The path of the souls by Sean Maxhell

I finally uploaded this Soul-Like adventure of mine.

I have already written everything there is to know in the description at the link.

Obviously I hope to receive several comments.
There should be no more bugs.
If you find bugs, know that I will crack everything.

I would like those who play this adventure to try to make some screenshots to show me how far they have come. I would add them to those on the download page.

13/03/2020 - I have already found a bug. In the first dialogue there is an incorrect end dialog. I fixed and updated.
14/03/2020 - Fixed a problem where hater wraiths never drops their “hearts” (this is a spoiler)


Congratulations on the new release. Looks quite interesting.


Given the quarantine, this release has perfect timing. :sweat_smile:


Given the fever part of the range of symptom for corona virus that emoji is rather apt.



gas price $0.82 / litre in Alberta woohoo !

Well done for completing … If it’s anything like my mod, you’ll only have another 1000345 bugs to fix … taking another 4 years. :wink: jk.



Yes! Thanks for this, so hyped to try this out.


Yeee, my module has reached 200 downloads!


Congratulations :slight_smile:

For me Souls means vantage points and area design. And judging by the screenshots you strived to capture this. Well done. Looks good!

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Will you play it?
Let me know if you liked.

Sorry about the late reply. I think at some point I will play it, yes. Can’t say for certain when though, what with the projects of mine that I have going on :). Will let you know when I do though, for sure.

I really hate watch so much download and so few comments.

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It’s an old problem. Not many people comment and not many comments are actually useful to the author. You just have to get used to it I suppose.

I’ve played it twice now unmodified and once more with a few tweaks to adapt it to my play style. I hope more people discover it and give it a try.


Well… I did download it, but never played more than 10 min each time I tried, so not much to say. If I find the time and feel like trying once more, I’ll give feedback.

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