Hi KevL,

UPDATE (RE summons problem below): It was an error in my own code - now fixed. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the links - It was a welcome to my morning, especially the Sonny and Cher link, which certainly sounded right for the mood. :slight_smile:

Some good news: I found the problem last night. It related to “Relaying” a command to a companions followers, which linked back to the same custom looped check for the relayed creatures own calls. Thereby, I ended up stuck in the same loop if any of the looped henchmen/companions had their own summoned creature (and I guess any other own follower such as a familiar, but I did not check those). i.e. The loop goes through all companions, which then relays to their summons, which then calls back the same function (for them to have an action altered), but also starts the loop through the companions again … and so on … as the beat goes on. :wink:

That is now fixed, but I am trying to resolve another issue before posting the latest version: I thought I had this resolved, but it may be something about the way the NWN2 engine works … I thought a PC could send a command directly to a summoned creature - if they were the PC that summoned it. i.e. Player controls three PCs, and one of them is a cleric who summons a monster. The player then (while still possessing the cleric) right clicks and is able to issue a command to the summoned creature. I have noticed that this option is there, but when the player issues the command to the summoned creature this way, the summoned creature does not appear to “hear” the command, even though it has listening patterns set within its on spawn and on dialogue scripts.

My suspicion now is that the direct command to summoned creatures is no longer supported and uses the “relay to” command via any commands given by the main PC to their companions - which then “relay” the command to any followers they have themselves.

As I say, it has been some while since I looked at the AI, especially when related to summoned creatures. That is what I am currently looking at again, to see if it is something I may have done in error.

And I don’t know if this is normal (or something I altered at some point), but are summoned creatures supposed to go into the party portraits or not? In my case, the PC (or companion) cast the summoned and then the creature appears to join at first and then immediately drops out of the party portraits again, but remains in the party. As I say, this may be normal and something I did not notice before.

Anyway, any light you can shed on this matter would be welcome. In the meanwhile, I will continue to check my own code and/or see if there is a way to make the summoned “hear” a direct order, even if it means (if possible) relaying a companions own “shouts” via itself … if you see what I mean.

Cheers, Lance.

uhm sure they can, I’m always telling my bear to attack/follow/etc – i don’t see why it would be different for a summons, offhand …

uhm, yes? Test: load a stock game and summon a skel, see what happens

although it doesn’t sound like it, but if your question is about a summons of a summons things get a bit trickier … or a summons of a henchman etc. Then it’s dealing with a few functions that may have to loop up/down through masters (up) or associates (down)

as well as oddly named things like GetCurrentMaster() and GetCurrentRealMaster() in ‘x0_i0_assoc’

Hi KevL,

All the normal “listening responses” sorted themselves after I worked out why the summoned creature was not staying within the party bar. It was due to a faction change I had used to prevent another issue (which no longer appears to be such) and so after commenting out that, the summoned creature reappeared in the party bar and followed orders again.

However, I have been testing the logic with respect to those orders depending upon who the player is currently possessing or not - and whether the summoned belonged to one player or another. And in relation to other AI and the new Follow/stand ground GUI. (As well as individual shouts v broadcast shouts.) I think/hope the logic is reasonably sound now, and will now upload the new module. (If you ever have the opportunity to test it, then do let me know if the logic of what to expect could be improved. Although I appreciate that sometimes it is a matter of personal taste.)

Our group has the opportunity to test it better tonight. :slight_smile:

Thanks for keeping me at it with the extra comments and feedback. It all helps.

Cheers, Lance.

Hi All,

There was an annoying bug in the summon creature code, which affected the new GUI from working properly, as well as affecting the party bar. However, this has now been fixed and is available at the usual place:-


It took slightly longer to resolve as I wanted to check the logic of who and what was giving commands in the presence of the summoned creature. Hopefully, the final responses logic will suit the majority of players.

I hope to have another Adventure Continues episode in the near future. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your patience with the release of this latest version.


no prolemo. This is the best thing since sliced bread Xoreos.

