Swordflight not appearing in Top Modules?

I am normally too busy building modules to pay much attention to such things, but having just released a new module I naturally took some notice of reactions/downloads to it and thus have been paying a bit more attention than usual to things like my download count. It occurred to me I have never seen any Swordflight modules in the “Top Modules” list on the vault in a very long time, but I do regularly see my “Snow Hunt” module there (in fact it is at the top of that list at the time of this writing). This is odd since I know that the Swordflight modules typically get noticeably more downloads (which I believe is what that list measures?), as well as more and better votes, more comments etc. Is this a glitch, or are they excluded by some obscure criterion, or what? Just curious.

I’m not sure which Top Modules List you’re looking at, but your work is pretty visible in the lists I posted here (which are also in the guide on Steam).

As for the front page block, it is determined by the number of votes of a module between 15 and 50 votes, which the block randomly pulls up within that range. This is why duplicates sometimes find their way on the list, and will be different for everyone who visit the site.

This is what I saw today when the block loaded.


@Proleric, what you say about Swordflight’s visibility on your lists (a good resource by the way, thanks!) was basically my point. By any metric that occurs to me, the Swordlflight entries would be a better candidate for a “top module” than Snow Hunt, yet I regularly see the latter on the sidebar list and never see the former - for years now at least to the extent that I have been noticing it. Just comparing my own modules since naturally those are the ones where I am knowledgeable about the number of downloads, votes, etc. they are getting.

If it is random and varies for different people, as FP says, I suppose something like that could happen. Not too important in any case. It just seemed odd.

I added a Distinct Field to the search results in an attempt to avoid duplicate entries, which I hope will allow more visibility to modules within the vote range to appear, rather than the same module listed multiple times.

We’ll see how this works out for the NWN1 and NWN2 blocks.


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