Texture Upscaling and Getting Feanor's Medieval Armoury to Work in EE

Hi all,

I have a question for the project I’ve been working on. Based on the GIMP plugin for PLTs, and the x4 Texture Upscaling project info in the wiki (4x Texture Upscaling - Neverwinter Nights 1: EE - nwn.wiki). Basically, I’ve been experimenting with upscaling with Esrgan models, mainly for the fun of it but also because I recently got into the Enhanced Edition and working on modules but the dated visuals bug me.

I’ve managed to create x4 upscales for all the PLTs in Feanor’s Medieval Armoury hak because I really like it. However, I’ve gotten stuck because I can’t seem to figure out how to get all the models to show up, either in the original hak or with my new textures in the enhanced edition. There’s nothing wrong with my upscaled PLTs, I used Symmetric’s batch plugin for GIMP for upscaling (Although the batch operation crashes every 20 files or so for some reason), and some of them do load in the toolset. However, it seems that most of them aren’t loading, since there’s over 800 textures. I have also tried decompiling the models.

My best guess is it is something to do with the 2DA files but I don’t have a good understanding of how they work with armor and clothing.

If I can figure this issue out, and, hopefully if I can get Symmetric’s plugin to work better, then I think I could fairly easily upscale the armor and faces from the base game. I’ve found that chaining together 4x_textures_skyrim_armory_alsa, 1x_DeSharpen, and 1x_Alias_200000_G work really well for upscaling equipment in Neverwinter Nights. The first one upscales equipment really well, as it was trained to upscale Skyrim armor, the second one helps with the problem Jasperre encountered with overly sharp images, and the finally one helps remove some of the sharp edges that result from upscaling.

The Custom Content Guide explains how to add armour parts in detail.

Amongst other things, the parts_*.2da files need to have a numeric entry (not ****) in ACBONUS for every part that is to appear in the toolset.

If you still have a problem after that, a detailed example would help - for one chest piece or something, fully describe how you made the model and texture, show us the 2da line, and confirm whether the model and/or texture shows up in the toolset.

Thanks for the help Proleric!

I got distracted working on another project, but I will see if I can figure out what exactly was going wrong with this.