(if i could only get my nose of out the IDE i’d finish my playthrough of SoZ)

@rjshae woohoo I saw what you did there! (actually i didn’t, but yer name’s in the credits.)

Someday I’ll play The Scroll on xoreos.

Hi KevL,

EDIT: Why doesn’t my “quote” work?

That looks like a daunting project!

I hope you do manage to play The Scroll at some time, as you may well see some stuff you helped with (indirectly) and may be able to discover other stuff that could be improved. :slight_smile:

If you are aiming to play MP though, it may be worth waiting until the MP bugs are squashed. :wink:

Cheers, Lance.

not sure, try keeping [quote] and [/quote] on their own lines. Or just select text and a small Quote menu appears above the selected text …

hugely daunting …

I’m sure i will play The Scroll at some point, Lance. MP (while hugely funner than SP) hasn’t been my style for years …

for The Scroll, I’ll wait/help till it’s bugfree. Then suggest “improvements” /heh

Have you seen this thread on how these forums work? Anyway, to quote someone in the same thread simply highlight the text you want to quote. Once you let go of the mouse button a clickable button with “QUOTE” on it should appear. Click that and Discourse will automatically create the quote for you. Also if you haven’t started a post a new one will be created.


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That was it … separate lines. :slight_smile:

Do keep me updated when you do. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up … I don’t remember having to put the quote command on separate lines before.

All better now. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Lance.

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Last night’s session was a blast! I mean that in a good way, as the session went smoothly and we all had a great time as we brought the story of the Halls of the Goblin Kings to a timely end. The session had a couple of very minor issues, some of which I fixed even as we played they were so small; and there were a couple that added a momentary point of comment, but otherwise everything went well. In fact the worse bug of the night was at the very end when we discovered another transition bug due to trying to jump while a conversation was ending. Everything is fixed now (see below for more detail), and at the request of my player on WAN, I hope to add another puzzle to MP compatibility (Combi Chest). I am also considering adding Readable Books (and scrolls) activated via a placeable to the MP compatibility too. I will report back in the next blog update how this goes, hopefully.

The List of Fixes

1) SHOW GUI TOOLTIP: I removed a bracket from a tooltip that was preventing the XML from displaying the tip on the follow icon. (XML is very fussy about its characters allowed.)

2) FOOD CONVERSATION: Added an option to drop out of a conversation if the heroes did not want to taste the food on the top floor of the Halls.

3) SKULL TRAP WARNING: When reading the book on the top floor of the Halls, the heroes had a sudden Trap Warning message show. This was due to a check missing to determine if the PCs needed warning of a trap becoming active or not. In this case they did not and the check has now been added to fix any further potential issues.

4) QUEST FANFARE: Upon returning an item the heroes had to collect for Orechin, the quest ended and the fanfare showed (but not properly) and there was no fanfare sound. This has now been fixed.

5) CONVERSATION PAUSE: This may just have been a one-off, but I have taken steps to hopefully avoid this happening again: A conversation fired from a trigger to make Sebastion comment about a door. The conversation is supposed to pause for two seconds, but it did not return from the pause, forcing us to have to reload. Between reloading, I altered the code to have the conversation handle the pause (which had not worked before on another occasion), rather than a script. This time around the node method worked. I have since altered the timing of triggers destruction, in case that had some bearing on the pausing function in conversations, which have a pause action in them. There are a few of these, but some, the players have already played (and they worked fine), and others are yet to be played. I will keep an eye on this one.

6) MERKES’ DOOR TRANSITION: The biggest issue came at the point we stopped play anyway: With Merkes’ front door we encountered another transition that failed because the PCs were still in a conversation (it was just ending), which prevents the transition from firing. The script used has now been replaced with a “conversation friendly” version. Hopefully that really should be the last of them, as I did another search of the module for similar situations.

