The Scroll (The First Day) - Module 1 Latest Releases!

Hi All,

NB: v1.50E + will NOT be backward compatible with earlier releases (prior v1.50E).

However, newer versions will be backward compatible with each other from v1.50E.

The next release will be as v1.50E to demark the changes.


This post has now been given a generic title to ensure I can keep all updates within a single post. Please keep an eye open for it in future if you are playing or following this module. Thanks!

This is also the place to give constructive feedback or ask any questions relating to the gameplay of this module.

Latest v1.41E is NOW AVAILABLE!




  • NPCS with orange names will have their Last Name made orange too. (COSMETIC)
  • NPC HARD DEATH RAISING: Animation timing improved. (COSMETIC)
  • GUI TEXT OVERFLOW: Prevent overflow of text on a GUI. (COSMETIC)


  • COMPANION: This upload also fixes an instance where new companions could de-level after adding.


  • AREA WALKMESH: Lava Area Walk Path Fix For Monsters. Additional Polish!
  • CRAFTING: Correct Essence Usage & Gold Payments.
  • MEMORY LEAKS (RARE): MainPC ENC icon and NPC locations.
  • DEATH MODE: Hard core death raising fix (if dropped once already).
  • FACTION FIX (PLAYING EVIL): Neutral Faction Fix (AGAIN).


  • FACTION FIX 2: Fixes other factions issues broken on constructs. (*)

(*) Fixes some important encounters.


  • NEUTRAL FACTION: Fixes possibility of a neutral faction turning into an enemy hostile.
  • CRAFT RENAME: Renamed magik armour now retains its name on PC transfers.
  • MURDERER: Fixed Murderer Feat due to erroneous Scourge variables. (*)

(*) The erroneous Homicidal Maniac feat will remain (if gained), but it does not overtly affect gameplay.

Version v1.38E now also released to prevent RECIPE container item spamming the chat window. Backward compatible with in-gaming warning for versions v1.36E or below.


  • CHAT SPAM: Recipe Container Fix - Prevent container spamming chat window.
  • ROGUE STONE: Now works with locks 5 or less (as opposed to 4).


  • CHAT SPAM: Container Fix - Prevent container spamming chat window. (REQUIRED!)
  • PAUSED COMBAT: Fixed WAND (and other item usage) stacking in action queue.
  • MODULE: Reseated objects in graveyard. (Cosmetic). (Module fix.)

New Edgeton Sanctuary



As I work with module 2, there have been significant changes that have filtered down to module 1. I am currently play-testing (SP and MP) the latest changes that will be available in module 1 from v150E. Check the list below for some of the updates and fixes. I will update this post if I make any more additions, and will post when the latest release becomes available at the Vault.

NB: v1.50E + will NOT be backward compatible with earlier releases (prior v1.50E).

However, newer versions will be backward compatible with each other from v1.50E.

The next release will be as v1.50E to demark the changes.


Coming in v1.50

  • 1) “MURDER” Feat fixed. (EVIL PATH)
  • 2) TOMBSTONE made walkable to prevent blockage to target.
  • 3) CHARM SPELLS: Fixed target UI and added vendor charm support.
  • 4) Fixed Dominate targets and removed from vendor targets.
  • 5) OpenStore OC function fixed for Markup and Markdown prices.
  • 6) SEWERS (North): Fixed a potential lighting error. (Mod change.)
  • 7) Fixed learned spells disappearing for imported PCs. (Memorized only now.)
  • 8) Fixed automatons not resetting if they defeat the party.
  • 9) Removed “TEST” option node in MELICAMP conversation.
  • 10) Fixed (removed) Certifcation erroneous gold rewards.
  • 11) Additional plot item protection when using Party Generation GUI.
  • 12) UPDATE: Auto-Level imported PCs of lower level than current option.
  • 13) Fixed active spells pop-up from not closing.
  • 14) Fixed a faction issue where a hostile could attack an enemy of PCs.
  • 15) UPDATE: Fast Map Travel.
  • 16) Fixed FEAR effect logic so game options affect PCs and not monsters.
  • 17) Fixed STORE no gold until PC switch and a gold EXPLOIT.
  • 18) Fixed Hicklberry Pips (add heal skill) & fixed One Use quickslot.
  • 19) Fixed FEAR effect easy option in game difficulties.
  • 20) Improved stacking system to not unequip quickslots where possible.


  • 1) Shops when being used at the same time. Conversation fix.

