The Dana'an Unvanquished Unofficial Patch

And we are live!

Thanks to travus for fixing all the hard stuff and Sawdust37 for finding the bugs I missed. And to all of the rest of you for years of answering my dumb questions and showing us how to keep this somewhat creaky old game going!


You did a nice job on those colony maps!

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I wish I could take credit but the two large scale maps are not my work. The buff overview is from the original, I just adjusted the contrast and saturation to make it clearer. The other is from my correspondence with the original author. I don’t recall what we were discussing but I never throw anything away. The others, I chose to help with points in the plot where people have gotten stuck and asked for help over the years.

We already have 15 downloads. :grinning:

I’d also like to note that we’ve gotten zero complaints, bug reports, or help requests with the first module for which I give you all the credit.

Have a GREAT weekend!

Nice! Now all we need is for an Admin to add a reference to this patch in the notes for the original module.

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Probably need to do the same thing on the original Last of the Dana’an page as well.