7) HENCHMEN CONTROL: My player on WAN said he was still experiencing some disobedient companion/henchmen behaviour when using the broadcast commands (my new GUI worked OK). I looked over the code and made some slight alterations to ensure the commands were being rallied more effectively and upon testing all worked fine for me. I tested a number of combinations and all appeared good. I have also tweaked the henchmen default distances to be a little farther away from the main player (6 meters) so that they do not get under their feet. Again, my own testing found this much easier to use.

8) OTHER FIXES (INC DM INVISIBILITY): Again, we found another typo and I have tried adjusting a variable for the Target GUI, which appeared to be using the wrong object (Main PC instead of oFM). That may fix some feedback that appeared slightly off in rare occasions. Lastly, I added some code to help keep the DM invisible to the players. For some unknown reason, whenever I used the DM previously, the players could simply talk to a companion and I would appear (come out of its invisibility to players). I have now added the cutscene VFX to the default effect, which now makes me completely invisible (even to myself). I do get the target circle on the ground, and can still toggle back to the DM default version to see myself and walk through doors (which was also disabled when applying the new effect).

Catch up with the heroes in our session here (at the bottom of the blog):

Download v2.38 here:

EDIT/UPDATE: v2.39 (next release) will have MP support of Combination Chests, Placeable Read Books/Scrolls (as opposed to Item Books/Scrolls), and Notice Board & Mercy Boards. i.e. When player 1 activates one of these placeable objects, all players will receive the GUI interface to watch. (The GUI can be closed by players who do not wish to watch the action or read the information being presented.) NB: Players control Read Book pages independently.


The latest session went relatively smoothly, discounting one or two niggly points, which I have now dealt with. In fact, this blog is detailing more to do with tweaking parts of the code and new updates, rather than fixes. As an update, I did manage to include MP support for the Combination Lock puzzles and the Readable Books and Scrolls that work from placeable objects (not items). Now, when a player starts one of these objects, all other players receive a GUI too, but all they can do is observe or leave. Anyway, without further preamble, here is what you need to know:-

The List of Fixes

1) TRANSITIONS & NEW MODULES: I addressed a minor issue to do with a global variable not being correct with respect to the inventory on a new load. Having addressed this, I had introduced a minor timing issue that caused a new (minor) transition issue (which we experienced on the night), but I have now fixed both of these issues in the latest version too. DELETED SWITCH INFO - MY BAD. See also the AI tweaks next.

2) AI TWEAKS (HENCHMEN/SUMMONS/COMPANIONS): At a player request, I took a closer look at the way henchmen (and summons) - and even the companions behave in given conditions. In particular, I wanted to improve the “obedience” of henchmen (e.g. Scraps) and summoned creatures with respect to combat. i.e. To “stand ground” or “follow” their master even when in combat. i.e. A player can now override the “seek and kill” behaviour of these creature types to act more like the way companions do, and gives the player more control of these types.

For companions, I have now made it so that they automatically “follow” after entering a new area, even if the player has the “red brain” representing the AI as disabled. i.e. Even when the AI is OFF, companions will now follow the controlled main PC (and continue to follow) after an area transition , until another “stand ground” command is given again, or the player switches PC. Furthermore, if a player now disables “Auto Pause” from the main menu, the game will now switch all followers to AI on, warning the player to turn AI back off again if they want their followers to remain in Puppet Mode.

These “logic” steps will, hopefully, make more sense for players using a combination of the AI controls available, especially when making use of the Auto Pause TB Combat system. Simply put, the “brain” icon now simply switches Puppet Mode on (red - AI OFF) or off (green - AI ON), which turns both spell-casting and follow either on (green brain) or off (red brain) at the same time. NOTE: The “follow” and “stand ground” commands (both the new GUI and the original shout commands), override the current “follow” status of either AI setting to enable quick and easy movement.

