Tales from the lake of sorrows

Hi there, after a bit of search i decided to start a topic on any bugs found in the campaign version and their possible fixes.

I am at the start of chapter 2, didn’t go to the Dragn Scar yet.

  1. Some journal entries remain after completion, nothing game breaking though

  2. At chapter 1, bashing Samuels locked door and entering the living room can potentialy break the plot. i found out the hard way and had to start over, now i am super careful as to where i go. Couldn’t help but unlock Isabel’s door at the inn though, hope this won’t mess things up :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. After killing Arthur and gang, Ormin was just standing at the entrance point at Dragon Scar, no dialogue or anything, reloading it fixed it though. i suspect walking towards him with Ember in stealth mode caused it.

  4. Things happening before their time: At chapter 1, i had the choice of fighting the warehouse guards for attacking Charlotte before they got to attack her.

Still a wonderful game so far, one of the best i 've played despite those hiccups.

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Chapter 2 seems to be bug free for me so far. On to the river caves!..also i wonder if entering a certain mausoleum in Littlelake without an actual quest will lead to bugs.

Here’s an Unofficial Patch for TLOS I’ve been working on. So far it ONLY covers all of Sheep and Stone, Caravan Club and the very beginning cutscenes of the Last Days of the Raven.
It fixes the issues with the companions not being persistent across modules and they no longer loose their equipment. NPCs are no longer in the party select GUI. Solace is deleveled when you first meet her so you can choose archery or dual wield when you level her back up. OC party knockout death is now in use. The clock is added. Merchant dialogs now use the SOZ party chat so you can take advantage of companions with high appraise skill. Bad journal entries are fixed. Many minor bugs bugs have been sorted. There is a change log in the download.
Note: this is for Tales from the Lake of Sorrows, not the individual adventure mods that PJ had before he combined them into TLOS.
This is a work in progress (when I get time).
Of course someone to test this is always desirable.


Wow, that is quite the fix. I am sure PJ appreciates the help. Especially with the odd journal entry issues.

Thanks you for the fixes Travus.


Man you ROCK!


Thank you!! Does the companion equipment fix work for just the chapters you covered or for the whole campaign?

For now, it’s just the first couple chapters. I’m working on chapter 3 now.
Keep posting any bugs you find, with or without the patch. It’ll help greatly to speed things up.


I am gonna continue without your patch for now as i am in the first level of the Copper temple.

Chapter 1: -I couldn’t save my game in the area just before Lakeside - where you meet the first peddler/merchant. Saving in that area always resulted in a crash for me.

Chapter 3: -Sally repeating “Did you find my mother” after informing her about Marrian’s death… don’t know if this is intentonal.
-Some gnolls at the hidden valley don’t give xp when killed. Also they fade away instead of having the regular death animation.
-No gate guard dialogue line for getting into Tysan’s estate after finding Marrian’s body.
-There are 2 Ormins, one at the courthouse and one at the Market inn during temple investigation.
-I’ve read about a bug wihere Solace is not showing up for the fight with Samuel at the party. This didn’t happen to me though, and she actually had all the equipment i had given her, wich is awesome.

Chapter 4

  • You can gain an infinite amount of xp by using conversation skills on the guards at the Four Winds keep.
  • Throwing fresh water on Helm’s symbol at Crassus’s basement doen’t always disarm the electrical trap. Sometimes it needs two doses of liquid, so either the water works or you have to spit on the banner twice or spit and then throw the water on it. Not sure if it’s a bug but it did confuse me for awhile.

Chapter 5

  • The game always crashes to desktop when trying to fight the vampiric bats in the bat cave. Same with empty override.