Hi All,

I am still having some issues with v2.66, which others may not have experienced yet, but I am pulling v2.66 until I can resolve the issue I am having: In some circumstances, the game appears to stop responding. i.e. I click on a spot to move and nothing happens.

Therefore, until I can resolve this issue, I would rather not encourage people to start until it works as it should. Watch out for v2.67. If you have already started and wish to continue, then please do, and let me know if you experience the problem. I think it happens if you do not loot everything from a monster. So a workaround would be to loot everything and then drop what you do not want.

I am also fixing an issue with the TB Combat auto-starting after manually turning it off for a combat.

I’ll keep you posted.


Hi All,

OK, I have uploaded v2.67, which I hope addresses the two annoying bugs I found that appeared to manifest under certain situations. However, they were sufficiently “bad” enough to warrant an update.

The first appeared to be a performance issue when loot was sometimes left on creatures. The second was related to turning off TB combat; it would not always turn off. Hopefully, I have fixed these two now.

As a reminder, my wife decided she wanted to play the module again with different characters, and so there should be some more good testing there too.

Hopefully, this time, the updates will be much less frequent.

GRAB v2.67b HERE:

Sorry for the person who may have just downloaded v2.67 - Unfortunately, it still contained the TB Combat bug, which v2.67b hopefully addresses. Now ready for download.


I am currently looking at releasing v2.67c at some point, which addresses a couple of minor points:-

  1. The auto-scroll popup (for spells on a PC) not staying shut when closed. (The logic is now fixed.)
  2. The timing of villagers entering and exiting the area, to improve performance.

They are both minor and may not be noticed unless you make use of the scroll auto-popup option, and so will only be released after a little more testing (in case I find any other minor issues).

As a reminder, if it goes to v2.68, it is an important update. Hopefully, people will already be running v2.67b, which was a required update due to v2.67a missing some of the changes made.

Thanks everyone for your patience. My wife has been playing for a few hours now, and had only spotted those two issues I mention above, so things are looking better anyway.

Thanks, Lance.

Hi All,

OK, After discovering the reason for a couple of performance issues that had crept in over the last few updates, and fixing them, I decided it was worth the latest version update.


Thanks, Lance.


Hi All,

I discovered some more debug feedback still within the code that should not be there. This time to do with spell casting, all spells. For this reason, I will be uploading v2.69 to replace v2.68. For the record, v2.69 will also put in some other minor fixes, including: TYPO on Energy Immunity (Innate level). TYPO: Essence Collect. Decreasing the priority of the Calender UI. Inventory Acquisition Timing & Info.

It will also fix some crafting elements where the spell would fail when it should not.

GRAB v2.69 HERE: (Remember you only need the CAMPAIGN folder to PATCH your game.)


Hi All,

OK, I have made an important “discovery”, which will have an impact on any existing game setup, including saved games. While “improving” the calendar GUI for the Lycanthropy disease, I have noticed that all such “time” code changes do not translate well on an “update”, even of the campaign folder. I guess this is because it is at the heart of the code … involving time.

Therefore, I am going to update both module and campaign to v2.70 to reflect these changes and offer an immediate update to them. NB: The game would have to be started again for efficiency. Otherwise using the campaign files on an existing game will have unexpected results. It may affect performance, or something unknown or nothing at all. The bottom line, I leave it up to you to decide, but v2.70 will be the new base with respect to “TIME”.

WORST CASE SCENARIO: Performance hits.
BEST CASE SCENARIO: Only moon phases appear broken.

I will also make this a time to update the Others folder too.

On testing the update with my own saved games, the game appears to work OK apart from the moon phases. However, that is only in short spurts. I will be adding the changed campaign folder to my wife’s current play through, so we will see how that goes too.

GRAB LATEST BASE v2.70 HERE: (In this case, you may want all the new v2.70 files, including Campaign, Module and Others.)

Thanks, Lance.