Just a quick update to say the latest SP play test of The Scroll (Mod 1) v1.50E should be completed some time next week, and I will update this post again then to let you know when the zipped module and campaign files are available.

In the meanwhile, this post is also a heads up to point out that the large “OTHER” zipped file required to play the module was also updated to fix some doors and colours among other small details. This file has been uploaded now, so anyone interested can download this large file in advance if required.


At last, the latest v1.50E is now available for download. :slight_smile:

You will need all three latest essential (v1.50E) files to play.

There are many updates and further code efficiencies now. Hopefully, it will be a good version to play. It will remain “untouched” unless anyone should happen to report any drastic issues.

Thanks everyone for your patience!

Any questions, just post me here! :+1:

4th March 2022: Updated second version of v1.50E campaign, which addresses three minor points. So minor that the version was not updated, and does not require an update unless you really want the latest campaign files. It addresses the following 3 minor points …

  1. Added Missing Spell Book warning on levelling up a PC with new wizard class.
  2. Added “Right Click item in container” information on inventory open.
  3. Removed Clear Actions after acquiring an item.


This is a CRITICAL UPDATE IF you have NOT set a PLAYER NAME when INSTALLING NWN2. It fixes the map system for such players (SEE NOTES), as well as other potential issues related to a player name. If you need this fix, then you MUST START AGAIN (SORRY). (*)

(*) You can test to see if just updating the campaign folder will work without starting again for you, but I am unable to guarantee if you won’t encounter other issues.

If your NWN2 setup has a player name before you started, then you can apply this patch if you want to fix a potential light issue and some TYPOs, but is otherwise not essential for you.

You will know if you have the problem because the FoW returns in a saved game. i.e. It’s state is not saved in a saved game.

Uploaded a second time with some minor cosmetic updates.

23 March 2022

Uploaded a fourth version, which also addresses players who may be using a screen resolution different from 1920 x 1080. There is a puzzle that may need its GUI moving on-screen for players that do not use a 1920 x 1080 resolution. This latest update removes the padlock completely (that can break the puzzle) and simply enables dragging for both GUIs.

This version also addresses some conversation logical flow.


The Scroll (module one) is currently undergoing some extensive testing with a new experienced player, Olivier Leroux, and a few issues have come to light over the last week or so, which I have now addressed. Of all the issues, only one is potentially game-breaking, but players will benefit from all the latest patching regardless. (Number 4 in the list below.)

To date, 4th April 2022, we are up to v1.55E, and it can be downloaded from its normal place:-

The Scroll | The Neverwinter Vault

Of all the issues this latest version fixes (and previous from v1.51E), here are the most important fixes to be aware of … For a full list, click here.

(1) Fixed boathouse door, which could prevent the “Mold’s Mission” side quest from being finished.
(2) Fixed the dwarf smith conversation to fix broken weapons correctly.
(3) Fixed Monty prison door, which could prevent Monty conversation working.
(4) Fixed Cave Guard from breaking if you passed all diplomacy checks.

Without the patch, each of these issues can be worked around as follows …

(1) Don’t approach the boathouse door until you have found and spoken with Billy.
(2) If possible, fix weapons yourself. Do not use the dwarf.
(3) Do not bash Monty cell door, but locate the key and use it instead.
(4) Try avoiding, or deliberately fail checks, that persuade Aubrey you don’t need a permit to enter the cave.

However, all these issues (and more) have been fixed in the latest patch v1.55E.

Version B of v1.55E has been uploaded. It addresses an AI issue where a controlled PC with AI OFF (puppet mode) is NOT supposed to follow. This stops such a PC following when it is in puppet mode and the controlled PC is switched. UPDATE: Broke conversations!

Version C of v1.55E has been uploaded. It fixes broken conversations that I broke with version B. Sorry for the mistake!


Just a quick update to inform you that v1.56E is now available …

It’s a minor fix that stops the HP bar from showing full if you have the Observe Condition feat, but have the feat currently disabled.

The Scroll Download

Sorry to have to report that an important gaming mechanic (revival of companions after a combat) was broken in v1.55E - 1.56E. (From around 3rd April until today.)

I have the latest v1.57E ready to upload, but, unfortunately, there appears to be a problem with the Vault currently limiting me to 2mb uploads at the moment, and so I cannot bring you this latest version until it is fixed.

ISSUE: If only the MainPC survives a combat, then companions are supposed to revive if the player has chosen the “Companion Protector” feat. However, currently, this fails. WORKAROUND: Save the game with the dead party and then reload it. The companions should revive.

