The Scroll (The First Day) - Module 1 Latest Releases!

Last updates missed a couple of new issues, which are now addressed …


RELEASE v1.75E (06 SEPTEMBER 2022)

  1. Fixed Attack Object when Group Attack button used if PC was target by mistake.
  2. Improved performance on body search for lower spec computers.

RELEASE v1.74E (05 SEPTEMBER 2022)

  1. Removed companion chat debug info. (Cosmetic only.)
  2. Addressed a potential minor logical flow for Melissa conv.
  3. Improved area entry code.
  4. Improved object bash code when Group Attack button used. (Fixed in v1.75E)
  5. Sewer crystals item descriptions updated on book usage.

RELEASE v1.73E (01 SEPTEMBER 2022)

  1. Fixed Chameleon Stone Puzzles. (GUI was failing to start.) (*)
  2. Fixed missing portrait names of creatures summoned by Main PC. (Cosmetic info.)
  3. Added PC Background Information on PC creation. (Ready For Module 2.)

(*) All Chameleon Stone puzzles fail to start without this fix. Not game-breaking, but worth including for game and rewards. Kathy Potter may help with some of these without this fix.

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Another play-through provided a few more minor fixes for us, and all add towards a smoother game, especially with respect to PCs follow, stand ground and general bumpiness. There were no major issue fixes required, but more to remove ‘annoyances’ or ‘glitches’. From a player agency perspective, the fix to the KNOCK spell was probably the most significant.

This may possibly even be the last update I will need to do for some time.

This version will undergo another play-through by my wife. However, if you have anything in your experience you believe requires addressing, then please let me know now … especially if you have a MP concern, as that is the least tested.



RELEASE v1.76E (04 OCTOBER 2022)

  • Reduced bumping during conversations. (Cosmetic)
  • Improved Enemy Counter - Removed blank count. (Cosmetic)
  • Reworded a couple of minor logical flow nodes.
  • Tweaked “Attack Nearest” priority AI.
  • Tweaked “Stand Ground All” to include henchmen from any caller.
  • Fixed auto-follow on possession change if not standing ground.
  • Fixed some other “follow” routines on area transitions.
  • Fixed “follow” after some conversations.
  • Stopped sleeping bugbear sleep walking!
  • Removed “Craft Trap 0” need for crafting Ammonite key.
  • Fixed KNOCK spell not working on some doors.

And here are the latest files with one potentially important update for players who like to act chaotically … If you enter the main section of the Guildhall at night and find Melissa in her chair, that will break the game if she dies during any combat that may follow. Furthermore, she just should not be there anyway. These latest files ensure she’s gone to bed, like any sane person would have done.

Other than that, there are a handful of useful fixes to general running and cosmetic stuff. Once my wife has finished this latest play through, I hope that will be everything required to ensure we are ready for module two. NB: If you have anything that you think needs addressing, please let me know now.


RELEASE v1.77E (VERSION 2) (12 OCTOBER 2022)


  • Correctly aligned Sebastion door conversation image. (Cosmetic)
  • Allowed Todd’s equipment to remain ‘laundered’ if Smith revisited. (i)
  • Fixed guard’s gold take if a bribe is offered. (Crime should cost!)
  • MODULE UPDATE: Fixed Sally conversation for seating PC. (Cosmetic.)

(i) If stolen, avoid smithy without this fix if possible (or have to pay launder again).


  • Ensured “Litter Collection Task” does not leave list if guard persuaded. (Cosmetic.)
  • Replaced Name/Background Info with direct text in PC Creation GUI. (Cosmetic.)
  • Re-enabled “EXAMINE” for auto-described placeables after initial auto-description. (Cosmetic.)
  • Improved smelter interaction. (Cosmetic.)
  • Allowed/added TAKE 20 to house looting pick lock check. (Added check result feedback.)
  • Fixed logic for house looting in general.
  • Ensured any companions continue to follow after receiving background at the start.
  • Fixed a handful of spell scripts. (Re the Spell Effects Scroll.) (Cosmetic.)
  • Fixed Monty wake up. (Workaround: Close and open cell door again, until this version fix.)
  • Fixed Melissa present at night. (NB: Don’t enter Guildhall at night without this fix.) (ii)
  • Fixed individual PC rally call.

(ii) Broken since 22 January 2022. (Fix required if you intend to steal the “Tear of the Dragon”.)