Hi All,

Just to say that I finally found a resolution to the occasional incorrect info coming up on items within the inventory. It was due to a slight timing error that could occur if a player scanned over multiple items they had just acquired. The code now refreshes the item every single time it is clicked, which means the issue should never occur again. :slight_smile: WORKAROUND: Pass an item between PCs to update its description.

I have also now corrected a TIME function, which incorrectly processed time movements. It is hardly ever called, (and is not a major issue) but I want to fix that and a minor issue on the Spell Scroll times (which displays times of spells remaining cast on a PC).


EDIT: Module v2.71 is now available for download that will fix the erroneous “patch error” on startup. There was nothing wrong, and MODULE v2.71 simply addresses that message. However, to be certain, use v2.71 of module and NOT v2.70. The v2.71 CAMPAIGN folder is now also available for download. This aligns with v2.71 module with respect to module info checks.

GRAB BOTH HERE: (Module & Campaign)

Dare I say it, but I do not recall any other issues at the moment, not even “possibles” now that the inventory one has been dealt with. However, my wife continues to play and is giving me feedback if need be. Also, for those interested, she is playing module version 2.65 with campaign version 2.71, and has NOT had any of the issues I had been concerned about. However, I will leave the “warning” at the startup for those with an older module version just as a potential reminder.

CAMPAIGN CURRENTLY WITHDRAWN AS I FIX SCOURGE DROP ISSUE (Update: I am looking over the transfer of equipment functions where containers are involved.)

UPDATE 2: OK, I have have had to delve into some very old code, and in the process have found some functions and scripting that requires an overhaul and some testing. It’s an area that has not had much testing because it goes before I introduced the ability to have companion revival and includes such things as permanent death and gravestones, etc. Therefore, it may take me a bit longer to ensure I am happy it is OK. Will keep you updated.

UPDATE 3: OK, I have gone over the code and “fixed” potential timing issues with item transfers that included “items in containers”. The code was not keeping track on what items may have already been transferred and could (or rare occasions) double up on an item. I have gone through the code and “fixed” all renditions I could find for now, but will take a closer look as time goes by. However, I think I have squashed them all … and they were rare minor points anyway.

The point is, v2.71 CAMPAIGN is not back available again. (Same link as above.)

Thanks, Lance.

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Hi All,

While the latest v2.71 has fixed many aspects of the old-school death code, there is still a possibility a player could end up with a dead companion and the inability to raise them by Orechin. i.e. If a PC dies before meeting Vol and choosing a certain feat. Therefore, I am going to update to v2.72 to cover this. However, a WORKAROUND would be to ensure you head to the village before you go off exploring.

I will let you know when v2.72 is ready. I am also going to use the time between versions to double-check the rest of this area of code. (The old-school permanent death.)

UPDATE: I am also “improving” this code so that it is less confusing for the player. For instance, the “body item” (which can be carried or dropped) is just a trigger to create or move the tomb stone now. The tomb stone is now the object that handles all interaction, including being the target of raise dead spells, or a way to manage items from the dead body.

Thanks, Lance.

Hi All,

So the latest fix was a little more involved than I first thought. Furthermore, the fact that no-one reported a problem with it may only mean one of two things:- a) They always used the “revival” system (so never had to do a Raise spell), or b) They encountered the problem but never reported it. (I hope it was the former.)

Basically, not only was a conversation broken (for allowing Orechin to raise any dead bodies brought to him), but so was the TAG reference for player created PCs, which meant they would have never raised due to a broken system. :frowning:

However, in my improving of the system, not only have I fixed all these issues, but have gone to some effort to make the system more intuitive to use. Now, when a PC/companion dies (never the main PC), the tomb stone appears (as before), but now that is the only item to appear and interact with. (Previously, there was also the potential for a normal “body” and a “body item” to interact with, which all added confusion for the player.) EDIT: If not using the “Companion Revival” system.

The player now interacts with the tomb stone to either “raise the companion” with the appropriate spell, remove equipment from the tome stone (including the PC body). They can also drop the body (near a cleric who can raise the companion) and have them raise the companion if they have 500 gp.

The system is now fairly intuitive and quick and easy to use, and comes with clear instructions upon it coming into play. So now, if anybody wants to try this the hard-school way, the system is fixed!


