The Scroll (Latest Available v2.87)

Hi All,

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Since the last full play through, I have continued to build module two and noticed those few points as noted in the previous post. They are all minor and will not prevent the game from being finished, but as two of the issues (a) Item Received feedback and (b) Inventory Control, relate to potential player experience, I decided to release v2.87 that covers all the last points I observed in my own continued testing from the last couple of weeks.

For all interested, release v2.87 is now available here.

Going forward, I will do as I did in the previous post and continue to raise any points that I will address in any future releases in this post (until it is updated again). I also encourage any potential players to report any issues they encounter here (although there should be none by now).


  1. Paused Inventory: If a player picks up and item and does not look at in their inventory while unpaused, then its information may not be updated immediately. So, in the unlikely event that the player pauses the game and checks the same item, the information will return a blank page (until unpaused). In the next update, the code has been improved to reduce the likelihood of a blank page, and allows the player to simply click a second time (even while paused) to gain the information anyway.

  2. Weapon Condition Info: Another update will mean weapon condition information will update immediately when (equipped) hovered over or clicked in inventory after any “repairs”, without the need to unequip (if equipped) and then click select to view updated info.

  3. Weapon Module Transfers: Code has been updated to ensure variables on weapons (including unique “rune” properties) are preserved between module changeovers when using an exported PC. This required an update to the XML for the EXPORT button, so that items could be moved to a place of preservation on a character prior to being exported. Works like a charm! This now also means there is no variable update UNTIL the export button is specifically clicked.

Thanks, Lance.

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