The Scroll (The First Day) - Module 1 v1.36E NOW AVAILABLE!

Hi All,

For those following: The Scroll Module 1 will be having another release v1.36E in the coming days/weeks ahead. My wife is following another path that can be taken and experimenting with some other areas of code that have had some “lighter usage”. I have also been making improvements with the code while progressing with Module 2.

NB: None of these issues are game-breaking, but there are some that are “annoying” at times,and so I consider it an important update. You are more likely to encounter these issues if you are playing hard-core mode (death) and/or do a lot of crafting.

Here is the list of fixes, which I will continue to update until testing is over …


    1. JOURNAL ENTRY (Fix a starting entry.)
    1. ANIMATIONS: Improved some conversations and walkpaths.
    1. MISSING NPCS: Fixed potential NPC missing. (Workaround: Reload game.)
    1. EFFICIENCY: Improved some AI and general efficiency. (Inc Auto_pause.)
    1. RAISE DEAD: Fixed Orechin trying to raise a previously abandoned grave stone.
    1. AUTO-PAUSE: Fixed an aggressive auto-pause start combat when monsters not seen.
    1. CELESTIAL DROP: Fixed celestial creature item drop.
    1. CURSED ITEMS: Now update Boon/Bane status if alignment changes while carrying.
    1. BREW & SCRIBE FIX: Fixed system to correctly craft and show names.
    1. CRAFTING FIX: Fixed some ANCIENT CRAFT setups.
    1. MISSING MONTY: Tried to stop Monty disappearing again. (+)
    1. PATROL: Fixed patrolling Talanthian soldiers. (*)
    1. DARTS WEIGHT: Fixed darts weight.
    1. FUNCTIONS: Fixed efficiency of some functions that could fail if too involved.
    1. KASANDRA: Fixed rare Kasandra conversation and add to party script bug. (*)
    1. CRAFT TAB: Finally rewrote the craft tab feedback script to avoid TMI with large parties.
    1. TUMBLER PICKS: Fixed purchase of + 5 or above from disappearing.
    1. CURE LIGHT WOUNDS: Fixed purchase from disappearing.
    1. BOATHOUSE: Finally updated water object for actual water. (*)
    1. NAME PLACE: Used a different function to avoid incorrect item place drop names.
    1. EXPLOIT CHECK TMI: Fixed a potential TMI due to large party inventories.
    1. SPEAK TRIGGER: Reworked to prevent double conversation trigger.
    1. HARD CORE DEATH: Ensured rune bag is maintained by a living party member.
    1. AREA EXIT FAIL: Fixed broken companions to allow exit after abandoning them.
    1. PRISONER: Prevent prisoner being killed prior chat. (+)
    1. HENCHMEN LEVEL: Fixed henchmen level resetting. i.e. Fixed their levelling.
    1. MASTER DEATH: Henchmen now auto-reallocate to the Main PC if master dies.

(+) Same issue with neutral faction and reputations.

(*) Will also require the updated v1.36E Module. So wait until then if you want these fixes.


Finally improved the water in the boathouse!

From placeable object to the real stuff. :wink:


Hi All,


Thanks to all those who have been patiently waiting for the latest v1.36E of The Scroll, which I have uploaded today. It addresses a large number of “niggling” issues, which are listed in the first post above.

Please let me know if you have any other issues or need any other help from me in this thread.

Thanks, Lance.

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