The Permission Thread

We’ve had several discussions about the propriety of asking for permission before re-posting content to the Steam workshop. After a quick review of what has currently been uploaded to Steam, I think it’s clear this will be a big job. I’m proposing to start a thread to try to keep information about this in one place.

Since I’m trying to make time to start on this process for my Sanctum modules, I’m going to begin with the custom content I need before posting it to Steam. CEP is there, so that’s a start, but that seems to be all. Here are the CC packages I’m would like to ask permission to either re-post to Steam, or to package in my module downloads.

  • The Community Skybox Pack (CSP) v2.1, by ChaosQueen_Kara_8

  • CTP Common, CTP Loadscreens, CTP Cave Ruins, and CTP Elf Interior, from the Community Tileset Project by the CTP Team. I’ll start by contacting Bannor Bloodfist.

  • CTP Generic Doors by OldMansBeard. I’m not sure I have current contact information for OMB, so if anyone knows how to reach him, please let me know.

  • NWNCQ (and patch) by Chico400. Given that this is still listed under the Migrate Wizard, I’m assuming that Chico has been out of contact with the New Vault community. There doesn’t appear to be any contact information in the downloads or on the new Vault pages, so if anyone knows how to contact him, please let me know.

The following are projects included in Sanctum’s 3rd party haks that I would like to ask for permission to post to Steam. (a) is for ones whose authors I think I know how to contact, (b) for those who I think I might know how to contact, and © for those I have no idea how to contact.

  • Project Q, v1.5 (a). Sanctum was built to integrate CEP 2.4 and Project Q v1.5. Unfortunately, later updates to Project Q ended up overwriting assets with the same names from the CEP, making it problematic for me to resolve them without re-doing the hak merge. PQv1.5 is packaged in a set of module specific haks for Sanctum 4.2+, which I would like to continue to use in a Steam release. I will follow up with Meaglyn and/or Pstemarie.
  • Wild Woods Tileset by Sixesthrice and Artful Skies skyboxes by Savant (a)
  • NWN Heads by TheBarbarian, Gunner’s Body Rebuild Hak by Gunner, and the Placeable hak from Neverwinter Nights facelift Haks by Zwerkules (a)
  • Goudea’s Futuristic City Interior Tileset (b)
  • Starship Interiors and Placeables by Stacy19201325 ©
  • JXP Mountains by JDPuffnStuff ©
  • Elfahiar’s Custom Music Hak by Elfahiar (a)
  • “Sky-Drifter” by Phaere as Female Robin Blackwing ©
  • “Corwin” by C. Selene Belyea as Male Robin Blackwing ©
  • “Lothar” by Bioware (modified by Savant) as Orion Deneri (a)
  • “Female Paladin/Fighter” by Ffiery Copperfist as Diana Dal Meara ©
  • Music tracks by Christopher Escalante (a)
  • John Godfrey’s musical track “Discovery” (b)

I suppose that’s enough to get started. :open_mouth:

I suggest that this thread should focus on specific packages, as Andarian has done, and that we continue to use this thread to discuss the general principals (and consensus, if there is one).

My reason for suggesting this is that I occasionally refer people on other forums to the latter discussion.

Still a-okay with people including any heads they want to in their module haks, but I’d prefer to keep the heads pack itself off Steam. Quality is too low for the higher exposure, plus the artstyle of the EE is different (see BD model overhauls).


Thanks, TB! That’s one down, and will do.

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I’ve finally started working my way down this list. Since some of the requests are to individuals who are currently active on the Vault, could I ask if they would be willing to comment (or at least PM me) with their response? The ones I’m thinking are currently active would be:

Basically, I’m asking / offering to use these works on Steam in whatever way the author prefers:

  • If you plan to post them to Steam themselves as component projects, I’ll reference them when posting my modules.

  • If you don’t mind posting them to Steam as component projects but don’t want to do it yourself, then I am willing to do it for you with your permission.

  • If you would prefer that your work not be posted as a project to Steam, I will be fine with simply bundling it into a module-specific hak.

I do realize (at least from my reading to date) that the Vault consensus seems to be that option 3 should always be open to modders who want to post their work to Steam. However, I want to make sure to make an effort to at least ask for this permission before proceeding with it. I kind of think that’s the right thing to do.


Current status:

  • Permission to hak-bundle NWN Heads received on the thread from TheBarbarian.
  • PMs sent on various forums to Bannor Bloodfist (CTP), Sixesthrice (Wildlands/Wild Woods), Meaglyn and Pstemarie (PQ), Zwerkules (Placeable facelift hak), and ChaosQueen_Kara_8 (CSP).

I may change Sanctum:EE for Steam to use Savant’s Real Skies Lite instead of Artful Skies. Since he’s already posted that to Steam, I could just use it as a required package.

EDIT: Permission received from Zwerkules by Vault PM.

Updates 9/2/18:

I received a Vault PM from Meaglyn expressing no objection to bundling Q 1.5 into the Sanctum haks. EDIT: Pstemarie concurs.

There is a new development from the last few days in terms of content posted to Steam. I received a reply to my PM from CSP author ChaosQueen_Kara_8 (aka Chaos_Theocrat), giving permission to bundle it with the Sanctum haks. She also told me that it shouldn’t be necessary, though, because a Steam contributor named Stillevande had just done so and sent her a link to it (see here). So CSP appears now, with the author’s approval, to be on Steam.

Stillevande has also posted several other projects. These include a co-post (along with Stratovarius) of two versions of the PRC (3.5 and 3.6). I’ve already seen independent announcements that Stratovarius had returned to the NWN community and was working on this, so it wasn’t a surprise. Stillevande’s Workshop has also, however, uploaded Lord of Worms’ Tilesets, as well as the full CTP.

So as long as I don’t get back a “no” in my inquiries to Bannor and OldMansBeard on the latter, it looks like the CTP is already done. I think that the licensing language on the CTP (on the Vault) makes it clear that a permission request to re-post it to Steam is merely a courtesy anyway, except for OMB’s Generic Doors.

The question was raised to me privately about how to go about getting or granting permission to post team collections content to Steam. My own thought (and opinions solicited, please) would be that it should be sufficient to obtain permission from the current team lead.

Update September 9th: I heard back from sixesthrice, who gave me permission to upload any of his content to Steam – either in my haks, or as separate projects if there is interest in them. I’ll be doing the latter for the Wildlands and Wild Woods tilesets at least.

You might fall foul of steam’s rules there. I beleive they say something along the lines of only the creator may upload things to the workshop.


I don’t think that will be a problem. The guidelines on the Steam Workshop for NWN:EE and the following discussion seem pretty clear on this:

“We strongly ask to check with the authors of the content you want to upload before posting items on the Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition section of the Workshop. To distribute stuff created by someone you have to get the author’s permission.”

A number of other works (such as Adam Miller’s and Bruce LaPlante’s mods) have already been uploaded by others with permission.

As I observed earlier in the thread (see above), a number of CC haks (e.g. CSP, CTP, and Lord of Worms’s tilesets) have also been uploaded without first getting permission. Kara pointed me to the CSP entry when I asked for permission to post it, which I take to mean it has her OK. And by my reading the licensing language on most of CTP technically makes asking permission to re-host it unnecessary. (I’m asking anyway.) CTP Doors will be a problem if OMB ever resurfaces and objects, which is why I’m also making inquiries to see if anyone knows how to reach him.

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It’s been a while since there was any activity on this thread, but I’m reviving it to continue discussion of the permissions needed to include the Sanctum modules in Beamdog’s list of curated content.