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Hi All,

I am hoping the latest run of updates may slow down a bit now. However, my wife is still testing, and I am quite prepared for somebody (who may be playing) to bring something to my attention. As before, I will not do any more updates that are considered “minor”, but will list some observations.changes that may be coming. (I will update this list as I consider anything.)

  1. Bounty Items: Currently weigh nothing, but will have a weight added in the next patch.
  2. Murder Journal State: Can change if the picture of Sophie is moved to another PC. (Do not move!)
  3. "Ghost" Ammo: Another attempt to rid problem of ammo appearing in slot, but not actually present.
  4. Sigil Door: If cast via the conversation, it fails. Cast via item at the door.

I decided to provide an update to prevent players having to use the workarounds above.


I will add info as I go along.
Cheers, Lance.

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Hi All,

OK, the issues are definitely becoming fewer. I can tell because I managed to spend more time building module two than addressing issues that my wife found during testing. That said, she did try a slightly different approach to a quest to do with “The Tear of the Dragon” and discovered that the sentries were not always responding correctly. So, I fixed that issue and have uploaded it in v2.74. This fix is for people who may like to take a more “evil” approach to the quest I refer to.

EDIT: I also updated the way the Stolen Goods rule updates, in case the one acquiring the stolen goods is not the main PC.

EDIT 2: I decided to do a module update to ensure a combination code door goes straight into the combination GUI if a thief tries to open it. It’s not vital, but it does now do what it was supposed to do. This means both module and campaign folders have synchronised to v2.74 for those that prefer it.

EDIT 3: I have also altered the timing of an automatic pause when descending into the sewers (if using auto pause TB Combat Mode) so that a player is not left in the dark with a completely black screen. (Pressing either the space bar or escape would also fix this without the new fix.)

However, all these fixes/updates are now included …


Thanks, Lance.

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Hi All,

OK, just to say that v2.74 is still the latest, BUT I will be updating again with some “minor” updates, once I have finished the testing … unless there is a need for a quicker update. So, as usual, here are the minor points that are being addressed …

  1. Name Function: A change name function is being fixed. (Rarely used, although see next.)
  2. Name Colours: Next patch will ensure NPC names show in different colour according to status.

EDIT: As v2.74 had had no downloads, I quickly added these fixes to it. i.e. This v2.74 is now the most complete patch to date.

I will now only update if my wife (or somebody else) reports any more patch requirements.
Thanks, Lance.

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Hi All,

Ever since first release back in 2016, I have now finally updated the Quickstart Guide and Manual, mainly to reflect those changes to the way the game starts (especially with respect to the database setup). However, it also covers some mechanics and description changes that have taken place since the initial release. (These will now also have version numbers relating to the time of release they were valid.)


Thanks, Lance.

Hi All,

OK, my wife found a problem trying to turn off TB combat mode using the button. NOW FIXED! It kept unpausing but went straight back into “Establishing Mode”. NOW FIXED!

UPDATE: I also quickly updated information you receive at the REPAIR BENCH. So, now a player gleans what is required for repairs even if they do not currently meet the requirements. (Makes more sense to the player as to what the PCs need.)

UPDATE: Also just removed some debug code (to do with lycathropy code) and reuploaded.


Thanks, Lance.

Hi All,

OK, v2.76 is now uploaded, which deals with the following “minor” issues (with the third issue quite important for those using the TB Combat system):-

  1. A fix for “ghosted ammo” once out of combat. (*)
  2. Mordenkainen’s Sword now correctly says Enchanted Sword on cast.
  3. HOTBAR action no longer breaks a paused round in TB combat. (**)
  4. Missing Sebastion: Side quest breaks without this patch! (***)

(*) See this post for further info on the engine bug: Item Ghosting (Ammo) - Engine Bug!

(**) I do not know how this crept in to becoming an issue, as it always used to be OK. However, a line of code was missing!

