmmm
    Like - Elanee, Kelghar, Sand
    Dislike - Qara, Bishop, Grobnar
  4. Hmmm
  5. I prefer to play Rangers, Bards, Rogues so light armor with an attribute useful to those classes. I like ranged combat.
  6. Bardic Regeneration, Red Dragon Disciple’s Breath Weapon, Tracking ability
  7. Hmmm
  8. Animal Empathy. I don’t like fighting random wild animals.
  9. Fire Giants and Red Dragon
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Hi GCoyote
Thanks a lot for the answers.

  1. The story was good, i’d like to see more route to go to the same destination like the choise about militia vs bandits in Neverwinter.
  2. Nothing in particular.
  3. More side quest.
  4. All good NPC
  5. Kelghar, Qara, Neeshka
  6. Yes was good
  7. No problem (Cutscene in topic moment, nwn1 like dialog in common talk)
  8. Nothing in particular
  9. Too linear
  10. Amn or Elturel zone
  11. Some extra plain travel
  12. Beholder is a must
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Hi night76
Thanks a lot for the answers.
Beholder is a must be(do you want see Beholder as summon creature/familiars or enemy. )

Enemy … i hate beholder … beholder must die!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t played the original campaign since 2006, so my memory is a bit fuzzy, so take my opinions with a grain of salt. What I do remember was that I thought the companions was nice and that the story was decent. The story of MOTB was much better though. I really like the implementation of cutscenes and very much prefer that to the nwn1 style dialogue. I remember liking the keep or fort that you had. The romance with Elanee was a bit disappointing and I would have prefered Neeshka instead. Neeshka and Kehlgar and their banter was really fun, if I remember correctly. I also remember liking meeting Deekin again. He’s one of my favourite characters from the NWN1 expansions.


Hi andgalf
Thanks a lot for the answers.

  1. I think my favorite part of the original campaign was the segment where you and a squad of city guard defend a noble from a bunch of demons in his manor. The guardsmen all had personality and the setting was well set for a gothic horror vibe. It stood out as the best written and best implemented part of the OC.

  2. I thought the story was a little stretched and weak. It gave the impression of being the parts of a larger story that could be stitched together on time given a lack of time and resources.

  3. I would flesh out every chapter. (I know that is not what a lone modder wants to hear and I want to be clear I am just talking about the OC).

  4. I think I favored Khelgar, Neeshka, Sand, Grobnar (yes, I know), and Ammon Jerro. The others were either very forgettable or actively annoying.

  5. Khelgar, Neeshka, Sand, Grobnar, Ammon Jerro, and the construct if you mean companions from the OC. I favor bards, warriors, barbarians, rogues in general though. For me personality trumps usefulness though and I will take companions I like over ones I actually need.

  6. I think sometimes a good cutscene is very good for mood but I don’t think every conversation with a random npc needs to be one so probably a mix of OC and SoZ systems is probably easier to create and most effective.

  7. SoZ dialogue is better, in my opinion.

  8. I think the weakest part of the plot for me was building up the keep. Your efforts seemed to count for very little in the end and your improvements weren’t really felt much as you were building up. Not sure how to do this better though.

  9. I assume this is a typo and you want what we liked. I loved the red dragon and giant encounter and the manor defense.

  10. Off the top of my head since I am not at my gaming rig, and in no particular order, my favorite NWN2 works are: Against the Giants, Icewind Dale, Fanglewood Forest, Harp and Chrysanthemum, Path of Evil, Pool of Radiance Remastered, Tales from the Lake of Sorrows, The Black Scourge of Candle Cove. The Subtlety of Thay. Tragedy in Tragedor, Trinity, The Legacy of White Plume Mountain, Misery Stone, Murder in Dunlop, Nighthowls in Nestlehaven, The Seekers, The Corruption of Kaihoro, Traveller, The Hermit’s Chalice.

  11. I like items with a history and story. I am a sucker for flavor text. A good example would be Applebane from Icewind Dale. Little better than a +1 weapon but the story behind it is good.

  12. Nothing in particular I can think of.

  13. The manor defense and the red dragon mountain stick out to me on the positive side. I don’t remember disliking any areas.

  14. I would like to see rich story, history and lore.

  15. I liked the red dragon fight and the manor fight the best.

Keep in mind I haven’t revisited the OC in a long time so my memory is a bit fuzzy. Also I answered for only the OC. Things change if you consider the expansions.


Hi Quixal
Thanks a lot for the answers.

Lord your idea for this module/campaign ?
Are you a developer of NWN2 who would like to continue the story of the campaign ?
If i was one of the DEV of Obsidian i request my chief to give me permission to continue to support NWN2 in spare time …

I haven’t played the original campaign for years so don’t remember much, I thought it was pretty good but preferred MotB which I played more times than the OC. I wasn’t too keen on the ending and if MotB hadn’t happened it would’ve been really rubbish.

I like playing as a monk ( which reminds me I thought the Khelgar monk quest was pretty stupid ) but I’m leaning towards bards at the moment or maybe a sorceror if I want to blow things up. I prefer cutscenes to NWN1 dialogue but not on really small conversations and without lip movement I think they look a bit silly as if the characters are using telepathy.

What I would change in the OC would be that you could tell Nasher to get stuffed, stick his knight captain job and his castle where the sun doesn’t shine and kill him, I even thought about making a mod that enabled that as he was the most annoying npc to me. Second only to the one that kept saying “know” all the time. Bishop was a bit of an idiot too and just bad for the sake of it and as far as amusement goes I liked Sand who I always chose over Quara, even though I prefer sorcerors to wizards, but she was just too full of herself. I didn’t mind Grobnar at all and thought his ending was the best, diving on a metal golem to save it from a falling roof ! ( Can’t remember if that was in MotB ).

I have no idea why they killed Shandra that seemed like forced drama for the sake of it and I would’ve preferred killing Ammon Jerro as this so called great warlock was a bit of a waste of space and pretty useless every time I had to take him along.

As far as locations and fights go I only really remember the orcs and fire giants so they must be the most memorable to me as I quite like charging through areas bashing things.

One thing I would say is that if you’re going to make a mod don’t worry about what came before or try to copy what people liked about another module, just make what you want and write your own story. You can’t please everybody so don’t try, just enjoy creating something and watching your characters come to life.


Amen to that!

your idea for this module/campaign ?
My idea is create new story.(i am now try create rough plot)
in short, I wanted to modify the original campaign but change a lot of things.
i want fix some errors in old plot .and make new story .
Also i want test some ideas .
I’m just asking if your information can help me create a more interesting story.

Are you a developer of NWN2 who would like to continue the story of the campaign ?
No .i’m not developer from Obsidian.
I’m just a fan. I wanted to modify the original campaign ,but change a lot of things.

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Hi Tsongo.
Thanks a lot for the answers and advice.

i know this problem and solution is lip sync,
but in some case (not sure what I can fix)

you want to fight with nasher? it would be interesting.

well said

In that case, the easiest route would be to add some new content for the period right after the Knight Captain and his followers go off to stop the King of Shadows. That way you can use any of the existing NPCs that you find interesting and create new story lines that follow after the OC. You won’t have to create any new background material.

Good Luck!

Wasn’t Sabranic working on something like that?

Edit: Oops.

only if the head is skinned with facial bones (most of custom content heads unfortunately aren’t).
I’ve fixed a few already, but only when the need arises.

So you want to create a OC v2 with correction and new content … WOWOWOWOWWO i play this module the moment you upload it :smiley: