The even deeper mysteries of Westgate

I’m doing a thing to check the stats of each companion in each campaign. Managed it for just about everyone… except the 3 in MoW, because I can’t find them at all in the toolset. Not in the blueprints, and not in the area contents. Now I’m still not that good at the toolset, but I know I’m good enough to tell this is utter tripe. The campaign itself looks messy when I look at it in the toolset, but I didn’t expect it to be so messy to somehow have the party members’ files non-existent. Does anybody know how to get to them?

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They are in the westgate2.HAK.

And how do I open it from the toolset?

Open the HAK file using the latest version of nwn2packer from here:

Drag and drop the needed file from the hak directly into the campaign or override folder.
Open the toolset and you should now be able to see the file.

I believe the companion files are:
c_mantides.utc or c_mantides2.utc


Yeah I already figured out which files they are.

I believe this whole process is exemplary of my opinion on the people that made this campaign…