The Darkest Dreams PW


I am presenting The Darkest Dreams - a Neverwinter Nights 2 Persistent World that takes place in 1495 DR of Forgotten Realms 3.5e setting.

The events are happening in the regions of High Forest and Northdark.

Our Surface covers most of the High Forest territory and surroundings, with Olostin’s Hold serving as the main Surface Hub.

In the Underdark a major part of action is occurring around the Darklake, in such places as Mantol-Derith which is also our main Underdark Hub, Menzoberranzan, and Gracklstugh.

Here is some of our main features:

Custom Class System

Our class system is completely custom and is based on 20 maximum character level.

However we also feature a unique character progression system that allows you to advance even after reaching the maximum level. We want you to progress continuously.

We have reworked every class in the game. Now you may only choose one base class during the character creation, and up to two prestige classes during the character progression.

All base classes may gain a maximum of 10 level. All prestige classes may gain a maximum of 5 level. We have introduced a lot of new prestige classes as well.


Resource Harvesting

We strive to provide a clear and functional way of gathering resources which can be used for crafting or supplying various entities within the in-game world.

Our custom resource harvesting system covers such skills as Mining, Prospecting, Foraging, and Lumberjacking. With potential expansion towards Survival and Fishing in the future.

Around the in-game world you will encounter various sources of resources which can be gathered with the help of aforementioned skills.


Custom Crafting

Our custom crafting system has been carefully implemented from scratch and features an AAA grade of quality and depth behind it.

We cover multiple crafting professions, which include Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Tailoring, Tinkering, and Woodworking.

Items crafted from special materials attain certain special magical properties, permanently.

The crafted gear can have different tiers of quality, which depends on the margin by which you exceed the original crafting DC, up to the Masterwork quality.


We offer a custom and unique Enchanting system, which includes Enchanting, Disenchanting, and Fusion disciplines.

Not only it allows you to enhance any piece of equipment with magic properties, but it has a natural synergy with our Crafting system.

The magical properties from special materials are considered “free”, and they never count towards consumption of the enchanting capacity on your gear.

The better the crafted quality of your item is - the higher enchanting capacity it will have, allowing you to weave more properties in and create truly powerful artifacts.

Improving User Interface

We are striving to make the user interface a more enjoyable experience.

We have integrated the Divine GUI retexture from the Nexus and we recommend all our players to also install and use it for a more complete experience.

We have also brought together most of the mandatory user interface elements for ease of access.



We have a custom faction system and 8 factions on the server, with 6 of them being potential options for the player characters to join.

Our factions are configured in a way as to react on the members of other factions according to their reputation standing, with the faction NPCs automatically reacting on enemy elements in the area.

The factions also offer hireable henchmen, which any eligible faction member can take on a mission. We plan to gradually introduce these henchmen as the project grows.



Each character features a set of personal reputation values, which directly affect the attitude of most server NPCs when the character is in their vicinity.

The base reputation depends on the character’s race initially, and can be either decreased or increased in the roleplay process.


Custom Languages

We have streamlined and improved the languages which your character may learn and speak.

The languages are now working automatically without any 3rd party chat box, all you need is to choose the language and use the normal chat as usually.

Did we mention that you can now speak the languages while whispering and while using the party chat as well? It just works.


Custom Coins

You have the freedom to choose the coin denomination for any of your in-character trade needs.

We mint Copper, Silver, Gold, and Mithral coins. And you can exchange them at any in-game bank.


Custom Store

It would have been a shame if you couldn’t just use those pretty coins to buy anything you want, wouldn’t it?

We got you covered. Buy anything you want, anywhere you want, using the custom in-game currency.

Did you know that some stores generate random stock about every hour? You could just buy what you need without having to look anywhere else. For a price.


Enticed yet? And we are just getting started. There is more!

We are launching 01.01.2021. Join us. Be there with us. Our Discord:


Not PW player myself but this looks very well done. Best of luck!

I am also not a PW player, but I do appreciate the work you have put into this. I see elements in your work I would have pursued myself given time, especially in the monetary and crafting aspects. i.e. Different type coins and a better crafting interface. However, life is short and we do what we can … well done for your own input! :+1:

We are live!
Join us at the or via

Excellent server. A lot of intelligence and attention to details went into the design of the class and technical systems.

The maps are beautiful too.

The server is not only in Underdark. There is a city and some surface maps, good for players more interested in playing a Surface character. :slight_smile:

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