(***) As my wife had failed to point out the issue until after she had entered the tower, I have had to make her a “dedicated patch” to be able to continue working with Sebastion. Therefore, if anybody else finds themselves in the same position (because they failed to patch to v2.76 prior to entering the tower), then let me know in this thread, and I will give better instructions for a fix. (Brief description of fix below.)


EDIT: v2.76 NOW AVAILABLE as I have fixed a potential missing Sebastion issue. IMPORTANT INFO: Gaining Sebastion is a side quest. This quest can break if you do NOT have this latest patch. Basically, DO NOT ENTER the wizard tower without this patch, or else the quest with Sebastion will break. While not critical, it will mean you miss out on another henchman, that is quite helpful.

Thanks, Lance.


  1. Open alb_althea_patchscript.

  2. Uncomment DelayCommand(3.0, PatchOurs(oPlayer));

  3. Add this bit of code to the “PatchOurs” function at the top of the file:-

    object oSEB = GetObjectByTag(“sebastion”);
    object oSpill = GetObjectByTag(“alb_spillage”);
    location lSEB = GetLocation(oSpill);
    object oNEWSEB = CreateObject(OBJECT_TYPE_CREATURE, “sebastion”, lSEB);
    SetLocalInt(oNEWSEB, “DEACTIVATED”, 1);
    SetCreatureScriptsToSet(oNEWSEB, 12);
    DelayCommand(0.5, AssignCommand(oNEWSEB, ExecuteScript(“alb_make_statue”, oNEWSEB)));

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Hi All,

This is just to say that v2.76 is still the current valid latest version available, and is IMPORTANT for all players, as it ensures Sebastion does not go missing in the game. Furthermore, there is the added bonus of the two other fixes to do with TB Combat.

Any other alterations I have made since are too minor to require any further update, and so will remain out of sight until I have the need to release anything else.

I have noticed something peculiar though, and ask if anybody else has experienced it in any of their gaming in general, as it looks like another engine bug: My wife has occasionally had her henchman (and/or summoned creatures) disappear on a transition. NOTE: This only sometimes happens (rare), and her saved game I used for testing has NEVER had the problem repeat on my computer.

So, has anybody else experienced this?

Obviously, all she has to do is reload the game and do another transition, which more often than not will work just fine. However, it comes across as being a potential resources issue, and that would make sense as her computer is slightly older than mine … although I would have thought quite capable enough, albeit it for this intermittent transition losing henchmen.

Thanks, Lance.

EDIT: Actually, I just noticed this from the same place as I found the other engine bug, so I guess this could be some relation to the same issue … Although, the companions are generally fine, it appears to be just the henchmen or summons so far. (I may write a simple ON AREA ENTER check for the player to inform them if the error occurred.)

Vanishing Companions

Game Version: 1.10.1115 English

Severity: Critical

Status: This is the infamous “missing companions” bug and is slated to be fixed in patch 1.12.


People have reported that summoning familiars/animal companions can cause NPC companions to disappear permanently from the party, usually upon an area transition. The missing companions will not be found at the Sunken Flagon/Crossroad Keep and are apparently missing for the rest of the game. This problem has existed since at least 1.06 but is exacerbated in patch 1.10 because NPCs will now auto-summon their familiars via their AI if you do not disable ability usage from the Behaviors tab.

As an example: I had a full party including Shandra as an “extra” character. For fun I tried having Elanee and Sand cast their familiar spells. When I switched areas, Khelgar had disappeared from the party.


How to prevent this from happening:

  • Disable ability usage from the Behavior tab of any companion that can summon familiars or animal companions.
  • Do not summon familiars or animal companions.

How to recover after this bug occurs:

  • Reload from a save prior to the problem occurring.
  • Replacing the missing companion’s ROS file by copying one from another save slot sometimes repairs the problem.

Submitted By: Kianne

Bug Confirmed By: Decado, Warlock of Faerun

Hi All,

!!! ATTENTION: PLEASE Check here regularly for the latest PATCH !!!

Absolute latest versions will be available from here!

