The Indanthrine Prince (Definitive Edition)

I’m delighted to announce that The Indanthrine Prince, released back in 2013, has received an enormous update over the last few months and is now available to play! The speed and quality of this update simply wouldn’t have been possible without the skills and generosity of the community, @travus in particular.

With hundreds of fixes and welcome changes such as the reintroduction of arcane spell casting classes (previously disabled), I hope that this campaign is well worth a revisit or first try. I’ll let the rest of the vault entry speak for itself:

Video Trailer

Middle Earth meets D&D. This campaign is considered to be an adaptation, rather than a purist simulation of Middle Earth. This campaign forms the first part of a saga of three campaigns. In this first tale, a hero is made. First released in 2013, Indanthrine Prince has received an enormous update.

The history of Middle Earth is sewn with legends. Exceptional people renowned as heroes of their time; or held in terrible infamy. Many such tales are widely told and remembered. But equally, are the Untold Tales; those that were drowned out or overlooked amidst the pressures of their time of telling. What follows is one such tale, and it is told over a number of chapters, this being the first…

On the eastern borders of Rhovanion lies a small rural village. One of many such, scattered amongst the fertile farming plains. It is here that the focal figure of this tale begins their journey. An apprentice to a respected scholar finds themselves trading the neighbourly, quiet village life for something quite different, when the life they knew is ripped out from under them.

A new path, but of what? Justice? Revenge? Perhaps simply a new life of adventure and discovery. No matter the path taken, the events that follow change that apprentice and the lives of those close to them. This chapter of the tale takes the hero across many leagues, including the bustling markets of Esgaroth on the Long Lake; crumbling crypts; the wildlands of Rhun and it’s volatile mountain ranges; macabre Easterling fortresses and the shadowy gloom of Mirkwood.

This is a tale of loyalty, love and friendship. Of hatred, justice and revenge. All play their part in the making of this untold hero. This Untold Tale is but the first part of their incredible story…

For new characters, leveling to approximately level 12. Game length approximately 20-30 hours


Campaign/Global Changes

  • Indanthrine Prince mod converted to campaign
  • UTTRules hak and tlk updated
  • Errors in tlk references fixed, including blank entries
  • Custom summons added (Wolf, Alpha wolf, Boar, Bear, Alpha Boar, Alpha Bear)
  • Fixed an issue where the insight potion applied legend lore instead of identify
  • Fixed an issue where creatures dropped random gold disproportionate to the challenge offered
  • Maltok character appearance adjusted for extra intimidation factor
  • Fixed issues where items had no icon
  • Various spelling and grammar fixes. Some dialogue made clearer/more logical
  • Companions starting XP is now always equal to the players
  • Unlocked arcane spellcaster class; New Conjurer class follows the structure of Wizard with improved melee ability.
  • Support for Conjurer added to campaign, including small itemset and items for sale
  • Resting event improved with fade out/in and sound effects, more reliable trigger detection, added a leaving zone message
  • Various instances of floating placeables fixed
  • Custom loadscreens created and added to all areas
  • Many balance changes throughout campaign, reflecting XP reductions in prologue chapter
  • Multiclassing is now fully enabled for player and companions
  • Applied force rest to certain cutscenes (non combat) where the vfx were breaking immersion
  • Small selection of custom music tracks added
  • All merchant inventories reviewed and altered
  • Global review of trap disarm DC’s; generally reduced
  • Global review of lock DC’s; a few instances where DC was reduced
  • All arrows and bolts now do +2 damage bonus per level of material; Steel =2, High Steel =4
  • Removed feat; improved favoured enemy plants
  • Lockpick name changes; Each quality level of lockpick is now reflected in its item name
  • Creature Guides; Notice text is now provided when aquiring a creature guide item, to make it more obvious
  • Many instances where companion actions don’t yield XP have been fixed; XP is awarded to the whole party
  • OnDisarm and OnUnlock events will no longer double-post the feedback if a companion completed the action
  • Many conversation have been adjusted to check the entire party for quest items and take items from companions as required
  • Fixed a number of instances where highlighted text was not visible
  • Multiple instances where journals of party members can run out of sync have been corrected
  • Added a “store update” script which will ensure global item changes apply properly to stores; i.e; new ammo, thief tools
  • Fixed an issue where conjurer’s staff of power was priced at a generous 1gp
  • Added a number of checks to ensure that history feats are being assigned to the PC, and not controlled companions
  • Companion one-liner support added; this addition will stop trigger-jump glitches and allow more banter from all party members
  • Added delays to some scripts where the “journal update” sfx could be drowned out by other sfx
  • Added Greater Dispel as a valid spell to cast to disarm certain devices


  • Crispin introductory conversation logical flow improved
  • Rutherford and Strobridge conversations tidied up
  • 50% Reduction to quest xp rewards applied
  • Intro IP logo slide tidied to fit screen
  • Fixed an issue where a book could not be returned to featherstone after speaking with him previously
  • Added a slide for the prologue
  • Changed open_state on a number of objects
  • Fixed 2 instances where a scene could be repeated
  • Fairfields pre-raid cutscene tidied up
  • Fairfields mine; balance adjusted to be easier for “squidgy” characters
  • Firfields Mine; Caving in the breach event now makes the breach object unuseable
  • Fairfields intro shot improved
  • Thorburn’s party scene; Many improvements to the presentation
  • Thorburn conversation has had numerous presentational improvements
  • Lobby portal conversation; no longer in bold as it was not fitting in the window properly
  • Esloden conversation; Condition added to a PC line
  • Addition of custom animations, improved target facing and hand-held ale steins in certain scenes
  • Fixed an issue causing duplicate NPC spawn-ins
  • Esloden is no longer a barbarian. As a bard, he will now equip his lute

Act 1

  • Fixed an issue in Hemsworth’s home where children didnt exit the area after a scene
  • Fixed an issue preventing a scene in Hemsworth’s home from firing
  • Improved town hall cutscene; improved animations
  • Alterations made to the small Easterling conversations; changed to cutscene mode, improved script use
  • Several exit waypoints now work as intended
  • Fixed an issue where an Easterling would not spawn in
  • Fixed an issue where entering a trigger outside the Fair Lady Inn with a companion caused some odd behaviour
  • Added a condition to Strobridge’s conversation relating to Esgaroth
  • Fixed an issue where the Easterlings may attack each other

Act 2

  • Tomb of the fallen; improved lighting
  • Draugaur Lair; Fixed a quest breaking issue when Draugaur is killed
  • Draugaur Lair; Re-worked the boss fight, greatly improved
  • Draugaur Lair; Lighting improved
  • Draugaur Lair; Fixed an issue where giving a stand-ground order to Crispin during a conversation didn’t work
  • Mirkwood Exterior; Major re-design of area
  • Mirkwood; Gaurhoth creature strengthened
  • Mirkwood; Unlight mother strengthened
  • Mirkwood Unlight Lair; Improved handling of spider egg hatching; reduced to 1 spider per egg and size of floating text reduced
  • Mirkwood Unlight Lair; Fixed an issue where sound effects were not playing
  • Maxwell’s Emporium; animations added, smithing hammer .sef added
  • Northman Fort interior; Improved lighting
  • Northman Fort exterior; Intro scene improved
  • Northman Fort exterior; rest zone added
  • Esgaroth Dorn’s Store; Discount amount increased
  • Esgaroth all stores; Merchant gold doubled
  • Fixed an issue where Emeline was chaotic evil
  • Fixed an issue where the orphanage door would not unlock if the player had a negative response to Galen’s request
  • Riverguard Interior; Removed placeable which was snagging and trapping characters during combat
  • Ivan now has a pre-set package, assigning him the desired clerical domains
  • Esgaroth Orphanage; Fixed a potentially game breaking issue where save triggers could interfere with an important scene
  • Esgaroth Dawnlock conversation; Added a fall through to look for more posion without closing off the quest
  • Bandit Base; Fixed an issue where bandits could spawn in impassable parts of the area
  • Celeduin Banks; Reduced size of resting zone to a small area around Enduril’s campfire
  • Esgaroth “stealing” house; There will now be zero XP reward if anyone happens to die during the theft
  • Fixed an issue where hostile Unlight Spawn were being spawned in, instead of neutral ones

Act 3

  • Wildlands; Moved camera closer to tower as it was not visible at night
  • All stores; Merchant Gold doubled
  • Fixed issue where doors were displaying “ilefarn door” when highlighted
  • Orocarni Camp; Fixed issue where player couldnt rest despite being in a resting zone
  • Tsarculung Dragon scene; sfx added
  • Indanthrine Prince and Dragon scene; sfx added, improved animations and vfx
  • Added popup window when aquiring the Dragon Toy as a hint to it’s new abilities
  • Added sfx to the final area
  • Improved handling for Jamot when he temporarily leaves the party
  • Improved the knock down animation method in an important cutscene
  • Tomb of the Trickster; Sound and visual effect added to lever traps
  • Credits re-done and more relevant to this update and the already-existing sequel
  • Swapped an invalid tile present in the Cave Trail area
  • Inzul cutscene; Improved presentation