The FaerzressSparkles Project Thread

Wow, this site still exists. I got a free copy of 3DS Max through work a few months ago and the NWN2 toolset magically just started working again this week. I’m working on a Remorhaz, Cloaker, Fomorian, Hook Horror (new one), and a Fire Salamander in 3DS Max. I will post screens at some point. I am still learning about modelling and I have no idea about animation yet, so I will see how these projects go as time goes on.

Now that the toolset is working again, I will be able to update and test my NWN-conversion project as well. I know there’s some missing textures in the original release…

When time permits, I will post project updates in this thread.


This is my first attempt to make a UV map for the fomorian today. I think the legs need work and I need to set the view to something other than the wireframe. My 3D skills are a WIP… :stuck_out_tongue:


So I can unwrap now. But I was wondering if are there NWN2 plugins that will work with 3DS Max 2018?


Work continues on this project. I’m skinning the Fomorian now.


you could export as fbx and use freshlook’s mdb/fbx tools to convert them to nwn2.

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Thanks! Yes, I actually found those eventually and I will try them. I successfully skinned the Fomorian yesterday. He definitely needs a unique animation, but I’m feeling lazy and I just want to kill the thing in-game, so he will walk like a Fire Giant for now.


So I have this section (not a hole) that does not display the texture or lighting. I have not found any decent fixes via Google for this specific issue. Any experienced modelers here have an idea?

Not really an experienced modeler, but contributing a couple suspects for investigation:

  • Normals
    Try selecting the face and flipping it, so it’s facing in the other direction. Maybe all the other faces are facing outside, and this one is facing in.

  • Material
    It’s possible to assign different materials to individual faces. Is that face using the same material and texture as all the other ones?

  • Doubles
    Make sure there are no duplicate verts, edges, or faces. Rendering with something else on top can result in black spots, too, especially when baking.

  • Texture
    Is that the huge face in the UV map earlier on in the thread? If so, most of it is in a place in the texture where next to nothing of the other creature parts are. If that space in the texture is still black, maybe this it’s just the texture. The couple of pink spots in the black face strike me as an interesting lead to follow, too - it’s not just a solid black triangle, there’s something on it. What is it? Can you link that to the texture somewhere?

  • Also, try redoing it.
    Have you tried deleting the face and making a new one in the same spot? Does the error reoccur every time you create a face between those verts?

If y’like, upload it/send it over, and I’ll come poke it with a rubber chicken until it yields the secrets of it’s wonkiness.

I’ve sometimes seen weird texturing effects when the wrong type of normal map is used. It may be caused by how the normal map interacts with the ground lighting. Are you certain your normal map texture file is in tangent space (purple-blue hues), rather than object space (rainbow hues)?

Thanks for the input, guys!

I am hoping to work on this guy again on the weekend. Now back to learning new languages for work…