I want you to have the best experience when playing The Scroll. This campaign has taken years to write, and I do not want you to have a spoiled experience just because of a missed bug (at the time of your download) giving you a potential game-breaking problem! If you have the latest patch, then any problem you may have experienced should already have been dealt with and your game will be fixed. If, however, you think you find a bug that everyone else has missed, then PLEASE let me know. Check out the IMPORTANT NOTICES below as examples of why it is important to keep your game patched & to give any feedback!


I have been looking closer at trying to minimise the “engine” issue described above, which in my tests do appear to be related to computer resources. i.e. From testing, it appears that older (slower) computers are more likely to “lose” a henchman or summoned creature on a transition. As my own computer (more powerful than my wife’s) has never had such an issue.

However, by rearranging some calls that occur around transitioning, I hope to help reduce, if not totally eliminate the problem. I have made some changes and will allow my wife to test for a few days. It also includes a warning if a player does a transition and the engine “drops” any henchmen/Summons, giving the player the option to reload if they wish, which generally fixes the issue anyway.

Hopefully, v2.77 is looking like it may be the last “majorish” update with respect to module one, and will hopefully only update after that with respect to any new modules released. Although, as always, time will tell.

Thanks, Lance.

EDIT: v2.77 Will also address the following:-

  1. Clockroach Summons: Will now be made to unsummon like other summons when rested. (*)
  2. Holy Books: Will not break resting if left on the wrong PC and they are “borrowing”.
  3. Waiting Option: Will now calculate food rations required and usage more fairly, especially shared.
  4. Vigour/Hunger: Fixed some logic and tidied the feedback. (Streamlined.)
  5. Clockroach Follow: Clockroach type summons/henchmen now follow after transition.
  6. Tailor Comment: Stop an unnecessary comment from Tailor.
  7. First Examine: Fixed an instance of right-click examine fail on first enter.
  8. Performance: Improved performance in Holy Crypt area: Environmental Objects (Module)
  9. Stores Performance: Improved store open checks via XML open/close rather than store open/close.

(*) Also Fixed a premature unsummon if REST was cancelled due to not being required.

v2.78 …

  1. PAUSE INFO: After combat fixed. (Workaround, simply switch PC.)
  2. GHOST AMMO: Now also when first inventory open after combat and not just on switch PC.

Latest v2.79 has (minor alterations) … (Link below)

  1. EXAMINE INFO NOTICE TEXT: Fixed logic with companion examine viewing via possession.
  2. EXAMINE VIA MAIN PC: Added info to examine non-companion party members via the Main PC.
  3. AI TRANSITION CONSISTENCY: AI now stays active after transition (even if SENSED active).
  4. PARTY COUNT CHECK: Removed check as it is no longer required. (Also due to cut scene.)

Now available in v2.80 …

  1. LIVE ENCUMBRANCE FOR ALL ITEMS: Moved the weight calculation for items carried/bought to start of function, meaning AMMO weight will be calculated live too. E.g. During buying at shops. (But not as a result of individual ammo usage.) Previously, the encumbrance figures for ammo calculated when opening inventory for the said PC, now it will update live on any acquisition. It takes a second to update.

  2. PLOT ITEM FORCE COLLECT JOURNAL UPDATE: Prior v2.80, if a player misses a potential plot item drop and leaves an area, that plot item is automatically given to the player. In v2.80, now any journal updates that may be associated with such item acquisitions will be updated too.

  3. MOLDS QUEST (UPDATE): Module updated to allow PCs who may have resolved Todd’s Quest prior to encountering Billy to still have an encounter with him. NB: If you avoid opening Todd’s chest with own skills prior to meeting Billy, you will not require this update anyway. UPDATE WORKS WITH JUST A CAMPAIGN UPDATE TOO! (I simply added extra checks to the exiting campaign code.)

As I changed a door tag, I also updated the module to v2.80 to synchronize build numbers. (Although, as I say above, I ensured the campaign code made this update backward compatible anyway.)

Now available in v2.80b …

Keeping latest recorded at v2.80 to stay in sync with Module folder, as this is a minor update only anyway.

