The Dragon's Neck: Beta Testing

Greetings All!

I am pleased to announce that the construction of The Dragon’s Neck server is well underway for NWN:EE! TDN has a rich history with NWN, Forgotten Realms and a heavy emphasis on Roleplay and Player impact on the world. We are currently looking for some interested individuals to join the dev team who are passionate about their specialty and interested in creating a phenomenal experience for the playerbase.

Some information related to the server so you can determine if it would fit your style to contribute to:

Pre-Alpha/Alpha Testing: November 17th & 18th, and 24th & 25th
Beta Testing - December 5th
Launch - July 13th, 2019

Setting: Forgotten Realms (Between Amn and Tethyr)
Roleplay: Heavy
Max Level: 18
Progression Pace: Slow; multitude of custom progression systems aside from flat character experience.
Magic: Low to Medium (Closer to Low)

Current Dev Team:
Aschent (NWScript Coding, Administration) (PST Timezone)
Calliope (Area/Level Design) (CDT Timezone)
Silver (Developer)
Niek (Area/Level Design)
Pyro7r34d (Developer)

May 5th, Dev Team Openings:

If you have a passion for the Forgotten Realms universe and enjoy developing intricate characters with diverse and complex backgrounds that intertwine with the setting and build into epic questlines, we are interested in teaming up with you. We are looking for a gifted writer or storyteller to help do the following:

  • Craft Individual Quests, Questlines (5-10 Quests), Epic Campaigns (20+ Quests), and more.
  • Effective communication with the Development Team
  • Consistently make contributions on a weekly basis

Area Builder Mentorship/Area Builder:

We would love to have some eager creators dive into the toolset and produce some areas. You will get straightforward feedback on overall design, lighting, sound, and more. Interested individuals should be aware that receiving feedback is a routine part of this position.

Additionally, if you are a strong builder and want an environment in which you can stretch your abilities with our thousands of Placeables, please reach out. We expect the following from our build team:

  • Effective communication with the Development Team
  • Consistently make contributions on a weekly basis

How to Contact:
Forum: TDN Forums
TDN Discord:
Discord: Aschent_ #4719
Our primary form of communication will be via Discord, so please keep that in mind.

Thank you,

Below are some Screenshots of our current work:


Main thread updated with new members of the Development Team as well as a call for:

  • Writers/Storytellers
  • Area Builders

Please visit our Discord and speak with Aschent_ for more details.

Main post updated. (Thanks Fester!)


Launch Date: July 13th, 2019 at 10:00am PST

A few images of Area Updates/Additions: