The Game Archaeologist: Neverwinter Nights 1 & 2

Nice little article. Of course we already knew this but it’s good to get a mention now and again.


One big loss I’d say we’re still feeling is the fall of the Bioware guilds Registry. That and Neverwinter Connections will never be replaced.

Something I haven’t seen since I started following BD on twitter - they actually sent people here (4th post from top as I post this).


So they name 6 persistent worlds, but skip Arelith which has more players than the other six combined. Huh?

It looks like they were strictly talking about 1.69 and NWN2, hence the omission.

Ravenloft has been on NWN:EE for a long time before the article was published. But it seems to be mostly NWN2 focused, so I’d write it off as not enough research into nwn1/ee.