  1. SKILL CHECK FIXED: A minor incident where a conversation skill check was broken when using the Fairchild’s Doors.

  2. DOOR LOCK EXPLOIT FIXED: A player could “accidentally” bypass some locked doors. This has also now been fixed.

Now available in v2.81 … As v2.81 is such an important update, I am updating the MODULE to v2.81 as well as the CAMPAIGN.

  1. VISUAL EFFECT: A visual effect helping to visualize a movement was accidentally broken during an earlier update. This has now been fixed. (VITAL REQUIREMENT!) NB: This fix only works on freshly started games, as it relies on the placeables first heartbeat.

  2. KNOCK/BREAK LOCK SPELLS: This version also fixes the Knock and Break Lock spell for casting and the Break Lock scroll usage during a conversation option.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: I thought versions 2.72 - 2.80 had a GAME-BREAKING bug, but it turns out that the critical place that counted is not affected! This is good news, as it means the game can be completed, even if people miss later patches. The only broken section (without any patches) will be gaining entrance to the Fairchild’s place (a side quest). It turned out that the problem is caused by an object having zero hit points (or usability), due to having its placeable>environmental option switched (and back again).

If you ORIGINALLY STARTED the campaign using any of the versions between (and including) v2.72 - v2.80, then the SIGILS above the Fairchild’s doors may not appear in the game. However, the game can still be played and spells can be cast if done at the correct time, between 7.00 pm and 5.00 am, AS LONG AS you have updated to the latest version of the campaign (v2.82 +). The journal entry now reminds players of these times too. NB: If you have “lost” or “used” the Break Lock spell already, then you can use a “Knock” spell instead (between the same hours). However, only use the Knock spell by “target casting” it near to the door between 7.00 pm and 5.00 am, as the “conversation method” will no longer be available to you.

HOW TO KNOW YOU (WILL) HAVE THE “FAIRCHILD” PROBLEM: If you cannot recall which campaign version you started with, and you think you may have started with a version released between 10/06/19 - 09/07/19 (when the problem was introduced), then you can check the following places:-

  1. INITIAL SAVE GAME INFO: The Scroll makes an initial save when you first enter the game. If you kept it, then this save game file name will indicate what version campaign you started with. Just check the file name mentioned. v2.72 - v2.80 have the problem. (If the file name does not start with a version number, then you started with an older version than when the problem was introduced.)

This is where the problem occurs in the game (in two places), in likely order of encounter:-


  1. SIDE QUEST: “Mercy Mission: Poor Communication!” - SIGILS above the Fairchild’s door will fail to return at night, likely making point 2 below impossible, because there is nothing to interact with! NB: If you patch to v2.82 or above, then you can still cast the spells even if the sigils do not display due to the bug. NB: You must still do so between 7.00 pm and 5.00 am.

  2. SIDE QUEST: “Mercy Mission: Poor Communication!” - When moving the carpet: If the carpet completely disappears, then you have the problem. If you see it rolled up, then you are OK. (This is a cosmetic issue only, but does reveal the issue if present. Those running 2.81 + will not have this problem.)

IMPORTANT NOTICE (EVERYONE): Versions between v2.66 and v2.81 (inclusive) are subject to a game-breaking bug that requires v2.82 + to fix. (v2.65 was the last I have recorded without this problem, but had its own crafting issue.) In these earlier versions (2.66-2.81), the ability to craft the Ammonite Key within the Talanthian Tower was broken. Version 2.82 onwards has the appropriate fix in place for all games to date. Simply replace your CAMPAIGN folder with the latest version and the crafting will now work.

Now available in v2.82 … As v2.82 is such an important update, I am updating the MODULE to v2.82 as well as the CAMPAIGN. This version also fixes any games started with v2.72-v2.80 when casting a spell to bypass the Fairchild’s SIGIL locked door. (See IMPORTANT INFO above for more details.)

This version also fixes:-

  1. AMMONITE KEY: GAME BREAKING BUG! My wife discovered a game-breaking bug that has somehow slipped in. Somehow, an important item creation had broken, which is now fixed! This next patch is required by EVERYONE to get past this bug.