A final tweak was to companions (not cohorts, which I define as a player’s created PCs), which now no longer have an influence change if a player merely “inspects” another persons property with their PC, but only when a player actually acquires “stolen goods” - and if the player is playing a “good aligned” party. E.g. A player may now try to open a chest, and the companion will stop them. A cohort does the same on the initial attempt, but does not stop the player thereafter, whereas a companion always will. If, however, the player manages to gain access to said chest and grabs the “stolen” loot therein, then the companion will react with a rebuke.

3) MONEY POUCH GOLD: This is about the third time I have addressed this issue, and after observing some debug feedback, I believe I have finally got to the bottom of the issue: The problem stems from using a function to retrieve the number of stacked items after an alteration to the original stack, even though the code looks solid. So now, I have resorted to using my own calculation code and the stack now returns correctly and the gold issue with respect to money pouches should be resolved once and for all.

4) OTHER MINOR FIXES: (i) Combination doors were giving too much XP (by a factor of 10). These have now been fixed. (ii) The White Empire Guardian now no longer has the “sewer problem” entry speech if the sewer problem has been resolved. (iii) I have increased the range of the “Gather Party” check from 10 meters to 20 meters, to help alleviate having to get too close to the transition object. (iv) Some gold loot items found on creatures were being received as “items” rather than the actual gold. I removed some old code that should fix this.

Catch up with the heroes in our session here (at the bottom of the blog):

Download v2.40 here:


I made some important changes to the campaign after the last session, including some game combat balancing. (Please also note that there is a module update this time around too.) Some of the changes were due to things that I noticed during play that my players did not, which indicates how “minor” they were. I have also been looking at the second module again, with respect to players entry, irrespective of their “past”. i.e. A new player, a player with a saved game, or a player with an exported Main PC. Once this section of the code is finalized, which it is reasonably close to now, I will then be able to start concentrating on the plot. Time will tell how this pans out, but it is something I would like to finish if possible. After all, most of the the areas are completed, so I would like to make use of them. Anyway, here is what has been fixed:-

The List of Fixes

1) CUTSCENE CONVERSATIONS: While playing our latest session, we came across a conversation (Blood Guard on cave exit) that did not use a cutscene, which would have worked better if it had. I believe the reason this conversation did not was because it allowed a player to switch between PCs to offer other conversation choices subject to PC abilities. However, this ability to do so is not worth the loss of the dramatic effect - in my opinion. Therefore, this conversation, as well as some others (e.g. The hermit and some others) now have been returned to cutscene types. My intention is to add PC ability checks back to these conversations via my own scripting, like I have for many other cutscene conversations. Hopefully, this will be catered for in the next release. In the meanwhile, I will make such conversations cutscene (if I find any that are not) and check their content for ability checks as I go along.

2) CHAMELEON PUZZLE TRAP REPORT: I noticed that Orechin’s Chameleon Puzzle indicated that a trap may be present even when the party were given the impression it had not. There was a problem in the code, which has now been fixed, meaning the correct response should now be given for activating a Chameleon Stone which does not have a trap. i.e. “It may or may not have, but none detected” kind of response.

3) INVENTORY FEEDBACK: There was a rare occasion when a left clicking on an inventory item no longer gave feedback. This was due to a new variable that tried to prevent irrelevant feedback during loading a new game. The variable appeared to not reset when it should, so I have now added a backup at the time of calling the item description itself. This should squash the bug once and for all.

4) READBOOK PAGE TURNS: After making Readable Books MP compatible, there was a slight error remaining where a player could be left with the incorrect “page turn” arrows (forward or backward) subject to whether they started the book action or not. This has now been fixed.

5) MONTY BUGS: There were a couple of bugs related to the Monty quests. There was effectively a “double or nothing” XP award bug for the following reasons:- (a) Sometimes the Talanthians would attempt to attack and kill Monty during a battle with the PCs. If Monty died, then the XP was zero. (b) However, there was also a bug in Monty’s conversation (if he survived and the heroes rescued him) where it was possible to receive the completion XP twice. Thankfully, my own players only received it once on the night, but I noticed the duplication on testing further and fixed it now. I still have not totally stopped the Talanthians from attacking Monty if combat is initiated, and may leave it as a consequence. However, my ideal goal is to keep him available to talk to after combat and so may have this “fixed” by the next release.

