The Cave of Songs

I’m fond of the Cave of Songs module. It has a good story and atmosphere.
Like many modules it is set up for a low level adventurer. But not all who wander the Grimwood are low level. Just suppose that the Hero that saved Waterdeep from the archdevil Mephistopheles was passing by the Hopping Hobgoblin Inn. The story is still just as good although admittedly the combat becomes irrelevant. Why would someone play it that way then? Because it does make a fine twist at the end when the imprisoned baatezu is released. At that point the demon attacks without considering that this is the Hero that all those legends are about. Of course, he’s been locked in the temple for the last 6000 years or so and didn’t get the word…
It’s just a different take on the tale and I enjoyed trying something different. Since the story is the main thing for Cave of Songs it doesn’t matter so much that the protagonist is so powerful, it’s still a ripping good yarn and killing the Baatezu is just flat out fun.
“your torment shall be eternal” blah, blah, blah
hey, that’s just about what Mephistopheles said right before I killed him, too. Small world, right?