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Another test run for the “CHAOTIC/EVIL” aligned party is currently underway, and so far has highlighted a couple of minor issues that have now been addressed, as well as a number of cosmetic issues that all help smooth the experience for the player. This latest v1.78E has been released slightly earlier than expected, because I wanted to have the new file distribution structure in place, moving forward. Bottom line: The “OTHER” folder no longer contains the LB Althea UI folder, which now comes with the CAMPAIGN folder download instead, for ease. (See next.)

NEW LB Althea UI Distribution

This latest update comes with a slight change to the way the files are distributed: The “LB Althea” UI folder now comes packaged alongside the CAMPAIGN and TLK folders, as it may also be subject to the odd update, which means having the latest version available at the same time as any campaign update makes download and applying it much simpler. (i.e. You would not have to download the massive OTHER folder again, where it was once distributed from, if you already have the hak, movie and music files.) To help the player recognise when either the TLK or UI folders require updating, the latest v1.78E now informs the player the need for the update (that they will have downloaded with the campaign folder anyway now), when they load the module. If the TLK requires updating, the message comes in the CHAT window (which this latest TLK update could be ignored, I suppose, if not using the new Darkfire spell), while if the LB Althea UI folder requires updating, the player has a pop up GUI that warns them of an essential update requirement, before exiting the game to allow them to do so.


As a bonus, the latest version also comes with the 3rd level cleric spell, Darkfire. It’s just been implemented, but should work fine, but anyone who does use it, please let me know if there are any problems.



RELEASE v1.78E (19 OCTOBER 2022)

NB: From v1.78E, the “LB Althea” UI folder is now distributed alongside the CAMPAIGN and TLK folders for ease of update, as this small folder can undergo the occassional update too. An in-game warning is now also given if either the TLK or UI folders have been updated in some way and need replacing with those from the latest distributed CAMPAIGN folder download file.

  • Removed “EX COMP” showing on NPCs even before joining party. (Cosmetic.)
  • Made controlled PC remain facing front on a transition. (Cosmetic.)
  • Ensured encounter “GROUP” is unique for journal updates. (Logic.)
  • Removed some TRAP debug code. (Cosmetic.)
  • Added Darkfire as a 3rd level cleric spell. (Addition.) (Requires latest TLK folder.)
  • Fixed Sewer Crystals description update if book read. (Cosmetic.)
  • Added Custom UI install check to warn if files not installed correctly. (Addition.)
  • Corrected XP award when sacrificing Life Essences at altars. (Balancing.)
  • Corrected EXAMINE henchman hint to say use Main PC for character sheet. (Cosmetic.)
  • Ensured “Goggles of Revealing” already identified on find. (Balancing.)
  • Removed a potential speed movement exploit. (Balancing.)

The CHAOTIC/EVIL party testing continues, and any further updates required will be released in v1.79E. In the meantime, if you are aware of any issues that you would like addressing, then please let me know.

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I thought it might be a good idea to test the module using only one PC, rather than a full party, just to see how it handled. My wife was keen to test it this way, and so is currently going through the module using only a single half-orc cleric PC. She has the advantage of having played the module many times already, and so knew how to find and equip certain items early on, better than anyone I know. I also asked her to try using a “normal” setting or lower (due to limiting to one PC), but she was too keen to try the experience on hard-core rules, and so that is how she is currently testing it.

To date, she has had to use the game’s “respawn” facility (on top of any Life Essence “rebirths” she had available) on a couple of the more challenging combats, but, so far has been able to continue with the equipment she acquired early on. NB: To acquire “Betsy” (the weapon she acquired early on), you would need to do “Josiah’s Grave” quest, and improve it with some magik stones found in the Fairchild’s home, accessed via the “Poor Communication” quest. (I don’t know how you would get along playing a PC that does not use certain weapons, so maybe you could tell me if you ever try this.)

A couple of times, she has made a temporary use of Aeriol (a wizard companion that you can add to your party in the module), but only for some very minor specific instances where his intelligence or skills proved the more convenient way of dealing with an issue. EG: She used him to ID some items, the occasional Knock spell and do a bit of crafting. However, apart from the crafting (which maybe she could do later when acquiring the necessary feat), there are other ways her PC could have overcome the obstacles. The point is, my wife kept to using a single PC for the most part of her adventuring so far, and has not yet been prevented from continuing because of this setup. I’ll report back if she does encounter any difficulties that required extra companion help. NB: She does still use “Scraps” (henchman) and has a few summons to help out!

