The most fascinating of glitches

So the other day, I was running a couple of experiments on the Keep after getting it for the first time. I enter and I wanna skip all the dialogue, since my experiments and tests would require me to reload an older save by the end of it so that I could play proper later. I pull up a cheat to end Nevalle’s dialogue in the middle, and I get curious and talk to him as he’s now standing there aimlessly. And then… guess what happened.

Nevalle: We need to go to Castle Never at once. Captain, please come with me.

Loading screen comes up, we’re in Castle Never, and Act 3 begins.

I’m serious. That actually happened.

I broke the rest of the chapter.

Don’t worry, I reloaded and everything was fine, I just learned not to talk to Nevalle after cutting his dialogue. Man, he must’ve been so ticked when I dared to talk to him after that.


Well you don’t want to piss off one of the Neverwinter Nine after all.


Watch your profanity. But just you wait, Nevalle… Just you wait until Act 3 actually happens…