The Barbarian companion

Ever since the first time I’d played NWN2 and encountered our favorite lizardling, I always pictured and wanted and wished for Slaan to be part of our party, the Barbarian companion if you will. And that was years ago, and I still do wish that. Now, I’m thinking of making that wish into reality, or at least have it come close to that. I was thinking of looking for a mod that would allow me to create an NPC and add them into my party in the OC, and I was thinking of creating a stand-in Slaan. I’d try adding the Slaan file in the Highcliff Castle Ruins save to have the real him implemented, but the problem is that he’s a henchman then, not a companion, so A, I can’t control him manually; and B, he can’t level up.

I was wondering, does anybody know of such a mod? Or a way to put the actual Slaan in my party while allowing me to level him up, if not also equip him?

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What, nobody got on this? Really? Am I the only one who wants a lizardman as a companion?

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You don’t need a mod for that, you mod it yourself. You basically create a creature lookalike Slaan and make him a companion, or go into the toolset and change the existing Slaan blueprint (scriptset) to be the companion one.

A warning, this will lead to problems, since he was not thought as a companion. To make him a complete usable roster member you would need a hangout for him and some more scripting.

This could be a place to start.

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Thanks! I need that for another project. :+1:

The creature can have the same name, but in the toolset the blueprint will need a unique name - no 2 blueprints can share names. The exception to this is a module blueprint overriding the base blueprint. IIRC

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That’s a lot easier than I thought. I’ll check it out some other time and figure out how to put him in.

Well I guess I’ll call him “best lizardman” or something.

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I’m not sure about hangouts, but IIRC Zhjaeve does not have a hangout.

I ran around the keep and inn after dropping her off, but could not see her hanging out anywhere. Yet She can be added to the team any time… maybe the devs assumed the PC would keep her on the team permanently.

Actually, she hangs out at the City Watch HQ, back in her cell.


Also, off-topic, but does anyone know an instance where anyone says her name? Or is she forever dubbed She-Whose-Name-Can’t-Be-Pronounced?

:grin: Really?

IIRC she is mentioned by name several times. All the companions get their names said alot.

I tend to agree with the opinion that she was hastily made and thrown into the game. You cant even see half her bleedin face.

I’ll just leave this since we are on the subject of companions;


What I meant by blueprint name is the name of the blueprint. You can in fact have the same creature name many times. Like you could have a dragon, lizardman, thug all given the creature name as Slaan. But you cannot have 2 dragon blueprints. It will be dragon and dragon0, when you copy a blueprint usually it gets renamed like that.

This is all just off my head atm, and I may be wrong.



Also, I’m gonna need you to pinpoint those exact instances where her name is spoken by anyone, and I mean literally spoken. And I don’t know about hastily put in, but seeing her face is really irrelevant. But I honestly wish she had a personality, because all she does is preach about the King of Shadows, Illefarn, githyanki or githzerai, and she barely gets through a sentence without saying “know”. I wanna like her, but she seems more like a literal machine than a person, and that’s ironic because I like Construct more.

Thats what I meant by hastily made, lack of personality and being so fixated on knowing…

You like Construct as a char or the stats? It has great stats, and only suffers a lack of speed, and cannot equip items - this is controlled by a script…

Well I guess she was hastily made, then. I intend on writing my own NWN2 fanfic and rewrite at some point in the future, so I’ll have my work cut out for me trying to make her a real person instead of a voice clip on loop.

I don’t care about the stats, I like that golem; he’s the only person in the entire party that doesn’t have any annoying traits about him.

Um well… :yum: how annoyed can you be, when it has no voice, and will go to its death unwaveringly.

You can even use heal spells on it, and even resurrect if it goes down…

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The only thing that’s mildly annoying about him is his size, but let’s not fat shame, eh?

Also, do you not remember any instances where her name was pronounced, or were you just yanking me?

Yeah the construct is quite a bulk and sometimes gets stuck.

I’ve been off the game for a year and dont remember much. IIRC zhjaeve she speaks more often leading up to the sword ritual then lessens.

I believe everyone calls her gith. Ammon especially. She in turn does not really like him.

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Yeah I know that she speaks, but no one ever says her name, including her when she first meets us, and that really irks me, because that leaves us without knowing how to pronounce her name.

In the MotB makeover I allow the bear companion to be altered in size and form through his conversation. Assuming the construct has a conversation a similar thing could be done so that he doesn’t get stuck when moving.

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