Taunt - How to change default script

Hello. I was looking into scripts to modify default Taunt behaviour but I had no chance to find it. Where can I find it? Or how can I modify it’s behaviour?

There is no script for Taunt that I know of. There may or may not be a way to hook the event using NWNX 2, but I’m not sure. What behavior are you trying to change with it and is it for a PW or SP Modules?

I am trying to remove the dropping current combat mode after the taunt. So PC can still have Expertise or Imp. Expertise mode activated after the taunt. I am practicing on SP module but I plan to move it to PW module afterwards.

My suggestion is just make another taunt from scratch.
Since it’s NWN1 the easiest way to implement it is via chat command from the OnChat module script, players can then assign a macro to it and use like any other feats.

Yes, that seems best choice. I was wondering if I can directly modify a script or something but it seems not possible. ^^

Technically you would be modifying the OnChat script, so in a way it’d be the same, the only difference is that there would be two different taunts in game, the standard one will be the “inferior” one, just make sure to tell players to not use it and use the chat command instead et voilà.

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Keep in mind, this will significantly impact combat. Normally using Taunt leaves you flat footed. This will make Taunt a much deadlier tool. Characters using it will then taunt about everything they face making encounters all the easier not to mention nerfing of AOOs whether PvP or PvE.

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Default taunt is nearly useless in 99% of builds and situations anyway, I don’t see a big deal in buffing it.
This was the intent of the OP after all.

I simply implemented this. If anyone wants to use it, feel free.

Can be improved further I guess.

Github Link

Not sure if this is EE or not, but would the StickyCombatKeys keep Expertise up during a Taunting? I never checked.

It is EE, yes. I didn’t find anything at lexicon about StickyCombatKeys :pensive:

nwnx_patch softcoded taunt, iirc the script name is 70_s2_taunt

but only the version for vanilla 1.69 nwn, the EE version doesn’t have this feature unfortunately


Confirmed the StickyCombatModes does not keep a Combat Mode active after a Taunt. I’m not certain of the timing, but it appears that it drops after the Taunt is made (and not before or during), so that might have some value. Of course that just may be how it appeared visually in game.

Quite the opposite, in a pvp servers is it used very often,especially by bards.

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