The new Neverwinter Connections

The new Neverwinter Connections multiplayer scheduling and matching site at is now up and running. There’s an article on the main Vault site about it:

If you go to the new NWC site, you may notice the original Neverwinter Connections banner at the top. The old NWC spirit lives on and hopefully the new calendar, forums and chat services will be of use to the NWN multiplayer community. Many thanks in that regard to Ranan at the Neverwinter Connections Discord and Venture at NWN Campaigns (host of the NWC Forums) for their help and enthusiasm for coming together at an integrated NWC site.

Also, it should be said that without the community’s continued expressions of a desire for something like NWC to exist, it wouldn’t have been done. It may not be a full replacement for the old community matching site, but at least it no longer belongs to the realm of archaeology.


Since launching early this week, there have been several significant tweaks, updates and fixes to the new Neverwinter Connections site.

  • A permanent invite for new members to the Discord channel is now posted:

  • Urk’s Neverwinter Connections Facebook group now points to the new NWC site, which also links back. (Urk was one of the diehard original contributors to Neverwinter Connections and the Facebook page never went down, even after the site did.)

  • To make it simple for members to create new games with all the information players need, there is now a template that can be easily copied and adapted. It appears in the “Add a Game” sidebar box on the site home page, and is linked to in the NWC Quickstart Guide, which has been reorganized to be more readable.

  • The NWN:EE Multiplayer Resource Links page is still under construction, and we are looking for recommendations of particularly helpful and up-to-date MP guides and resources; please add your comments there if you have one, or here on the Vault forums.

Feedback and suggestions from community members are always welcome.

A new feature of the Neverwinter Connections site is Dungeon Master (DM) certification and ranks. It is intended to provide recognition for people who choose to DM using the site as a platform for scheduling their games, as well as help reward new DMs for taking the plunge into DMing.

Three “ranks” will now be visible for DMs on their member profiles:

  • Certified DM (one campaign session/module successfully completed)
  • Experienced DM (5 sessions/modules completed)
  • Veteran DM (10+ sessions/modules completed)

Both persistent world (PW)-hosted DM’d sessions and individual DM’s campaigns/modules are eligible. That means DMs on PWs who schedule their regular campaign-type sessions on the NWC events calendar can receive credit, as well as individual DMs who are running their own campaigns or DM’ing a “one-shot” module.

For a scheduled session/module to be recognized, the DM and player roster should be listed on the Neverwinter Connections events calendar. Players who attend should then post in the comments section after they complete the session, to validate that it in fact occurred. A link to the event(s) should then be sent to site admin by the DM.

Co-DMing a session can count for certification, as long as each DM actually did significant DMing in the game.

Grandfathering certifications for DMs who were active on the former NWC site (2002-2012) will be done on request. If necessary, proof of previously running DM’d games on the old NWC site can be provided via a Wayback Machine profile link. (For example: Carlo One’s old NWC profile.)

Additional details and background are on the NWC DM forum:

The Neverwinter Connections forums just moved, in order to integrate with the main site, and can now be found here: They have been streamlined and simplified in the process.

The content was manually ported over, including the PW project description list. So anyone who wants edit access to their PW description is welcome to post a new one, and I’ll delete the ported version. Also, new PW project info can be posted on the Persistent World Announcements forum.

The DM-Friendly Initiative (DMFI) forum has now been made a sub-forum of the Dungeon Master’s Forum.

Site users can now request their own campaign forum here: