The Scroll - Major DM Load Issue (RESOLVED)

Some bad news I am afraid … We went to load the game tonight (from last session) and the DM saved game appeared corrupted!

I managed to load with a new DM, but I still appear to have corrupt game on reload. This does not appear to be anything due to any of my coding, but simply corrupt saved game saves. The DM appears to load a different “type” - sometimes it has some GUI aspects (like a player) and other times not. Furthermore, the DM loads at the corner of the area!

Any help appreciated,
Thanks, Lance.

Having tried to find a work around, I cannot. Thankfully, I have a saved game that does work from about two hours play back. This means we will have to replay some of the campaign, but it probably won’t take as long due to simply going through the motions to get back to the position we were in.

However, if anybody else has experienced anything like this in their own gaming, and managed to discover cause or workaround, then do let me know.

My only “guess” at the cause for now, is that it may have been due to the “lag” that my WAN player experienced on the night, somehow causing some bad data to corrupt the saved games from that point forward.

Having reloaded the last good working version, I have since done another save and that one reloads OK. I have yet to play through from that save, but will report back when I do. If and when I do, I will update my main post about our play through and conclusion to this problem there.

If anybody has anything in the meanwhile, I will respond here.
Thanks, Lance.

This is what appears to be the main issue … Somehow, the DM has “lost” DM status, and now appears to load from its saved game as a “player” and NOT a “DM”, even though many GUI aspects appear to remain as if a DM. I will continue to investigate and forward any findings in an edited version of this reply.

EDIT: After testing with various save game and combinations, the closest I got was to “fix” the DM (to be recognised), and have them load correctly within the “latest” save game, but the module file that related to this save game was from the older version, which meant certain aspects of the module had NOT been correctly recorded. E.g. Creature deaths. Therefore, I have now abandoned the search to try to fix the corrupt save game, and am going to simply replay (fast track) the last session with my players. I was unable to determine what actually caused the issue, but have concluded that it was due to the “lag” my WAN player had on the night that somehow upset the data recorded on subsequent saves. I have written a warning GUI that highlights the DM status being lost on future game loads. Hopefully that will reduce anything like this happening again.

Cheers, Lance.