This latest version 2.63 is an IMPORTANT update, as it fixes some “consolidation” code, which can cause some inventory mayhem when you collect more items of a type that would go beyond their stacking limit!

E.g. 1: If you bought some iron rations (that stack in bundles of ten), all would be well until you bought the 11th item, at which point it would fail.

E.g. 2: You have some arrows divided into two stacks of 25 each, and buy a new stack. The stacks would try to consolidate, and then cause mayhem!

As I say though, this latest patch fixes that problem. It also addresses the following:-

  1. ITEM DROPS: Some items “placeable” counterparts were incorrect. I have fixed those I have come across and found. E.g. Books, and a ring found in a shrub.

  2. ALTAR BONUS UPDATE: Temp HPs provided by an altar now are NOT removed by resting, so they have a longer life span for the sacrifice made.

  3. DATABASE BACKUP: More database fixes for module transfers, including the ability to now recover (more accurately) a lost or broken database.

  4. PLOT ITEM RELEASE: Plot items that are no longer used are now made non-plot so they can be sold or dropped after completing the main task of the game.

This marks the end of our DM controlled MP gaming test. However, my wife is currently running her own SP test, and we plan to play another MP run through (no DM this time) in the coming weeks. Therefore, there will be some more intensive testing, which should help rid the final problems that may remain.


I will keep you updated as normal.


Just a quick note to say that The Scroll downloads have been withdrawn until I have completed v2.64, which will include a module update too.

This version will have a large number of changes due to making it compatible with module to module swaps that can move the companions in a MP environment.

I will update this post when the download becomes available again.

EDIT: A heads up to people that this next release will NOT (read highly unlikely) be able to work with previous SAVES due to some fundamental changes due to module to module code and a limit discovery on global variable names. My apologies in advance, but the module would need to be started from afresh.


The latest version of the campaign available is now v2.65, but is currently still NOT available for download as I am still in the process of testing it. There have been some significant changes since v2.63, which was the last version available to support the previous module build. Since then, both the module and the campaign files have undergone some significant changes that would require a player to start afresh if they decided to download this latest version.

The critical changes include the following:-

1) MODULE UPDATE: The module was updated to correct a trigger variable that allows transfer to the next module (when available). Without this updated module version, transfer to the next module is broken and would require a minor fix (that I could supply upon request), before the game loads the second module correctly. Games played (and saved) from this module onwards should have the correct variable available in their saved game to move to the next module OK.

2) GAME TIMER UPDATE: There were changes to the way the game timer keeps track of time and also a fix applied, which means games prior to this version may encounter timing issues, especially with respect to the time system and vigour levels.

3) JOURNAL UPDATES: The Journal Update section with all associated conversations has been completely revised to avoid the multiple “journal updated” reports that occur in previous versions. I have also altered the priority of some quests so that they hold a better position in the journal when selecting the “recommended” button.

4) GLOBAL VARIABLES: After discovering the maximum name limit for a global variable had to be 31 characters or less, I discovered some PC names (or even player names) were “too long” when added to my own identifier string, forming a variable name greater than 31 characters. This meant the variable was being lost and so broke the code in certain areas - especially with respect to the AI “brain” icon. A string limiter has now been applied to prevent such problems going forward.

5) MOD TO MOD TRANSFERS: Updated mainly in v2.64 and still work in progress are the changes being made to support the module to module transfer code. I encountered some difficulties after realising the first area that a player enters within the next module had some difficulties with respect to companions/henchmen transfers due to the first area types differing according to how the player ended the first module. I had to move the functions around so that they could be referred to from either OnEnter script, taking into account that not every aspect of said functions is required immediately, depending upon the area entered. As I say, it’s still work in progress, but I hope now any further changes will no longer affect the rest of the code, as they have been more thoroughly separated from the OnEnter scripts.

I am going to continue testing in both SP and MP mode (no DM this time) and aim to upload the latest version as soon as possible. If anybody is playing an earlier version and is encountering any issues, then please let me know what version you are playing and the issue, and I will make sure the issue has been dealt with or add it to fix.

EDIT: If your version is earlier than v2.63, then you may experience issues noted in the posts above this one. Let me know about any you believe may need addressing though.


6) HP BAR STABILITY: Sometimes the HP bat used to flicker. I have resolved this issue now.

7) AI TB INTERACTION: Updated the TB Combat System to support AI controlled PCs. Now a player can switch easily between the various modes during the same combat.

8) TLK FILE UPDATE: The latest version will also have another “OTHERS” to accommodate another TLK update for the AI feedback.

9) WEIGHT REMAIN (ON TRANSFER): Fixed weight info when transferring items between PCs. (It sometimes used to give the wrong PC info in one area.)

10) ADDED RIGHT CLICK INVENTORY: Added a right-click context menu link to open inventory for PCs. Either direct from world right-click (opens currently possessed inventory), or from portrait (switches to PC and opens their inventory in this case).

11) INVENTORY RECIPE BOOKS: Recipe books used to give recipe feedback whenever hovered over, but now they give the information when left-clicked on instead - just like any other item, with the extra info still being given in the chat window.