Finally, the latest testing did throw up a couple of new points that required addressing. The most important (priority) fixes for the latest v1.79E release are shown at the top, followed by a few minor issues, and lastly followed by some cosmetic fixes that generally just make the game look or “feel” better. See next …



RELEASE v1.79E (04 NOVEMBER 2022)


  • Fixed TUMBLER PICKS! These now do something in the game as expected.
  • Fixed Vol Gift: Rapid Recovery to be “rapid” at amounts in description rather than just 1 HP.
  • Fixed Chameleon Stone clues by Kathy. (Also reduced cost per clue from 25gp > 1 gp.)
  • Fixed auto-level facility in companion conversation.
  • Fixed a potential gold cost exploit when upgrading scaleable crafted items.
  • Fixed journal update if a plot item passed directly to a PC from the placeable.


  • Fixed automaton hostile if game reloaded during combat with one.
  • Fixed some creatures difficulty INFO not updating on encounter. (EG: Guardians.)
  • Now allow any lore skill to identify alcohol.
  • Improved Target GUI startup on area change encounter.
  • Stopped cancelling any non-combat action if PC swapped from the acting PC.
  • Fixed/updated components found in Fairchild’s chest to be placed with others. (MOD UPDATE.)


  • Prevent laundered items auto storing in containers when collected.
  • Restored Main PC Facing after a same area party jump.
  • Prevent empty Party List showing if party size only 1.
  • Prevent ‘ghosted’ destroyed equipped items (Rust Monsters) displayed in inventory.
  • Fixed creature difficulty descriptor on some reporting too high. EG: DANGER > WARY.
  • Ensured AI effect icon is restored on any respawn if active.
  • Inventory “New PC Selected” auto-scrolled on PC switch if required.
  • Removed blank lines from crafted armour descriptions.
  • Fixed EXAMINE henchman hint to correctly use Master for character sheet.
  • Ensured “UNIQUE” descriptor added for uniquely crafted items of high value.
  • Adjusted GUI warning if ex-companions in tavern or village on transition.
  • Changed “Journal Update” to “Task Update” (if just a task update). Reduce checks.
  • Added text to confirm a Chameleon Stone trap is not present if learned as such.
  • Stopped some trigger conversations repeating if playing a single PC.
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Another kind volunteer has offered to pick up the challenge of The Scroll and let me know if there are any other points that need addressing. As they may be tackling the module in MP, I decided to upload v1.80E slightly earlier than usual, as it addresses a minor MP issue.

Other than that, the list of fixes this time around is below.

NB: There were no changes in the module file, apart from keeping the version number in synch with the campaign update. i.e. Only the CAMPAIGN folder is required for any update unless starting afresh.



RELEASE v1.80E (10 NOVEMBER 2022)

  • Ensured an auto-solved puzzle image could be viewed again more than once.
  • Added extra help info for some puzzles.
  • Made Main Menu Chest Relock option more intuitive.
  • Added corner visual clues for Josiah’s Chest puzzle (to make easier).
  • Multi-Player Only: Fixed Start Game Save Routine for Host entry only.
  • Multi-Player Only: Fixed Start Game “Illegal Entry” check. (*)
  • Fixed journal banner flash erroneously implying Portal destroyed. (Rare Cosmetic.)

(*) Only affects a MP game if you accidentally load a saved game with the wrong PC. This fix gives a friendly heads up. Without fix, loading the wrong PC may just confuse the player and/or restrict play. The warning only shows if you started a game with this fix already in place. So, if you update from an earlier version, it is probably best just to make sure you load the correct PC. If you don’t then you are locked in entry area without the specific warning. In this case, that will be your cue to leave and re-enter with the correct PC.



During some MP testing of my own, I realised that players could pass on “Special Containers” to another player’s PCs, which would cause potential problems with other code. I have addressed this issue in this latest update, which now ensures that cannot happen.

My wife’s SP play-through (using just one Main PC this time around) also managed to find a couple of new issues related to dropping items on pressure plates, and movement speed in certain situations. These have also both been addressed with this latest update.

For the list of fixes this time around, see below.

NB: There were no changes in the module file, apart from keeping the version number in synch with the campaign update. i.e. Only the CAMPAIGN folder is required for any update unless starting afresh.