6) MISSING TREASURE: This problem will only affect players who have ever run the v2.12 version of the campaign, which is probably only myself. Back in v2.12, I managed to introduce a memory leak, which was quickly squashed. It caused unwanted placeable objects to be dropped in areas that contained companions. At the time, I wrongly assumed the bad code had affected only those companions the players had interacted with. Last session proved this not to be the case, but also affected the companions the players had not yet met. Therefore, while I had removed the bad placeables related to some areas, we had been left with two areas that were still affected. This in turn affected those two areas in other ways. One aspect was to cause treasure allocation to be stopped due to this memory leak. These remaining areas have now been “cleaned” of the unwanted placeables (in our game), meaning the code will now fire correctly. (NB: Players should search objects again.) As an update, I have now also removed this “placeable drop” code from happening n the first place, as I do not think it is needed any more. I will keep an eye on this to see if I do need to reinstate it (in its fixed format) for any reason.

7) GEMS NOT AUTO-ALLOCATING BAG: There was an instance when collecting gems from fallen NPCs were not auto-allocating into the gem bag carried by a PC. I believe this was related to also finding “gold coins” on the same NPC, which in turn was previously undergoing the same “consolidation” checks that other stackable items go through, which caused the code to stop before the gems could be correctly allocated. The check to consolidate now avoids this “gold coin” item, which runs its own dedicated script instead. Please can players let me know if this continues to be a problem.

8) DEATH GUI AND RESPAWNS: In checking the code, I noticed that the game may respond incorrectly if a player died and respawned using essences, in that dead companions no longer came back when they should do if the player has the correct VOL feat. The check in the code was wrong, and has now been fixed to only stop revival checks for a host PC. All other checks for companions or other Main PCs of other players should now continue to be checked.

9) PLAYER ENTER AREA BUG: This problem was only likely to happen in a MP game, as the erroneous code was checking “players” entering an area. Occasionally, (subject to timing), a player may have received the “MISSING ITEMS” GUI, which when checked proved to be wrong. This is because the code was checking the item on the entering creature rather than the Main PC , which in a MP game (where timing makes a difference) could return the wrong player. This has now been “fixed”, but I will keep an eye on this in case I have missed something else. At worst, it is easily worked around, because the player can simply hit “escape” after closing the GUI (which removes the black screen) and continue play as normal. Please report if it happens to you.

10) JOURNAL ENTRY (TOKENS): I have updated a function to prevent a double call to the journal token update function. Now, rather than update the journal (first call) and then update any potential tokens (second call), the updated function now simply passes the data once, updating journal and/or tokens in the same call as required. I did this because I (as the DM on the last session) did not receive the same update as the players and considered this double call to the same function may have been responsible. It’s a minor issue (as the DM is updated in the next journal update anyway), but I applied this update to help alleviate the issue as a possibility.

11) ASSOCIATE NEW AREA FOLLOW: I have added associates to the automatic follow the controlled PC when entering a new area. For some reason, any summoned creatures (and the like), did not continue following their master after an area transition. This has now been rectified.

12) STORE STOCK (SPELL BOOKS): Store are supposed to have “blank” spell books available to purchase in the event the PC “loses” their spell book somehow. In much the same way clerics can “recover” or “acquire” a new prayer book from a sanctuary, the wizard needs to be able to “recover” their own source of knowledge. Certain stores now have these available for just such an instance. The latest campaign release (v2.41) also has some “fix” code to accommodate earlier module releases.

13) ENCOUNTER TRIGGER MOVED (MODULE ONLY): There was a trigger that the players managed to “miss” on their first arrival, which I have now repositioned for future module. The new position should make it impossible to miss.

