Swordflight chapter 2 and 3 - different hair on preview and ingame

So I use prc and cep merge for most modules it works, errors happens around clothes, armor etc.
But i do not see anything like this.
So i created custom race, it works fine in Swordflight chapter 1 but when i want to import my character to chapter 2 and chapter 3 this happens.
When i try to import character from different module , it shows hair just fine or when i want to start game with lvl 1.
It is hard to imagine that this is caused by race or class somehow but i am at loss here.
Thanks for the info,
It apparently changes my race from elf to human.
Why module should do that, i do not know.

I have no idea why the module would do that either. I certainly did not include anything that would alter a player’s race at the start, so presumably it is the result of some sort of incompatibility with PRC, CEP, or some other add-on you are using.

I had a report of something similar with Sanctum a couple of weeks ago. A player tried to start it with a Brownie PC, and it looked like a 3-headed dog. I suspect it’s an appearance and/or phenotype issue with the newer Beamdog versions of these 2DAs not being entirely backward compatible with the older 2DAs (and/or the modded ones from packages like CEP and PRC). It’s probably worth checking whether the actual race was changed, or just the associated phenotype or appearance.

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I checked this out with leto save game editor.
The appearance of my character was changed from elf to a human.
It caused by this specific custom race.
When i created this race it had human appearance but i changed it to elf using nwn character creator.
In all other modules it works fine but in this there a problem.
Funny thing is that during character preview i have elf appearance but when i enter the game i am human.

As i typed below. I do not know what is causing the problem.
All i know that during character creation i changed character appearance from human to elf.
I checked that character in 3 different modules and it works fine.
But in swordflight it changes my appearance from elf to human.
I have no idea why.

The module was sick of the long ears :wink: