That Mad Cat Does IT Again

I have just uploaded an exceedingly short module that makes use of an insane amount of cc given the actual play length of the module. As it was created in EE with the latest patch it will not work with earlier versions. It is intended to be the start of a tutorial that builds on the original Bioware Aurora Toolset Tutorial that is part of the Ancient Bioware PDF Tutorials project. Whether or not I continue with it depends on any feedback I get about it.

Confession - I have to admit that initially I was inspired to create this because I was fed up with the grumblings about the graphics in NwN by some of the people over on the BD forums. However, I quickly realised that it actually has potential for being a tutorial too.

The module (and loads more info on it) is to be found here - Fern HD (EE Only).


Due to an aberration on the edit project page form, I have had to include a Windows shortcut in this package. That form refuses to accept that the address for Lisa’s Clothes Horse HotU Padded + Optional Portraits is a valid one even though that is the address of that project and all my web browsers accept it.

Is this meant to be in Required Projects? If so, did you try replacing lisa%E2%80%99s-clothes-horse-hotu-padded with “lisa’s-clothes-horse-hotu-padded”?

Let me know if you want me to create a Rule for NIT that makes Lisa’s mod a Required Project.

Very much a yes please on adding Lisa’s clothes horse and the separate download of the optional portraits too as a required project.

Thank you.



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