14) OTHER FIXES: (i) There were one or two other minor TYPO fixes (Taloy about Aubrey). (ii) Fixed code to ensure any abandoned companions would either properly “run away” and leave … as well as no longer giving a player the warning GUI about abandoned companions if they had asked the companion to leave anyway. (iii) I adjusted the code that balances an encounter, especially where a player has a large party. (iv) Prevented the cave guard repeat asking for permit after being shown once.

Catch up with the heroes in our session here (at the bottom of the blog):

Download v2.41 here:


Last session went well with only two minor glitches (detailed below). In fact, I have been able to concentrate more on the second module of late. The entry code now works reasonably well on testing, and so I have now turned to updating and polishing the first area. I have been improving the ability to walk in an area and not be stopped by objects. I also pulled out all my old D&D notes, because the next module will be a rework of my previous pen and paper (PnP) modules. Incredibly, it has been over 25 years since we played those, and so I am using a little poetic licence to rehash the story and adapt it so we can play them again in NWN2. I already checked with the player who played the original and he said he was good with that. After all, it will help him remember the main plot as well. Anyway, here is what was fixed and how the latest session went …

The List of Fixes

1) AREA ON ENTER COMBAT: There was one remaining instance of a timing of pausing the game when entering an area straight into a combat situation. Those not using auto-pause would not see the issue, which pauses the game before the player has had the “FadeFromBlack” applied. This can also cause a player to drop to desktop if left in such a state for too long. Regardless, this has now been addressed and fixed.

2) SUMMON CLOCKROACH FLUTE: I had a check to only pass “ACTIVATED” items for the script to run. Apparently, it should have been only “SPELL CAST” checks, which it now is. The horn/flute now summons the clockroach again.

A Note on Game Balance

Interestingly, in the last session my players had a “tough” battle when they encountered some bugbears. They did survive and came through victorious, but I thought I would double check the encounter in case it was in any way unbalanced. However, when I tested the encounter myself (allowing the AI to control my PCs), the combat was short and the party came through in a far better state than my players did on the night. CONCLUSION: I think a lot can depend upon the timing of certain spells and dice rolls … and that the combat was balanced.

Catch up with the heroes in our session here (at the bottom of the blog):

Download v2.42 here:


gave me a grin* SoZ/tonyAi is pretty good

Yes … pretty good indeed! :wink:


The latest session was smooth and stable, with enjoyment had by all. There were a couple of minor issues that I discuss below, but apart from that, this post will mention some latest news and updates in general. Of particular note: I updated another puzzle (the dwarf four runes lock) for multi-player support. I have also been working on encounter balancing and planning some module two areas.

The List of Fixes

1) AUTO-PAUSE FEEDBACK: In TB combat, the auto-pause would sometimes report a combat was “over” and give the incorrect message if a character fell in combat, because I had set the character check loop up wrongly. The loop has now been fixed to check all characters before reporting if needed. (Intercepted.)

2) TB SOUND NOTIFICATION: There were some instances when the sound to indicate combat was started would not sound. This was due to not being able to locate a nearby useable placeable object to play the sound. Now, I have added a check to compensate for these situations, which should prevent the lack of sound in future encounter situations like this.

3) REVIVE DISTANCE: I have now added some checks to ensure any fallen companions or henchmen cannot “revive” after a combat if they are still close to an enemy that the rest of the party cannot see. i.e. The heroes need to be able to reach a fallen companion without any nearby enemy activity within the vicinity of the fallen party member.

4) RUNE PUZZLE (PAIRS) TIMER: There was one instance spotted in our last session when a timer for a puzzle did not start. I could not see any obvious reason for this, but altered the code slightly to give the timer a priority in the code calls, which may help ensure it starts correctly. I will keep an eye open on this one.

5) SOUL CONVERSATION (LOGICAL FLOW): There was a logical flow error in Soul’s conversation, where a PC could mention Soul by name, prior to them knowing it. This has now been fixed.

