The Scroll (Predestinated Days) - Episodes Detailing Module Two

Hi All,

I have now named Module Two for The Scroll: “Predestinated Days”. And to help prevent multiple new posts updating you about progress (when the post title becomes uneditable), I decided to keep to the same title, which now reflects this name for the module. Therefore, be sure to keep an eye open for this post in the future if you are following the episodes as I update my blog, which this links to.

If you have any comments, ideas or suggestions that you would to make to help me along the way, please respond in this thread, or at my blog, and I will respond. :+1:

And for the record, the titles of all three modules of The Scroll are (or will be):-

Module One: The First Day.
Module Two: Predestinated Days.
Module Three: The Last Day.

All previous Episodes found at The World of Althéa Blog

Hiatus is coming to an end … hopefully … and so an update …

And the opening paragraph …

After my few months hiatus to allow me the time to deal with moving home and settling in, I can now report that I have now managed to pick up the NWN2 toolset for the first time in months to allow me to return to building module two of the Althéa Campaign! I must confess that finding my feet again was difficult - not so much on how to work with the toolset, but how to get back into the story. Read on to hear of my return to the build …

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