Texture nomenclature

Not having worked with the various 3d modeling programs, but having worked with skinning textures in Photoshop for other games, I was wondering is there a tutorial for creating new textures for a stock model without overriding the main files. Basically how do you link the new texture files to the model so that it shows up in the toolset as an alternative? I’ve searched around but haven’t found anything as yet.

It depends on whether you mean a tileset or some other model. For the former you just need to modify some 2da files. For the latter, you need to rename the model and its packets. (I.e. there can’t be duplicate names.)

Try using the MDBConfig tool to look at the header properties of the model you want to modify.

Thanks rjshae. I am looking specifically at the “other models” (armor, clothing etc) for a less medieval look. I’ll mess with the tool and see what comes of it.

While i haven’t reskinned any armor or weapons, I did make tutorials on basic reskinning of creatures and placeables.

I suppose placeables might be more useful for what you’re doing to get Roman banners and such.

Thanks Kamal. I’ll check those out too. You are right, I am looking more at placeables BUT I might think about re-skinning some of the creatures as time goes on (and as I have time available with the school year right around the corner).