TCC v2.05 released


After many months of work, and then months of no work, and then work again, @kevL_s and I are happy to announce TCC v2.05.
We’ve moved the project to GitHub, fixed dozens of bugs, and made this the best version ever.
Thanks also to @Aqvilinus for pointing out lots of things that were wrong.

You can find it here:
and it will be up on NexusMods fairly soon too.


Need help with TCC crafting
A question about TCC Reboot v2.04

BTW, much of the work was done with @kevL_s excellent YATA application, here:


I’ve got one question has the Rebalanced Crafting Recipes.txt file been up dated with any new recipes or any changes made to existing recipes?


Of course!


That’s good. When I first started us TCC I converted the text file to an Excel spreadsheet. Now I’ll have to go thru and update it.


If you want to send that along I can include it in the mod.


That would be great.