I will update this post as soon as I have been able to update the latest version.

Just a quick update to inform you that v1.57E is now available …

The Scroll Download

Just been updated to 3rd Revision of this version …

2nd Revision … Removed some debug and spoilers.
3rd Revision … Sorts a minor issue with doors being bashed.


Just a quick update to inform you that v1.58E is now available …

1) Addresses some environmental lights, sounds and VFX.

The Scroll Download

Updated to v1.59E …

28 MAY 2022 (v1.59E Update)

1) Fixes potential IMMORTAL thugs at Merkes, if made hostile. (*)
2) Fixed Todd’s conversation if decide to take quest after first rejecting. (**)
3) Fixed Kasandra go to village exiting cave at night.
4) Added Permit Task List to Seeking Adventure Quest.
5) Removed some debug code.

(*) WORKAROUND (without this update): Avoid turning faction hostile.
(**) WORKAROUND (without this update): Just accept quest as soon as offered.

The Scroll Download Link


Hi All,

Unfortunately, it seems I have introduced a problem in v1.59E that needs addressing. The encounter (conversation) with “Dringle” in the Holy Crypts is causing some sort of memory leak by the looks of it. I am looking to see what the issue is now and will update a latest v1.60E when available.

The issue was not present in v1.58E, but that had issues with some “immortal thugs”.

Sorry for any inconvenience. I will update when fix is available.

UPDATE: OK, I found my memory leak. The affected script affects two conversations … The one with Dringle in the Holy Crypts and another with Astend after his rescue. I will make sure the latest files are fixed and update and let you know when available.


15 JUNE 2022 (v1.60E Update)

1) Fixed MEMORY LEAK introduced in v1.59E. (Dringle Conv in Holy Crypt.) (*)
2) Fixed a potential Melicamp exploit.
3) Fixed an XP exploit (and DEBUG feedback).
4) Removed old CONTAINER PATCH check that interferred with collections.
5) Fixed keys not always attaching to key ring if available.
6) Fixed Spell Book purchased renaming for any new wizard class.
7) Fixed some enemy AI.
8) Renamed “Resist Elements” to “Resist Energy” for clarity in usage.

(*) MUST have this fix in place before you speak to Dringle, or game will slow to a crawl.


Hi All,

Sorry … I managed to break something in the last upload … checking again … :scream:

Will update you when all fixed.

UPDATE: OK, I found out where I had accidentally transposed a variable in the acquire functions. This has now been fixed and I am about to upload again. Basically, it has the same fixes as before, but with the fix to the accidental issue too.

FINALLY … :sweat_smile:


16 JUNE 2022 (v1.60E * VERSION 2*)

1) Fixed a stacking issue broken in an earlier version. (*)

(*) Applies to special containers and items collected for them via PC not carrying container. Ensure items go to correct containers and stops spamming feedback.

Hi All,

Latest update for The Scroll.

There were quite a few minor fixes in v1.61E that were optional. However, I have now updated to v1.62E as I broke a setting in a later v1.61E (ver 2) that made Empire Guardians attack within the Guildhall, even during the daytime. Therefore, v1.62E addresses that issue. I apologise to the one person who had managed to download that version before it was spotted.


05 JULY 2022 (v1.62E Update) (2nd Version)

Second version also addressed some potential cosmetic issues:

  • Fixed timing of Sigils appearing.
  • Fixed "QUEST COMPLETE " timing on Murder quest.
  • Stopped a possible repeated node from Sandy.
  • Fixed companion supporting bash doors/objects from order to attack.
  • Reduced items checks for “UNEXAMINED” on inventory open.

04 JULY 2022 (v1.62E Update)

1) Fixed Empire Guardians turning hostile at Guildhall during the daytime (*)

(*) Introduced in v161E (Ver 2) - Sorry!

30 JUNE 2022 (v1.61E Update - Ver 3)

  1. Fixed Barbarian Rage “speed” after raging.
  2. A minor door bash AI fix.

29 JUNE 2022 (v1.61E Update - Ver 2)

  1. Addressed a small possibility of invalid “super speed” after resting. (*)
  2. Fixed village repopulating at certain times of the day after resting. (**)
  3. Fixed villagers comments on weather. Complained when sunny! surprise

(*) Without fix, goes when leaving area anyway.
(**) Without fix, appear at next area re-entry anyway.

