Take 20 - what is this?

I had a weird thing happening today when testing my latest module. When I used the companion who’s a rogue I noticed when picking the lock on a door that I, three times in a row when testing, got something that in the chat window was something like:

Take 20 (and then the result of the throw of the dice being 20+something I don’t remember)

What’s up with this? Does the character somehow always get 20 on the dice throw or what?

It happens because you are out of combat, if you tried to do the lock pick during combat, you would roll normally.
The rationale behind the take 20 is that there are no distractions and there’s no penalty for failure.
In a videogame I add that there’s even more reason to add it because of savescumming, and deterministic mechanics that avoid RNG are the best way to counter such practices.
NWN2 actually did a very good implementation of this.

You can find an explanation here:


Thanks for the reply @Clangeddin !

Ok, so then this is normal? Then I won’t (probably can’t anyway) do anything about it.