Sword of Gith disappears

Truly, the most stupid of questions around, but is Knight Captain supposed to lose the Gith Sword after dealing with the Shadowwalker?
Because I used it (Shard Hail) against the shadowy creature and then Zhjaeve (I believe) killed it and eventually we ended up in the Keep hall (without the SoG) and then proceeded into the Vale of Merdelain. Could it be that using the special abilities of the Sword caused a bug / glitch that removed the Sword from my half elfs’ inventory?

…oh wait, after reloading from a savegame, the Sword reappears in my inventory - but yet, I have a Greycloak Archer (?!?) with my band: Khelgar, Elanee, Zhjaeve and Ammon. What’s this all about?

If memory serves you have command of militia at one point in the game, so you’ll have some Greycloak archers if you chose them. I think it’s bridges destroying mission? As for the sword disappearing . . . not sure.