Tcn_udoor_09.mdl In which city tileset is this door used?

Hi guys! I know for sure that all the NWN modding gurus gather here. Tell me, does anyone know in which tile of the city this door is used? Thanks! Merry Christmas!

I create new sets of tilesets in the style of the original game, for example, the tileset of the lighthouse, where I really need such a door.

I wonder whether that door was created for a tile that never made it into the published game.

TCN_udoor_09 appears in doortypes.2da line 46 with the label RoundHouse*CN.

However, no tiles in the TCN .set file have a door with Type=46, nor is there a tile or group in the palette called Round House.

Lighthouse tile looks cool, though.

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Thanks! I guessed that it was a door from a nonexistent tileset. And if you register it in any other category of tiles, will it work with them even if they have a square doorway? I haven’t done the door yet and I don’t know.

Well, it will work mechanically, but might look odd unless you make the doorway with a round arch… worth trying, I guess.

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That from Thallion Stellani’s “Hills and Homes”. It was made for the rural tileset. Someone probably tried to add the hills to the city tilesets and realized that made no sense.
I integrated the halfling homes into the medieval rural tileset and later replaced them by better models. You can find both, new and old tile models here:
The tile that uses the door is a34_07 and the door model is trm_udoor03.mdl and the door-walkmesh trm_udoor03.dwk.

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Is there a lesson on how to add a door to your tileset? How to gash the door?))