The Scroll - v2.07 (SP/MP Improvements - Module Select Preparation - Database Reboot Requirement Removed)

Hi All,

I have decided to play through my campaign module “The Scroll” with my PnP group, and update any MP errors I find along the way for others out there that may be interested in playing MP.

I had not planned to do this this soon, but decided to do it anyway, in the hope that it may help encourage me to start doing something towards the project again.

LATEST: For this exercise, I decided to start the MP game using the DM as the host, and have already found some issues. NOTE: For “players” playing MP without a DM (or the DM is NOT the host), these issues may not be present.

However, I will update the module after I have played through it using the DM as the game host. If anybody else is (or will be playing) the module MP without a DM, please let me know if you experience any issues at this time, and I will try to include them in my latest updates. (Hopefully, there are only issues while using the DM as the HOST, and so I hope any alterations I make now will only serve to “improve” any other MP issues in general.)

Thanks, Lance.

Hi All,

UPDATE: Database Reboot Requirement Removed & Multi-Player Preparation. (v2.07)

This latest version does not come with a “patch” for earlier versions due to the number of changes. However, if you want the latest scripts, you can always just try replacing your existing Campaign folder with the one below, which handles most changes to date. Do so at your own risk though! This is for those players who know how to handle changes that may affect the fundamental scripts.

For those that may be interested, I have updated some scripts to help support The Scroll where a DM (or another player) is hosting a MP game. This is a work in progress, and I will continue to update downloads from this forum post only. (i.e. They may NOT be available from the module page as quickly as here.) As soon as I have finished playing and testing updates with my own group, a final version of the scripts (and files) will be uploaded to the module’s page. (v2.07 is currently the latest on the official download page. Available here:


(Simply replace existing folders with these latest. Strictly speaking, only some scripts have changed.)

Again, if anybody does download and use them, and has any feedback, please let me know in this forum post.

I will keep you updated as our own group progresses … which may not fully be underway until late July.

Thanks, Lance.

Hi All,



Further improvements that will affect both SP and MP game (I will update this list over time, so be sure to check back). Latest Info:-

  1. Removed the need to reboot when starting for the first time. (Database setup appears stable now). This was needed to make transfer from Module 1 to Module 2 (etc) on any future modules added to the campaign. Database checks still remain for duplicated PC or missing databases, but will only make you restart if you try to restart the game with a PC that already has an existing database associated to it.

  2. Module Selection code added for any future modules being worked on for ease of transition or playing with saved PCs from module 1.

  3. v2.08 WILL INCLUDE … Target GUI “off” by default. (Turn on manually or automatic via some options.)

Cheers, Lance.

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