Hi All,

!!! ATTENTION: PLEASE Check here regularly for the latest PATCH !!!


Absolute latest versions will be available from here!

I want you to have the best experience when playing The Scroll. This campaign has taken years to write, and I do not want you to have a spoiled experience just because of a missed bug (at the time of your download) giving you a potential game-breaking problem! If you have the latest patch, then any problem you may have experienced should already have been dealt with and your game will be fixed. If, however, you think you find a bug that everyone else has missed, then PLEASE let me know. Check out the IMPORTANT NOTICES below as examples of why it is important to keep your game patched & to give any feedback!

EDIT: I decided to keep to the original version system after all. Post left for information only.

OK, this is a copy of the last entry of my “PENDING” post, as it can no longer have its title edited. Please keep all feedback here. Thanks.

I have decided to take on a new version numbering system to help players know what they are playing. Rather than simply increment the version irrespective of any changes, the version will now work as follows:-

If a module change is made, then the version will increment by a complete point prior the point marker. However, if only campaign changes are made (effectively acting as a patch), then the version number will increase by 1 for each version after the point marker. NB: The point marker is NOT a decimal point, but simply a point marker showing module changes before the point marker and campaign/patch after the point marker.

E.g. v2.11 would mean the module is on its 2nd version and differs from module 1 version … and that the campaign is on its 11th version, but IS compatible with all “module” versions. i.e. Any campaign changes (acting as patches) work for all module versions. However, a module version lower than the latest may contain an issue that requires either a specific patch or help from the builder to avoid having to restart the module.

Alternatively, the player could restart the module with the latest version.

Now, here are the questions …

  1. Anybody have any other method they would like me to consider?
  2. Should I start from v3.00 (which stays true to the current position in the modules life) or are players OK with me starting from v1.00 again, knowing its the new format?
  3. Or does the way I currently do it work for you as it is?

Thanks all!

I would like you to keep it as you have been marking. Your current system is fine by me.

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Hi Lance,

at the end of the day, do whatever you feel comfortable with. I initially wanted to increment by number of fixes. For example say you are at version 1.0. Then you fix 53 bugs the version becomes 1.53 and so on. As you know, I chose not to. All I’m saying, there are so many ways to version a project and in the end it’s just a number :slight_smile: .

P.S fun fact, TEX versions increment by a π digit. Current one is 3.14159265

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Hi All,

OK, I will keep it as it currently works and just try to emphasise the important difference between module and campaign updates.

Actually, when v2.65 comes out, it does now have a check in place warning about “compatibility” with earlier versions, so that should go a long way towards keeping things running for players. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback.

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Hi All,

This thread is now going to be a continuation of the posts made here: The Scroll - v2.65 PENDING ! (DOWNLOAD WITHDRAWN PENDING IMPORTANT v2.65 UPDATE - TB COMBAT VIDEO HERE!) (I am continuing here as I can edit the post title as I need to, whereas the older post I cannot.)

And for those interested in following the development of the second module, check out this thread: The Scroll - Here We Go Again! (Module Two!) - Episode 4

I just thought I would post another quick update regarding module 1: The bottom line, I am still doing some testing. In the last couple of weeks, I rewrote the companion comments code, which I intend to use more going into module two. However, I wanted to make sure the code was backward compatible, and now all testing for such is complete. It works as intended, with the added benefits that it uses more cutscene conversations without affecting other players in a MP game when not required.

The code required some extra consideration as I had tried relying on a single module heartbeat, which although it worked, I decided it placed less strain on the processes by separating it to fire from the companion’s heartbeats individually.

I have also spent some time going over performance in general, and have randomly delayed some of the more performance hungry calls to help prevent any noticeable stuttering; which while already minimal, has now been been pretty much eliminated.

Testing should be over soon … and again, I will keep you updated. And, just to confirm, the original style “version” system will be maintained, which means the next release will continue to be v2.65.

Hi All,

Well, I have finally uploaded the latest version of The Scroll, v2.65. Thanks for your patience.

This has had a large number of changes, much to do with intermodule support, improved areas of older code, and minor bug fixes, as well as some updates that I want to employ going forwards with later modules in general.

Please, I would ask that players give feedback, especially if they encounter any issues, including pointing out any remaining “debug feedback” code that I may have missed, and anything they do not understand (with respect to rules or general play). I am not too proud to say you may have found something that still needs addressing. I certainly hope not, but unless you guys give feedback, I may never know, and I want to make sure you get the best experience with my modules.

Now that it is uploaded, I hope to concentrate on module 2, which shares the same campaign files. However, if I find anything “major” in my own checks and updates, I will upload the latest campaign folder as a means of patching your existing game. (You would NOT have to start again.)

If and when I get to the end of module 2, in theory, you will only need to add that module folder to your existing modules folder, and have the latest campaign folder to continue.

If you have any questions, problems or just want to chat about the module, please respond here.

I hope it goes well for you!

EDIT: A quick reminder: YOU REQUIRE BOTH THE NEW MODULE AND CAMPAIGN FOLDERS! (i.e. Older versions of the module are NOT compatible with this latest build.)




Hi All,

Honestly, this is so frustrating …

I found some debug lines that had not been commented out and so have had to pull v2.65 and replaced it with v2.66. It was some “combat” feedback that was test code only.

UPDATE: OK, I have now uploaded v2.66, which includes the following updates:-

  1. DEBUG CODE: Removed “FORCED COMBAT” debug message, which had been left by mistake. I also updated the combat code here too, to help prevent over-zealous henchman activity. NO WORKAROUND POSSIBLE. :frowning:

  2. COMBI CHANGERS: Some combination chests have their codes change. If a player used Life Essences on one of these (can happen in a rare case) and the combi changed, they would not be able to enter the new combination. WORKAROUND WITHOUT PATCH: Do not use Life Essences on the Guildhall combi door, and just be sure to get the combination from Melissa. (You can also load a saved game prior to issue in this instance as that had been considered previously.)

  3. SEBASTION CONV: Updated the conversation to ensure the conversation is completed prior any other action taking place. WORKAROUND WITHOUT PATCH: Just make sure you talk to Sebastion after entering the studio room until you cannot any more.

  4. TIME MOVEMENT: For some unknown reason, the SetTime function was not working in one situation if I tried to move time forward by one hour, even taking into account the 24 hour rule. I ended up having to set the same minutes and seconds to ensure the hour moving forward worked. WORKAROUND WITHOUT THE PATCH: If using the WAIT and time does not move forward (check the clock), then either ignore the error or WAIT again to ensure the clock moves forward again.

To apply all the changes (and patch your game), download and replace your CAMPAIGN folder. Grab the updated campaign folder here:

Sorry for such an early patch.


Attention All,

The “Others.7z” folder contains all the folders you need to finish setup. However, I noted that the TLK folder contained yet another compressed version of the TLK file, which means you would have had to go inside that folder and decompress the TLK file from the compressed file. Hopefully, all those that downloaded the folder had spotted this, but for consistency, I have re-uploaded the “Others.7z” folder with the TLK folder already decompressed.

It is important you have it decompressed or else you will get a lot of missing texts.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thanks, Lance.

Hi Everyone,

My wife wanted to play through the module (again) with some different characters … which means the module will be undergoing some more thorough testing.

As a consequence, I may be uploading newer versions of the CAMPAIGN FOLDER, but will only update the version number if it is important. Here is an example of the kind of thing I mean …

Version 2.66 is still currently the latest version listed (and is important to update to): However, I have even “updated” this v2.66 since its first incarnation due to a very minor issue with the “theft checking” guard interrupting the player as they were generating a new PC. Furthermore, I made it so a conversation screen stands in front of the Main Menu. Both of these minor alterations are included in the latest “b” version. So, if you want every last update, be sure to check the latest version available, and keep your campaign file updated.

The version “c” has had light sources (and some other items) not displaying their descriptions correctly within inventory. E.g. Torches would have the wrong description. WORKAROUND WITHOUT PATCH: Switch PCs and back to main PC and items should be correct. If not, you need this “c” patch.

I would prioritise as follows:

If the version number changes: Definitely update! (As their are important fixes.)

If the version number only has a variation: Update if you want to keep fully updated.

GRAB v2.66 c HERE:

v2.66 b: Guard interrupt prevention and Main Menu Priority.
v2.66 c: Inventory items description fix. (Incorrect Info Displayed.) E.g. Light Sources.

Thanks, Lance.

Hi All,

I am still having some issues with v2.66, which others may not have experienced yet, but I am pulling v2.66 until I can resolve the issue I am having: In some circumstances, the game appears to stop responding. i.e. I click on a spot to move and nothing happens.

Therefore, until I can resolve this issue, I would rather not encourage people to start until it works as it should. Watch out for v2.67. If you have already started and wish to continue, then please do, and let me know if you experience the problem. I think it happens if you do not loot everything from a monster. So a workaround would be to loot everything and then drop what you do not want.

I am also fixing an issue with the TB Combat auto-starting after manually turning it off for a combat.

I’ll keep you posted.