6) SOUL’S QUEST AWARD: The final XP award was broken, and required a fix to ensure the final XP award is granted and give the “Quest Complete” message. (NB: In the broken version, the quest did complete in the journal, but did not give the reward.) This has now been fixed. I remind my own players that while they missed out on this XP reward, that it was easily compensated on the earlier XP award issue that gave ten times the amount that should have been given then. The differences balance out. :slight_smile:

The List of Updates

1) FOLLOW/STAND IN COMBAT: I have now re-enabled the “Follow” and “Stand Ground” buttons in my GUI to be useable during combat as well. They override any existing combat actions for all group members the player controls, and so must be used with caution in combat situations. However, it may be useful to use to enforce a “regroup” and prevent PCs from wondering off to a distant enemy when you do not want them to.

2) AREA MAP NAME: I have updated the code to enable a builder to be able to rename a map on the fly with scripting. I needed this for my own work with module two. NB: This required an XML change, which means all players in a MP game require the updated campaign folder to play.

3) DM SPELL FEEDBACK: I added a small debug line that gives a single DM information about spells being cast by either players or monsters.

Catch up with the heroes in our session here (also with screen shots at the bottom of the blog):

Download v2.43 here:


I know there have been a number of regular updates out over the last few weeks, and I do thank you for your patience with them as my group of players make their way through the campaign (playing co-op with me as a DM host). While a number of these updates are related to the MP and DM aspects only, there are a significant number of SP fixes and updates too. This release and announcement in particular deals with SP aspects very much as any others. Anyway, we are about two-thirds of our way through the campaign as it currently stands, and I hope any future fixes and updates will once again start to become less or much minor. The good news is, the campaign has had some thorough testing both SP and MP. Anyway, here is what today’s post is about. NOTE: This is just a post about the latest release; we have not played any more in our group since last post.

IMPORTANT: The module also underwent some heavy fixes this time around, including a new walkmesh for one area (to help prevent getting stuck), and adding variables to do with creature encounter balancing. Therefore, be sure to grab both the module and campaign folders when updating. As always, you will only benefit from the module updates if you are starting afresh.

The List of Fixes

1) MONSTER ON PERCEIVE: Somehow, this critical file had an error in it, which I have now addressed. While I had not noticed much harm during play, it nevertheless required fixing, as it had the potential to stop firing for monsters as it stood.

2) TRIGGERS: There were a couple of trigger templates that required fixing: One was to exclude NPCs that walked into them, and a second was to stop a local variable setting that did not reset on exit, and so could leave plot items vulnerable to being accidentally lost if dropped by a player. Both were rare circumstances, but now both addressed.

3) PLACEABLE ITEM DROP: I addressed a few item drops that convert to placeables. Some did not make sense, especially for example, rope. I addressed about three for now, and may keep an eye to address others as and when I find them. This is NOT a critical fix and purely cosmetic.

4) GUARD CONVERSATIONS: There were two guard conversations that I thought I had “fixed” previously. They both related to NOT having to repeat conversations if already “passed” the test, as it were. One is the White Guardian at the guildhall. This does now have a fixed option to allow passage if succeeded at least once. (Otherwise, you need another reason to be allowed passage this way or go around the side/back.) The second is the Red Guard within the Shoreline Caves. You are supposed to be able to pass after passing the first time. This has now been fixed (again).

The List of Updates

1) GRIST CONVERSATION: This update benefits all player groups (SP or MP), in that Grist (the jailer) will now talk about his past (with Scar) if the quest is acquired. Previously, the player could not talk to Grist about his past dealings with Scar, but now I have allowed a conversation to take place, which gives players an alternative method to acquire the item the PCs are after from him.

2) COMBAT BALANCING: This has had both campaign and module updates. The code was fixed via campaign scripts, but there are variables on creatures and encounters within the module that the campaign code uses. NOTE: I have left some commented script inside the alb_modenter_chk script that shows how to add the variables to creatures and encounters for older modules. However, it is NOT recommended to use, unless you know the creatures/encounter triggers you are affecting do not get damaged by this scripting. The commented code is safe to uncomment, but only add other if you are 100% sure. Better to download the latest module and start again. :slight_smile:

Download campaign v2.44 here (module v2.39):

Thanks for staying with me … Lance.


