The full control over the standard BW encounters

This trick allow the builder to use the standard bw encounters without editing a single creatures from the standard palette.

There a bit of work to do and it requires 2 tools:
-nwnexplorer (1.80 for EE, 1.6.3 for 1.69)

Let’s start.

Step 1.
You need to edit the file creaturepalstd.itp, in order to find it open nwnexplorer.exe and navigate inside your data folder,in my case is “GOG/nwn_ee/data”.
Follow this path:
-NWN/HOTU/PATCH DATA>>>> Data\xp2patch.bif->>>>Blueprints palette->>>creaturepalstd.itp <— export this file and save it wherever you want.

Step 2
Open up creaturepalstd.itp with an editor like GFFeditor and delete all the list under 0 and 1.
Once the job is done save again creaturepalstd.itp

If you have any doubt about this operation, please consult the Bioware_Aurora_PaletteITP_Format.pdf, here’s a link

Step 3.
Open up your module (better don’t risk at your first try, do a test with a new one) and copy your modified creaturepalstd.itp into the temp folder (documents/nwn/module/temp0).
Save your module,close and reopen it.

Now the standard creature palette should be empty.
Anyway, it’s not over yet.

Download the following pack containing all the monsters from the standard palette and import them over your module:

Don’t worry these are the exact copy of the creatures that were once under the standard palette, nothing has been changed… stats,feat,spells etc etc…nothing has been alterated.
They will now appear under the “custom” palette.

Now let’s do an experiment, pick up an encounter from the STANDARD PALETTE ,one at your pleasure, lay it down to the ground and take note of the creature inside of it. Now go inside the CREATURE CUSTOM PALETTE and edit the creature that belong to the encounter previously painted.
Do it in a way you can easily recognize it once in game. Save and close the module or just press F9.
Once in game you will notice that the creature that spawn from the encounters is the same previously modified.
Starting since now you will get the full control over the bioware standard encounters,no need to made your custom encounters, just edit the monsters as you wish.

optional you may wish to download and import also this:

both will appear under CUSTOM PALETTE.
As happened with the monsters, the changes made to these creatures will be reflected in game. For example the mummy summoned by epic spell “mummy dust” will be the same one you imported.
Have fun.

Credit for this trick goes also to Rifle Leeroy for sharing his knoweledge with me.

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