Hi All,

OK, I have uploaded v2.67, which I hope addresses the two annoying bugs I found that appeared to manifest under certain situations. However, they were sufficiently “bad” enough to warrant an update.

The first appeared to be a performance issue when loot was sometimes left on creatures. The second was related to turning off TB combat; it would not always turn off. Hopefully, I have fixed these two now.

As a reminder, my wife decided she wanted to play the module again with different characters, and so there should be some more good testing there too.

Hopefully, this time, the updates will be much less frequent.

GRAB v2.67b HERE:

Sorry for the person who may have just downloaded v2.67 - Unfortunately, it still contained the TB Combat bug, which v2.67b hopefully addresses. Now ready for download.


I am currently looking at releasing v2.67c at some point, which addresses a couple of minor points:-

  1. The auto-scroll popup (for spells on a PC) not staying shut when closed. (The logic is now fixed.)
  2. The timing of villagers entering and exiting the area, to improve performance.

They are both minor and may not be noticed unless you make use of the scroll auto-popup option, and so will only be released after a little more testing (in case I find any other minor issues).

As a reminder, if it goes to v2.68, it is an important update. Hopefully, people will already be running v2.67b, which was a required update due to v2.67a missing some of the changes made.

Thanks everyone for your patience. My wife has been playing for a few hours now, and had only spotted those two issues I mention above, so things are looking better anyway.

Thanks, Lance.

Hi All,

OK, After discovering the reason for a couple of performance issues that had crept in over the last few updates, and fixing them, I decided it was worth the latest version update.


Thanks, Lance.


Hi All,

I discovered some more debug feedback still within the code that should not be there. This time to do with spell casting, all spells. For this reason, I will be uploading v2.69 to replace v2.68. For the record, v2.69 will also put in some other minor fixes, including: TYPO on Energy Immunity (Innate level). TYPO: Essence Collect. Decreasing the priority of the Calender UI. Inventory Acquisition Timing & Info.

It will also fix some crafting elements where the spell would fail when it should not.

GRAB v2.69 HERE: (Remember you only need the CAMPAIGN folder to PATCH your game.)


Hi All,

OK, I have made an important “discovery”, which will have an impact on any existing game setup, including saved games. While “improving” the calendar GUI for the Lycanthropy disease, I have noticed that all such “time” code changes do not translate well on an “update”, even of the campaign folder. I guess this is because it is at the heart of the code … involving time.

Therefore, I am going to update both module and campaign to v2.70 to reflect these changes and offer an immediate update to them. NB: The game would have to be started again for efficiency. Otherwise using the campaign files on an existing game will have unexpected results. It may affect performance, or something unknown or nothing at all. The bottom line, I leave it up to you to decide, but v2.70 will be the new base with respect to “TIME”.

WORST CASE SCENARIO: Performance hits.
BEST CASE SCENARIO: Only moon phases appear broken.

I will also make this a time to update the Others folder too.

On testing the update with my own saved games, the game appears to work OK apart from the moon phases. However, that is only in short spurts. I will be adding the changed campaign folder to my wife’s current play through, so we will see how that goes too.

GRAB LATEST BASE v2.70 HERE: (In this case, you may want all the new v2.70 files, including Campaign, Module and Others.)

Thanks, Lance.

Hi All,

Just to say that I finally found a resolution to the occasional incorrect info coming up on items within the inventory. It was due to a slight timing error that could occur if a player scanned over multiple items they had just acquired. The code now refreshes the item every single time it is clicked, which means the issue should never occur again. :slight_smile: WORKAROUND: Pass an item between PCs to update its description.

I have also now corrected a TIME function, which incorrectly processed time movements. It is hardly ever called, (and is not a major issue) but I want to fix that and a minor issue on the Spell Scroll times (which displays times of spells remaining cast on a PC).


EDIT: Module v2.71 is now available for download that will fix the erroneous “patch error” on startup. There was nothing wrong, and MODULE v2.71 simply addresses that message. However, to be certain, use v2.71 of module and NOT v2.70. The v2.71 CAMPAIGN folder is now also available for download. This aligns with v2.71 module with respect to module info checks.

GRAB BOTH HERE: (Module & Campaign)

Dare I say it, but I do not recall any other issues at the moment, not even “possibles” now that the inventory one has been dealt with. However, my wife continues to play and is giving me feedback if need be. Also, for those interested, she is playing module version 2.65 with campaign version 2.71, and has NOT had any of the issues I had been concerned about. However, I will leave the “warning” at the startup for those with an older module version just as a potential reminder.

CAMPAIGN CURRENTLY WITHDRAWN AS I FIX SCOURGE DROP ISSUE (Update: I am looking over the transfer of equipment functions where containers are involved.)

