The camel does not walk


I imported a camel from Project Q. But somehow the animation is broken.

This effect shows up in 1.69 and EE.

I think that I miss something by importing the model, but I don’t get what. I include a small demo module where the effect is reproduced.

What’s going wrong? (207.1 KB)

The camel uses the animations from h_ba which is a base game file, so it should work. It is not overriden by anything in the hak.

Right! h_ba comes with XP2.

But obviously, it doesn’t work as expected (see demo module).

I noted, that h_ba is compiled. My camel is not, it’s an ascii model. Could that be the reason?

Partially solved:

I changed the row in appearance.2da with a row I found in CEP. There are differences but I don’t know, which parameter causes the animation not to work.

Maybe someone else sees the significant difference, see attachment: (579 Bytes)

My guess would be modeltype:
S (Simple) VS FW (Full with Wings)

XP3 horses which also use h_ba as animations supermodel have their modeltype set to F (the Wing part not being relevant) while most non-mount animals use S.

You can take a look here for some further info.

Thanks for pointing this out (I was just too tired yesterday to have a look for myself, sorry.)

I changed the MODELTYPE from S to F, and now the camel walks, even with the old 2da entry.

Learned what. Thanks.

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