Last session played without any hitches or problems at all. In fact, the only reason for the latest update was to improve the Rust Monster code that seeks out metal items on PCs to “eat” … or basically, destroy! The code was slightly off, and so I include it as a fix anyway, even though it worked reasonably well in our own session. Apart from that, I have been taking the opportunity to look over some old notes again with respect to working on module two. Some days I am better than others when it comes to doing any coding. Lately, I have had to resort to doing less due to tiredness and lack of concentration. Hopefully that will turn around again soon … and at least looking over the notes is quite relaxing.

The List of Fixes

1) RUST MONSTER AI: A loop that determined what items to attack was not very efficient. I have now added a more direct order of preference for the creature, and it works more efficiently now. Make sure you don’t get caught up close by one of these fellows!

Catch up with the heroes in our session here (also with screen shots at the bottom of the blog):

Download campaign v2.45 here (module v2.39):


We had a handful of different issues in the last session. Nothing too drastic, and (mostly) only issues that would have affected either a MP or DM hosted game - both of which is our current situation. There was one other minor issue that would have affected all game types, but nothing too serious. Here is the rundown.

The List of Fixes

1) GUBRIEL ROCK PUZZLE: When the players went to respond with the correct answer to the Gubriel Rock test, the rock did not reveal its treasure. I had to alter the code to ensure the variable was checked against the Main PC even when playing a different PC.

2) SUCCUBUS JOURNAL ENTRY: There was a trigger that started a conversation with the succubus when the players came within sight of the demon. However, the journal entry for the appropriate conversation line was missing on its node, so while we received my own coded “Journal Updated”, the actual journal entry did not fire and update. Thankfully, the journal rights itself on the next trigger point, but it has now been fixed anyway.

3) PICK LOCK INTERACTION (MP): The pick lock GUI could fail interaction after first usage in a MP game. An incorrect variable check has now been fixed and checked working.

4) RUNE LOCK INTERACTION: The runes selected with a Rune Lock interaction (four runes to activate) could fail to enable correct interaction after first usage. Checks have been put in place and the code made more efficient to ensure the runes display their correct state. NB: This fix likely needs to be in place before any interaction with the rune locks within the Ancient Crypt.

5) UNDEAD DRAINING: This occurred because I recently altered some code to give DM feedback. The problem was, I used the same variable to send the feedback to the DM (or player) as the one who received the draining. Therefore, none of the draining (either levels or abilities) was targeting the correct PC when called. This has now been fixed. (For our own session, we are considering replaying the last battle where the scripts would have been most used.)

6) INCORRECT LIFE ESSENCE COUNT: The statistics was showing an abnormally high figure for Life Essences collected. The problem appears to have been because I had done some testing between the save game sessions, which allocated around 60 (3x20) Life Essences, which upped the global count, but were never actually present on a player reload. I have since edited the global value to the correct value and edited the script that adjusts the value to ignore “tested games”. I will watch this closely in case it was caused by anything else.

Catch up with the heroes in our session here (also with screen shots at the bottom of the blog):

Download campaign v2.46 here (module v2.39):


Hi All,

Prior to any regular update, this is just a quick note to say that I am tweaking the ranges.2da. This will require a hak to be replaced and, therefore, a download for all those interested of the “Others.” folder. This has NOT happened yet, but will be on the next update. (This is just for information.)

NEW SETTINGS: SHORT: 15/15 MEDIUM: 30/20 LONG: 70/20

In my testing, I was finding my previous settings for the “SHORT” too short, and the “MEDIUM” too long.

I have added a direct link to this altered hak in the next post, which will remain available for a while. After that, you would need to download the entire “Others” download to acquire the update.

I’ll keep you posted.