The Scroll (v1.04E) ... (Enhanced Version) ... UP TO YOU - Now Available!

Hi All,


Well, if there are any bugs left in this beast, then you will have to find them and let me know, but I want to release this TODAY (19.11.19) as I said I would. So, here you have the latest v1.00 E (Enhanced) to download and (hopefully) enjoy. Do let me know your experience … Thanks!

The Scroll is a traditional D&D story set within my own campaign called, The World of Althéa. The campaign was first written in the early 1980’s and was moved to NWN2 when it became available. As the campaign is now available to both existing PnP players and newcomers, there is a choice of backgrounds to choose from. Newcomers should choose option 2 (Althéa History & Background.):

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The Darkening they call it … A dark shadow that moved across the world two years ago now, robbing the peoples of their skills and abilities. Even magic was lost! But almost two years have passed since that time and Althéa is slowly starting to recover under the new power that calls itself the Empire, ruled by some Emperor that few, if any, have ever met.

But what does that matter to you? You live in New Edgeton, a sleepy village far north from the capital of Boran where, if you could ever get there, everything worth doing takes place. The capital city of the lands is a good four days travel south from the village. The problem is, however, even if you wanted to travel there, there is no way now … not since the coming of the Barrier!

Two weeks ago, life in the village was simple, easy … normal. Then, out of nowhere, a huge barrier sprang up around the village … and the village became far from normal. The local dignitaries, slow to respond as always, did even less when they realised that supplies could still be passed through the barrier and that the villagers would not starve. The problem is, however, nothing living can pass out again!

So, is this it? Stuck in New Edgeton for the rest of your life? Just when you had decided to travel to Boran to learn more about the up and coming Empire. No, you decide to do something about the Barrier yourself, and then, maybe, if you can earn enough gold in the process, you will be able to take that trip to Boran … and try to learn more about the Darkening too. After all, for you, life is just beginning.

There is a mystery to unravel. Will you be the saviour of the village or just a nobody? Encounter mysterious people along the way, and travel farther than you realised was possible considering the circumstances. Encounter murder, demons, monsters you never knew existed! Survive or die in intense battle, using magic or items you create to combat such. Discover mysterious texts and puzzles along the way, and overcome them with a clever mind or simply find the tool you need to bypass them. Finally, learn the truth about the strange barrier and save the village from entrapment!

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IF ALREADY PLAYING: For those who may be already playing, remember that you SHOULD only replace the CAMPAIGN folder, or you will break your game with respect to some area transitions.

STARTING AFRESH: For those starting afresh, then use the new folders for both module and campaign, and you will benefit from all updates.

After all is said and done, I will keep files updated if I discover anything vital that needs addressing.

Thanks for your patience … Lance.

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Hi All,

I will use this post to write any observations and feedback for all interested. I will start it off by informing you of the following … Campaign & Module are both on v1.04 E now.

NB: I may continue to release MODULE and CAMPAIGN at the same time to keep version numbers in synch. However, most of the time this may simply be a change in version number for the module rather than anything substantial in the module itself.


COSMETIC: Your game will play fine without these changes, but is still good to have if you can take the time to download and apply it. Recommend download and apply for better experience, including potential performance benefits.

IMPORTANT: Your game may fail in some aspects, including potential side quests, but nothing game-breaking. There is normally a way to fix this within the game itself. (E.g. Using “Sorry” feat with Kerres.) Download and apply strongly advised.

ESSENTIAL: You need this download to be able to finish your game. Download and apply vital.

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  1. Corrected “last page” to prevent an arrow leading to nowhere on Greater Crafting book. (v1.00E)
  2. Unlocked BENCH auto-examine feedback on first usage. (Had been locked during testing.) (v1.00E)


  1. INTRUDER STATUS :Fixed Empire Guardian reaction for intruders. (Tear of the Dragon Side Quest.)
  2. KERRES HOSTILE: Fixed Kerres turning hostile on subsequent visits to the Guildhall.
  3. COMBAT ALERT: Stopped a miss-timed combat alert when entering areas.
  4. START INVENTORY: Stopped auto-follow on startup that upset initial inventory control.
  5. MODULE UPDATED: Removed a creature from where it should not have been. (MOD v1.01)


  1. NANCY BODY: Nancy’s body is sometimes missing in house. (Fixed.)
  2. TB ROUNDS SYNCH: Round feedback now stays in synch if player escapes during TB Combat.
  3. LIGHTING: Changed timing of light initialisation to prevent player noticing any changes.
  4. TB PAUSE CHECK: Prevent hidden or different area creatures checking pause (once started).
  5. ANY PC UNLOCK: Updated a door that was missing the any PC member can unlock with key.
  6. TREASURE HAUL: Fixed a broken treasure haul script.
  7. QUEST INFO: This also fixes a journal entry logical flow. (Does NOT break quest though.)
  8. SLEEP ZZZ’S: Added extra code to ensure sleep zzz’s would terminate on waking.
  9. NECKLACE PLOT: Made a sub-quest necklace “plot” so item would auto-allocate if “missed”.


These were some last bits that were updated and noticed while testing module two …

  1. AREA REBAKE: Moved some objects in one area and rebaked for ease of movement.
  2. OLD CODE: Removed some old respawn code that used variables used elsewhere.


I noticed some monster AI needed correcting while testing module two … (No mod adjustments, but version uploaded to stay in synch.)

  1. AUTOMATONS: Fixed timing of any potential spell casting to ensure it fired more consistently.
  2. SUMMONED: Made it so summoned creatures would attack more readily.

I will update this page further if I do any changes worth recording for you. Please use this page to offer any suggestions or requirements you may like too. :slight_smile:


For those wanting the latest TLK file, which standardises Althéa Feat Names to all begin Althéa XXX, then download this version of the TLK file:
(I am not going to update the large "Others.7z file yet just for this small change that this covers.)

Thanks, Lance.

Hi All,

Just to let everybody know that I have finished amalgamating all the new tileset and monster files that I hope to use more in module two. I added a large number of monsters and easily doubled my tilesets. I think I have finally checked all the files and the new hak weighs in at nearly 1.5 GB now. (Up from 500 MB.) New 7z file will be around 433 MB compared to current 260 MB. (Checks made ten times more difficult due to Windows 10 search fault since last update!)

I intend to release this new hak in the near future with v1.05E, but not until I have finished doing some more checking. To date, I only noticed one area needed some floor/wall/ceilings reset, as the updated tileset obviously made some changes there, but it was only cosmetic. No release date is set yet, but I will release in due time.

I have also changed a local int check to a global int check for Ravel, because he can start the wrong conversation if a player clicks “too soon”. I have only encountered it once, but that’s enough to make me want to change it.

Lastly, if anybody else has any feedback for The Scroll (any version you are playing), then now is the best time to let me know so I can address it prior to v1.05 E release.

EDIT: I am also considering moving some of the placeable content to the hak too, to help reduce campaign files weight and make for easier patching updates.


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maaan this is great to hear. so looking forward to the holiday week now!
Unless 1.05 is likely after this seasonal break?

Hi Morbane,

I am trying some testing of the files today, and may well be able to release later today.

But, I must point out that much of these newer files are in preparation for later modules to the campaign. Obviously, I hope there may be some additional benefits to the current module one, but I am not sure exactly what that may entail.

Of course, if someone is using my campaign files as a base for creating their own module, then there will be many benefits for them too. :slight_smile:

I will do some more testing, and try to upload soon. At the very least, there may be one or two benefits to the overall code for module one since last release anyway. e.g. The conversation I mention in my last post.

Continued here … The Scroll (v1.05E) ... Coming Soon! (Includes Some Minor Fixes)

Cheers, Lance.