The Great Green Devil

Does anyone know if a placeable version of this exists anywhere? It’s fairly legendary, and I thought I saw it once upon a time somewhere around here, but it’s been quite some time. It’s also known as the Devourer, or Sign of the Devourer. From the Tomb of Horrors…

I can try to make one … but searching for “Tomb of Horrors” gives 10 results.

Searching for “tomb of horrors d&d mask” results in this lot on Google Images.

Looking at the description in the module reveals something that is different to all the illustrations though - it is a mosaic…

The ground path leads to an evil face depicting a mosaic devil at the end of the corridor. The facing a huge black O as a mouth. The entire area radiates evil and magic if detected. The opening leads into a sort of very slippery toboggan that descends in a spiral for about thirty meters It ends in a (fixed) sphere of annihilation 1 meter in diameter.


I think someone’s released a version for NWN 2, I recall seeing it in one of the big placeable packs, but I don’t recall anyone making it for NWN 1

Sure, there are several ToH-related modules out there, but not one placeable of one of the most iconic images of D&D. In those related modules the creator used some other crude statue or lighting effect to simulate the Green Devil.

Anyway, I just wanted to make sure there weren’t any out there before I requested or commissioned one to be made. A floor-to-ceiling statue would be perfect, @Mmat , but I know you have a lot on your plate, so if anyone is willing and able to make one, I’d be forever grateful.

Here’s another variation:

Who told you? Are there traitors? :slight_smile:

However, tell uns where to find the tileset.

Just chiming in with the Roman history piece, I have to ask if the Great Green Devil isn’t just totally a ripoff of Orcus, anyway. :slight_smile: That said I much prefer the “classic” one to this more modern one that looks like elf with horns.


I apologize. I wasn’t very clear in my initial open. When I said it was from the Tomb of Horrors module, the S-1, I was referring to the old pen-and-paper version, circa 1978. There have been a few NWN conversions of the module itself, but no one, at least to my knowledge, fabricated a placeable of the Great Green Devil. Ergo, there are no tilesets or anything like that. I was just looking into having a placeable made. Below is taken from the original 1978 module:

@pliny_the_elder , that’s an interesting piece and I think I have forgotten that knowledge. I think it’s safe to say that Gary Gygax, the author for S-1, was a great purveyor of borrowed work. I’m sure he would rather say the face was “inspired” from such history, rather than base ordinary theft.

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Oh, now I understand. Well ToH seems to be still quite popular …

Sorry if I caused confusion. The List of people who can make such a thing will be quite short, I guess.

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@DM_Wise I have a placeable that exactly matches the image shared in the OP. I’ll try to find it and post it here.

Edit found it - it’s actually part of a tile. (97.2 KB)

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It in sundry items.

Yupp, the model from Pstemarie looks like this one

yawner5.04 yawner

Too bad, there are 4 faces combined to a single node in this tile, so carving them out of the tile without 3d-modelling software is probably not possible. The texture is missing (not in Bio, CEP or Q).

The thing in sundry items looks pretty much the same, but it’s nwn2

I’ll turn it into a proper placeable and see what I can do for you in the way of a proper green-tone texture.

EDIT - and done

Tomb of Horrors: Great Green Devil | The Neverwinter Vault

EDIT 2 - added a second higher-poly model for EE. This model uses the original texture, complete with pbr maps.


I absolutely love it! Flipping amazing! It may not seem like much, but it’s the little things like this… @Pstemarie , name your price for the above commissioned work and it is yours. Thank you!

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Glad you like it.