The Scroll (Enhanced) - Backward Compatibility If You Keep Existing Module Folder

Hi All,

Due to the many module transition changes, The Scroll (Enhanced) version will NOT be backward compatible with earlier versions that are currently in progress.

However, SAVED GAMES that are saved in the village of New Edgeton will still be able to be loaded under the Enhanced version to allow transition to module two (or export characters), but some area transitions will no longer work and crash out. Therefore, any support for current ongoing games must seek support NOW … or the files will be deleted as time goes by.

I thank you for your understanding.


Hi All,

Some good news about compatibility … If you do have a game that you want to continue with after I release v1.00 E, then simply DO NOT replace your module files, but just replace the campaign folder. this will maintain compatibility.

However, if you wish to play afresh, then replace both module and campaign folders.

Cheers, Lance.

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