Texture mods and CE3

Hi all, I want to play shadows of unredentide and Hordes of the underdark.

I have installed the community expansion mod 3. If i understand correctly, that includes also texture in high res. But i still would like to improve, quality is still low…

Can i install some other texture mods without causing mess? What do you recommend? Or should I just stick to CE3?

many thanks

CEP is a Builder resource. It only works with modules that specifically use it. SoU and HotU, being Bioware campaigns, use NO custom content as the modules are not configured to use any.

For visual overhauls, you’d want to use something like the BD HD Pack (override version), Zwerkules’ Facelifts, Dafena’s Fancy Mapped Tileset (override versions), Project Q IV (configurable through userpatch.ini), etc.

@Tarot_Redhand - Is there a guide anywhere that notes the differences between CC types for new players that could somehow get stickied? Like maybe on the Vault frontpage?

Thanks man, you mean it was useless to install CE3 for SoU and HotU? I see that the icons to interact with NPCs and items have changed after installing CE3, even in SoU, so i guess something is improved…but in case,I remove it.

what do you suggest to install, for a better gaming experience, apart from the texture packs you mentioned?

Not that I know of. It’s more along the lines of individual tutorials like for example the patch hak tutorial/FAQ over on the BD forums -

NWN EE userpatch.ini unofficial FAQ

@Proleric can probably give a more comprehensive answer than me though.


Sort of discussed here:

Question: Modules, hacks, etc focused on improve graphics and animations, along Tony K AI - Neverwinter Nights 1 / General - Neverwinter Vault

For Reference, this is my new mod list now that I’ve released a stable version of Project Q IV. I just extract everything into my /override folder starting at the top and working my way down. Overwrite any files when prompted.

  • Project Overhaul Alpha (linked from the Vault Discord’s #Overhaul channel)
  • Dafena’s Fancy Stuff
  • Project Q IV (q4_overrides.hak, q4_!shields.hak, and q4_!weapons.hak then q4_script_fixes.erf)
  • Zwerkules Facelifts (iirc, some are already incorporated into the base game)
  • Beamdog HD Pack w/ Community Fixes

Bill Harper also has a set of weapons you could use instead of the Q ones.

When you want to uninstall the mods, you just need to rename the /override folder and they’ll be gone.

So, basically what I do is if I’m playing, I use this /override setup. When I’m building, I rename the /override folder then just install Project Q IV as local module haks.

I would also avoid using Steam Workshop content as it can mess with things in unexpected ways.

Thanks for all the help, i tried to install the BD HD pack, and my armor and my companion is now missing legs :slight_smile: and also other NPCs…i used the override install, it shouldn’t be that difficult :frowning:
I guess i will just forget it, it seems i am not very good in modding this game

Use this version of the HD Pack - it has all the community fixes in it. Files will go in the /override folder of your NWN EE user directory.


Thanks mate, I will try now!

Nothing, it’s the same file i had downloaded before. Textures appear really strange, and no legs…but when i highlight my characters, textures appear ok, only still without legs…I try to attach images

I’ll tag @Jasperre and @Winternite - they’re two of the guys invloved with that pack.

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Make sure 100% you’ve removed all the Beamdog files and use the userpatch version. You can easily turn it on or off by renaming the userpatch.ini file and see if you can reproduce it.


What Jasperre means is that make sure you remove ALL the old BD HD Pack files from the /ovr folder of your game installation (C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Neverwinter Nights\ovr)

If using .34, remove ALL files from the /ovr folder EXCEPT files of the following types: TTF, NSS, NCS, and SHD.


Thanks dude, I will do. Just please can you clarify if it has to be “userpatch.ini”, “nwnpatch.ini” or “nwn.ini”, and where they should go, if in documents/neverwinter nights or in the root game folder? I find different information in the guides i am reading.

Always go by what is on the WIKI - userpatch.ini - Neverwinter Nights 1: EE - nwn.wiki unless instructions for the mod specifically have different instructions.

Before starting the game, open nwn.ini and verify that this line exists in the file:

PATCH=D:\Documents\Neverwinter Nights\patch

If you want a “smarter” install, change that line to read PATCH=D:\Documents\Neverwinter Nights\hak
and place the HAK files in the /hak folder instead of the /patch folder. This way, you still can use the haks for the toolset and can still unistall the HD pack by killing the userpatch file.

FYI - The only content that ever gets placed in the game’s root folder is Steam Workshop stuff. ALL content you download from the Vault and install yourself will always go in the game’s user folder (…\Documents\Neverwinter Nights)

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Thanks a lot man!! All working now…so with the BD HD pack, also all weapons and items in SoU are better looking?

What about the landscapes and environment?

For that, you need Zwerkules Facelifts, Dafena’s Fancy Mapped Tilesets, and Project Q IV.

For Project Q IV you can just take the q4_overrides.HAK, drop in the same folder as the BD HD haks, then add it to the end of the PATCHFILE list in userpatch.ini. Dafena’s stuff goes in the /override.

Zwerkules’ facelifts I think go in the /override too. If they’re haks, put them in the same folder as the BD HD stuff, but list them above the BD Haks in the PATCHFILE list and see what happens.

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I will try tomorrow dude and i will let you know, many thanks for the details in the meantime… I’m always afraid to mess it up when it comes to textures. But i will follow your instructions and i am sure it will be fine

Project Q is more than just textures. Whereas the HD Pack updates PC parts, the Project Q q4_overrides.HAK updates creatures, tiles, and placeables, as well as fixing numerous issues. For a full list of fixes see:

Project Q IV Base Game Fixes and Overrides - Neverwinter Nights 1: EE - nwn.wiki

Like the Community HD Pack, Project Q IV is still under development as well. So, the available overrides will just get more numerous over time.

Perfect! many thanks for sharing your wisdom here mate!

Ok, for projectQ i copied the q4_overrides.hak in Docs/neverwinter/haks and added the line as last in the userpatch.ini, it seems working fine (the BD HD pack i installed it through the exe file, there are no hak files in there for BD HD Pack…)

For Zwerkules facelift i checked the files and instructions, it seems a bit complicated, I am a little bit scared of messing it up actually…do you think i can skip that or can you give simple instructions on how to install it maybe? there are many files and i don’t see instructions

For Dafena Tilesets, I see there are around 40 files to download (!) and extract into override
Is it normal or there is a faster way? I noticed that at least one file contains only one hak (the 15th file, Bioware castle exterior). In that case i put it in docs/neverwinter/hak and add to the userpatch.ini at last?

Last thing if i may, in the override folder i had already extracted this: PBR HD Override Textures - Mines and Caverns | The Neverwinter Vault
Should i remove them?

Dafena’s stuff is a pita for someone that wants all of it because it’s all separated. I would just download the overrides you want, then, if it were me, I’d put them all in one big hak (hak.exe is in the same folder as the game exe - nwmain), and then insert that big HAK file as PATCHFILE0 so it gets loaded first.

Skip Dafena’s mines fancy maps and use the ones you have. Just add them to that big dafena hak you should make.

Zwerks overrides - I’ll try to take a look this weekend and see whats up. It’s been a few years since I looked at them.