RELEASE v1.81E (12 NOVEMBER 2022)

  • Added backward compatibility for some map features on new code added since v1.80E.
  • Fixed some items not working on pressure plates due to placeable fail. (E.G. Grenades.) (*)
  • Fixed speed adjusted PCs using “Expeditious Retreat”. (Also fixed Rage slow again.)
  • Multi-Player Only: Additional start game illegal entry code checks. (PC Names.)
  • Multi-Player Only: Ensured “Special Container” compatibility. i.e.One container type per player.

(*) Without this fix, any affected items dropped on a pressure plate will become unavailable for retrieval, as well as doing nothing.


I believe I have finally got to the bottom of all speed related bugs, including spells like Grease. This required a rework of some of those I had already done (e.g. Barbarian Rage), as well as new code areas like “Vigour” speed drops. Basically, if a PC appears to be moving too fast after a speed affecting event, then I have missed something. Let me know if I have, thanks!



RELEASE v1.82E (16 NOVEMBER 2022)

  • Fixed MOVEMENT conditions (inc some spells) that left the PCs move rate too high. (*)
  • Fixed amount Iron Rations restored. (Max 50, as described.) Inc some feedback.
  • Fixed GUI tooltip feedback for AUTO-PAUSE ON SENSED.
  • Replaced Average Faction Level with PC Total Levels, to avoid associates levels.
  • 17/11/22: Added extra speed fix for map fast travel slow down.
  • 17/11/22: Added extra XP balancing for smaller size party. (NB: SEE BELOW **)
  • 17/11/22: Fixed Sea Hag attacks

(*) Also for VIGOUR levels and all speed related code. Should have covered thoroughly all now.

(**) This file was missing from the upload, and caused this version (v1.82E) to be broken. I apologise for that. Thankfully, this essential file was detected missing quite quickly and I believe only one or two people downloaded this version. Unfortunately, if you have this version (dated 17/11/22), you will need to download v1.83E which has the file reinstated.



My wife has just finished her first play through using just a single PC, and here are the final few fixes that were discovered along the way. However, I have asked my wife if she was prepared to test these changes through again, and so a second single PC testing phase may take place in the near future. I am also hoping to have some feedback from another tester in the near future, all going well.



RELEASE v1.83E (21 NOVEMBER 2022)

  • Improved companion auto-follow after a conversation.
  • Fixed rare instance where an optional transition can fail.
  • Increased likelihood of Sebastion hearing conversation.
  • Fixed a speed issue after speaking with a henchman.


It seems v1.82E had an ESSENTIAL file missing: The monster OnDeath script. Anyone who downloaded v1.82E (17/11/22) WILL NEED v1.83E, and will, unfortunately, have to start again. My apologies.



Somehow, v1.82E was released without the creature On Death script. This was quickly redressed by v1.83E being released as soon as this was discovered. Unfortunately, I had not corrected the XP algorithm for this quick replacement, which means we now have v1.84E. This has the XP reward fixed for any party size. NB: If you play with 1, 5 or 6 PCs, then v1.83E calculates correctly.

My sincerest apologies for these recent spout of updates. Hopefully, that should be all for a while as further testing takes place.



RELEASE v1.84E (23/24 NOVEMBER 2022)

  • Fixed monster kill XP award for party size 2-4. (1)
  • 24/11/22 MP/DM Client: Fixed automatic start of game save routine. (*)
  • 24/11/22 MP/DM Client: Fixed DM default speed back to DM Speed. (*)
  • 24/11/22 MP/DM Client: Re-enabled a FOW option for DM area map. (*)
  • 24/11/22 MP/DM Client: Fixed initial journal notes for players of a MP game. (*)
  • 24/11/22 MP/DM Client: Removed Party Bar toggle button from DM Client. (*)
  • 24/11/22: Made some GUI text compatible with other resolutions.
  • 24/11/22: Added Sandy conversation fix. (2)
  1. Party size of 1, 5 or 6 reward fine. Caused due to missing file replacement had error.
  2. Workaround without this fix: Always start with option INVESTIGATE ASSOCIATION.

(*) NB: As these latest updates are non-critical and only affect MP games, I have not updated the version. You can still download and use if you like to, but they have no impact on a SP game unless you use a different resolution to 1920 x 1080, in which case, some text on a character creation screen has been repositioned so as not to intrude on other areas of the main GUI.

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