28 JUNE 2022 (v1.61E Update)

  1. Fixed to ensure Dryad Soil updates Task List. (*)
  2. Fixed to ensure Divine Rod Updates Task List when collected in Ant Tunnels (if active). (**)
  3. Fixed absent Dryad Journal Entry. NB: If completed, will appear “open” again after patching. (**)
  4. Fixed erroneous info on some nameless Fast Travel Map Locations that would appear. (**)
  5. Fixed Orechin conversation repeating about sword of Ragnor Oran.

(*) WORKAROUND WITHOUT THIS VERSION: Drop soil and pick it up again.
(**) Cosmetic only. Does not affect play.

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Hi All,

Some small updates to bring us to v1.64E …


09 JULY 2022 (v1.64E Update)

  1. Fixed over sensitive Enemy Counter/ Clear down after combat.
  2. Fixed End of Combat checks.
  3. Fixed wrong variable type and value. (Hench HB calling.)
  4. Fixed party auto key unlock door distance.
  5. Fixed Gibbering Mouther confusion attack.

NB: There were no module folder updates between v1.63E and v1.64E.
(See important updates for module v1.63E below.)


This update actually benefits from a module update as well … so I post it as a fresh update note …

06 JULY 2022 (v1.63E Update) (2nd VERSION 07 JULY 2022)

MODULE UPDATE (Require fresh start with v1.63E to benefit from): -

Fixed/replaced STORE ITEMS that used the older “(SINGLE USE)” property instead of the newer “(ONE USE)” property, which had been missed in previous updates. The older version of the affected items erroneously uses two items from a stack of items if used, and does not have any fail-safe if used accidentally. The new version uses stacks correctly, and has an additional fail-safe to prevent usage where not required. The newer versions also work with quicklsots compared to the older versions that do not. Such items include things like “rations” (if eaten manually) and useable items that can stack, like “Ooze Oil”. Read workaround for earlier modules below …

WORKAROUND FOR MODULES PRIOR v1.63E: To prevent using two “SINGLE USE” items at once, split the stack to a single item before using. NB: There is still no safeguard if you use it when not required prior module v1.63E. If the item says “ONE USE”, then it should work fine.

CAMPAIGN UPDATE (All modules benefit): -

  1. The VIGOUR bar (on the Main Menu) now dynamically updates as you eat a ration. (No need to close and open the menu to view latest status after eating a ration.) (Although not really required.)
  2. A cost of items has been “fixed” in relation to the stacking issue mentioned above, which reduces the cost of many “ONE USE” items in store.
  3. Fixed Guildhall password door. (If “broken”, may have to speak to someone to get a new password and then leave the area and return once.)
  4. Fixed a potential node drop on Aubrey’s conversation.


  1. Fixed a trigger that could repeat a conversation in some circumstances. (*)
  2. Fixed the possibility of freeing Sebastion and being unable to have him follow you. (**)
  3. Fixed doors failing to auto unlock if key in party. (*) (Use party PC key holder instead.)

(*) Cosmetic only. Can just ignore without this patch.
(**) Do not open the door to Sebastion’s cell during combat without this patch.

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Hi All,

UPDATE: I am currently updating to v1.67E as I have left in a debug conversation that has broken companion conversations if you ask them to wait. I will inform you when done. WORKAROUND: For the time being, try not to ask a companion to wait.

Another potential issue that could arise has been addressed … and some other code improvements that were in a previous update.



15 JULY 2022 (v1.66E Update)

  1. Fixed a door heartbeat issue that could unlock doors and break quest logic. (*)
  2. Improved performance of Combat GUI during and after combat. (If used.)
  3. Removed some old testing debug code to do with password doors.

(*) Advise not entering the Guildhall via back entrance without this latest patch. Also addressed a potential memory leak.


13th JULY 2022 (v1.65E Update) IMPROVEMENTS/COSMETIC

  1. Code Improvement: Removed action clearance delay on respawn.
  2. Code Improvement: Reduced chance of action clearance when running away.
  3. Code Improvement: Removed duplicated vigour function call on a respawn.
  4. Adjusted some encounter scaling to be slightly stronger. (Unless on EASY or lower setting.)
  5. End of combat enemy counter clearance no longer clears journal update info.
  6. Companion comments now wait for player to be out of main menu before trigger.
  7. Cosmetic: Ensure sleeping creatures stay laying down if area re-entered (inc a reload).
  8. Fixed some STACK COUNT INFO feedback. (Item still correct.) (Also among PCs.)


NB: There are still no module folder updates between v1.63E and v1.65E. (Just download the campaign folder for latest fixes.)

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Hi All,

The problem with “code improvements” is they sometimes require a small teething stage … my apologies for any inconvenience if these have affected you. This latest update should address some remaining update issues. Do let me know if you have any remaining … and if I discover any more, I will be sure to let you know and provide another update.



22 JULY 2022 (v1.67E Update)

  • Fix to COMBAT ROUND feedback. (Stop overzealous counter.) (i)
  • Fix to COMPANION CONVERSATION. (Moved scorned down.) (ii)
  • Fixed an EXAMINE companion after dismissal. (iii)
  • Fixed automaton activation responses. (Stopped erroneous “Troublemaker!”) (iv)
  • MODULE FOLDER: Fixed a secret door. (Cosmetic only.) (iii)

(i) Introduced in v1.64E after some code improvements to the counter and end of round checks.
(ii) Debug left in by mistake causing “upset” response too early.
(iii) Cosmetic only.
(iv) Spawn variable was missing after an earlier alteration.

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Hi All,

My apologies for introducing a game-breaking bug, which was introduced in v1.65E (13th July) where a small 0.1 sec delay broke some code. This latest update needs to be in place prior the encounter within the Chaos Vortex to ensure all goes well. If you do not have an easily accessible saved game before this, I can provide a Quick Fix upon request.



25 JULY 2022 (v1.69E Update)

  • Fixed game-breaking encounter journal fail with Tormentors in Chaos Vortex. (*)
  • Fixed a faction error with demi-lich that made it go hostile even on non-combat option.
  • Improved some companion options if asking them to wait around.
  • Removed some poison weapon debug.
  • Fixed Journal Open/Close Show Info Button option. (COSMETIC ONLY.)

(*) Introduced in v1.65E - Sorry! MUST have this patch in place before encountering final Tormentors or a vital conversation will fail. If you are already in this state, request a Quick Fix from me. You will know if you are in the broken state, if you have killed all the Tormentors surrounding Astend, and the journal will not have moved on allowing you to now speak with him.

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Hi All,

On another play through, I noticed the updated auto-pause code was reacting to non-reachable hostiles, making the Combat GUI and Enemy Counter go awry and either open too soon or not stop at all. These were frustrating nuisances for those that liked to use the systems and so needed addressing … This has been done with v1.71E.



02 AUGUST 2022 (v1.71E Update)

  1. Fixed combat round counter not ending when non-reachable hostiles present. (*)
  2. Fixed Enemy Count for same non-reachable hostile reason. (*)
  3. Fixed the stack split figures on quickslots. (Was showing wrong quantities after a split.)
  4. Fixed potion creation sound. (Was missing.)
  5. Fixed possessed PC stopping combat during puppet mode. (Now continues.)
  6. Fixed a rogue sound in the sewers. (Plus other “stash” related code.)
  • (*) Most noticeable in the SEWERS. (Basically fixes for all non-reachable hostile actions.)
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Another play through found only a handful of small issues, but enough to warrant a further update to v1.72E. For the record, this post is now the only list of earlier updates, as the download page post managed to delete all previous lists when I edited it this time around.



31 AUGUST 2022 (v1.72E Update)

  1. Fix identify cast on Create Food & Water LORE scroll crash. (Workaround without: Use shops to ID.)
  2. Fix “Mortar & Pestle” giving failed message on acquisition and drop. (i)
  3. Fix "Goggles of Revealing " if donned in instruction image zone. (Workaround wthout: Exit & reenter trigger.)
  4. Fix Right-Click EXAMINE: Fixes right-click examine item info like spells in quickslots, books and quickcast.
  5. Fix to some party comments that failed to start.
  6. Improved inventory text when paused. (i)
  7. Prevent Fast Travels becoming unuseable if clicked with a container open.(Workaround: Close container first.)
  8. Fixed Great Kalim conversation node with Flute of Resonance. (Story logical flow fix.)
  9. Fixed Aubrey Portal Destruction conversation node when returning. (Story logical flow fix.)
  10. Fixed missing names on Fire Mephits in TB combat (Lich area). (Requires Latest Module.)
  11. Fixed Dryad Quest after leaving cave from saying “Fail” after already completed.
  12. Improved area enter arrival to prevent jamming with large groups.

(i) Cosmetic only.

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