The Dead Walk Invocation (Altered?)

Hi All,

Is there any reason why the invocation The Dead Walk is changed in its script?

The code appears to have been changed from what the description says to some more basic random selection … Is there a reason for this?

Anyone know why this appears “hampered”?

Thanks in advance, Lance

I’d guess there was a rule-change from 3e to 3.5e

and it affects both TheDeadWalk (warlock) and AnimateDead (wizard)

ie. no more skeleton warrior …

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Hi KevL,

It looks like I had already “unhampered” the Animate Dead spell. I guess I will now do the same for this one then. :slight_smile: Otherwise it just causes confusion … for the player not the effect. :wink:

It has come to light as I address the Animal Summoning stuff.

Thanks, Lance.