UPDATE 2: OK, I have have had to delve into some very old code, and in the process have found some functions and scripting that requires an overhaul and some testing. It’s an area that has not had much testing because it goes before I introduced the ability to have companion revival and includes such things as permanent death and gravestones, etc. Therefore, it may take me a bit longer to ensure I am happy it is OK. Will keep you updated.

UPDATE 3: OK, I have gone over the code and “fixed” potential timing issues with item transfers that included “items in containers”. The code was not keeping track on what items may have already been transferred and could (or rare occasions) double up on an item. I have gone through the code and “fixed” all renditions I could find for now, but will take a closer look as time goes by. However, I think I have squashed them all … and they were rare minor points anyway.

The point is, v2.71 CAMPAIGN is not back available again. (Same link as above.)

Thanks, Lance.

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Hi All,

While the latest v2.71 has fixed many aspects of the old-school death code, there is still a possibility a player could end up with a dead companion and the inability to raise them by Orechin. i.e. If a PC dies before meeting Vol and choosing a certain feat. Therefore, I am going to update to v2.72 to cover this. However, a WORKAROUND would be to ensure you head to the village before you go off exploring.

I will let you know when v2.72 is ready. I am also going to use the time between versions to double-check the rest of this area of code. (The old-school permanent death.)

UPDATE: I am also “improving” this code so that it is less confusing for the player. For instance, the “body item” (which can be carried or dropped) is just a trigger to create or move the tomb stone now. The tomb stone is now the object that handles all interaction, including being the target of raise dead spells, or a way to manage items from the dead body.

Thanks, Lance.

Hi All,

So the latest fix was a little more involved than I first thought. Furthermore, the fact that no-one reported a problem with it may only mean one of two things:- a) They always used the “revival” system (so never had to do a Raise spell), or b) They encountered the problem but never reported it. (I hope it was the former.)

Basically, not only was a conversation broken (for allowing Orechin to raise any dead bodies brought to him), but so was the TAG reference for player created PCs, which meant they would have never raised due to a broken system. :frowning:

However, in my improving of the system, not only have I fixed all these issues, but have gone to some effort to make the system more intuitive to use. Now, when a PC/companion dies (never the main PC), the tomb stone appears (as before), but now that is the only item to appear and interact with. (Previously, there was also the potential for a normal “body” and a “body item” to interact with, which all added confusion for the player.) EDIT: If not using the “Companion Revival” system.

The player now interacts with the tomb stone to either “raise the companion” with the appropriate spell, remove equipment from the tome stone (including the PC body). They can also drop the body (near a cleric who can raise the companion) and have them raise the companion if they have 500 gp.

The system is now fairly intuitive and quick and easy to use, and comes with clear instructions upon it coming into play. So now, if anybody wants to try this the hard-school way, the system is fixed!


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Hi All,

I am hoping the latest run of updates may slow down a bit now. However, my wife is still testing, and I am quite prepared for somebody (who may be playing) to bring something to my attention. As before, I will not do any more updates that are considered “minor”, but will list some observations.changes that may be coming. (I will update this list as I consider anything.)

  1. Bounty Items: Currently weigh nothing, but will have a weight added in the next patch.
  2. Murder Journal State: Can change if the picture of Sophie is moved to another PC. (Do not move!)
  3. "Ghost" Ammo: Another attempt to rid problem of ammo appearing in slot, but not actually present.
  4. Sigil Door: If cast via the conversation, it fails. Cast via item at the door.

I decided to provide an update to prevent players having to use the workarounds above.


I will add info as I go along.
Cheers, Lance.

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Hi All,

OK, the issues are definitely becoming fewer. I can tell because I managed to spend more time building module two than addressing issues that my wife found during testing. That said, she did try a slightly different approach to a quest to do with “The Tear of the Dragon” and discovered that the sentries were not always responding correctly. So, I fixed that issue and have uploaded it in v2.74. This fix is for people who may like to take a more “evil” approach to the quest I refer to.

EDIT: I also updated the way the Stolen Goods rule updates, in case the one acquiring the stolen goods is not the main PC.

EDIT 2: I decided to do a module update to ensure a combination code door goes straight into the combination GUI if a thief tries to open it. It’s not vital, but it does now do what it was supposed to do. This means both module and campaign folders have synchronised to v2.74 for those that prefer it.

EDIT 3: I have also altered the timing of an automatic pause when descending into the sewers (if using auto pause TB Combat Mode) so that a player is not left in the dark with a completely black screen. (Pressing either the space bar or escape would also fix this without the new fix.)

However, all these fixes/updates are now included …


Thanks, Lance.

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