TCC and NWN2 OC Makeover

How do you enable TCC to work with NWN2 OC Makeover SoZ?

uhm… install them both and run a duplicate file checker on /Override ?

(though i think Kaldor tries best to keep the Makeovers in /Campaign folders)

if you mean, SoZ-style crafting is overriding OC-style crafting… @Kaldor_Silverwand

When the Makeover is installed per its instructions any mods that are installed in the override folder will override the Makeover features, just as they would have overridden base game scripts. So I would think that TCC features should work fine. From what I can tell, the TCC does its magic primarily through 2da and UTI changes. The Makeover changes for crafting were done entirely through script and utilize the SoZ recipes, rather than messing with the OC and MotB crafting mechanisms. (For details look at the documentation included with my CraftingPlus System). The other changes for crafting the Makeover makes are only to stores to make sure they have some of the necessary crafting materials in stock and fixes to some UTI files. The store changes should not be in conflict with TCC. If there are UTI files that TCC replaces that are the same ones that the Makeover does, then the TCC versions will be the ones utilized, not the Makeover versions.


I must have been doing something wrong during Act I. I am using it with no problems at all now in Act II.

Thanks for the input. Nice to have the confirmation. :slight_smile:

Now that I know TCC is compatible, I may just keep the Makeover permanently on my system. LOVE IT!!!