  2. HARDNESS LEVEL: Clarifies hardness integrity.

  3. MONTY NAME COLOUR: Monty’s name colour FIXED (for new games only). (Module Fix.)

  4. WAIT FOR MODULE TO LOAD: After resting at the tavern. Removed error. (ESC workaround.) (*)

(*) Important fix to stop message requesting “WAIT FOR MODULE TO FINISH LOADING” after resting at the tavern when trying to leave. (Accidentally broken in v2.81.)

MOVING FORWARD: So far, I have not seen any more problems since v2.82 release. Starting in v2.83 (which does not yet contain any fixes as none are currently required), I will, however, be including a BUILD check system that from v2.83 onwards, records what build that person originally STARTED with, so that the player has more information when it comes to certain build issues. It will also stress the importance of keeping up to date with the latest patch release for the module. :slight_smile: The new information will be found in the same place as the current build info, under “Rule Information” tab (and also the “Lore Information” tab).

Below is an example of two screenshots: The first shows a loaded “save game” from year 2017 that has been “patched” with the latest v2.83. Note that this save game is so old that even the module version is “unknown”, as that saved game was from a build before I started recording such information. As this game has been “patched”, it does, however, indicate to the player that a newer module build is available at the time of the patch. This is for info only, as updating a module does nothing unless the player starts afresh. The “Original Start” campaign version reports “Prior v2.83”, as this is only recorded from the next update. The second image shows a new game started with all the latest files. If this newer game is ever patched to even later than v2.83, then the “Original Start” version number will remain unchanged and show v2.83, whereas the “Now Playing” will update to the latest patch employed.

Also with v2.83 … I found a few other minor issues that I wanted to fix while releasing …

  1. ORECHIN CONVERSATION (FREE WOUND HEALING NODE): Stopped conversation line dropping out. (IMPORTANT FIX)

  2. NAMES: (MODULE) I made it so the NPCs have their full names display (inc last name where appropriate). The CAMPAIGN fix also fixes the colour and trade references. NB: Tailor (a potential companion) has his name colour fixed in v2.83 too.

  3. PASSWORD DOORS: Thieves using these doors no longer have to wait to fail at their pick lock.

  4. HENCHMEN INFO: A reminder in the RULES that any attacks (including accidental) on HENCHMEN (not companions) will make them leave the party and attack back as if an enemy!

  5. BARD PERFORM: Fixed Karl’s conversation to give same responses as Sandy’s.

  6. MONTY NAME COLOUR (VERY MINOR ISSUE): At the moment (in v2.82) I have added some code that ensures “Monty” is called “Prisoner” while he is in his cell. A module update ensured he had his correct name of “Monty” prior to being relabeled “Prisoner” when players enter the area. In latest modules, Monty’s name is then “updated” back to his real name during a conversation, which then displays the correct colour during further play …

However, if (prior to v2.82 patching) a player had already freed Monty and he was in their party, then his name has the wrong colour (even after the last patch). BUT, (and here’s the point), if the player enters the caves again (after patching), then Monty’s name now changes to “Prisoner”. In the next v2.83, the name is checked and reverted back to “Monty” if he is asked to LEAVE the party (but wait around), and immediately then asked to join as a companion again. It means the issue of Monty’s name colour can be resolved for those that want it with the next patch.

However, this is such a minor problem and the likelihood of anybody encountering it slim (my wife did though), and only if you play with an older module and play in a certain set of events … As such, the patch will only come out of anything more significant comes along that requires such. I’m just letting you know for completeness … :slight_smile: Obviously, if you are starting fresh, the problem is never encountered.


My wife discovered a bug with Scar caches. This problem (which is fixed in v2.84) occurs if you kill Scar and enter the sewer … the caches have already been ransacked. So, it’s only a problem if you kill scar, but as that is an option, then this will fix it. NB: This FIX only works if you have it in place BEFORE entering the sewers after killing Scar!

Thanks for bearing with me here … and persevering! I am hoping your patience will be rewarded with an exciting module! (My wife is also getting closer to finishing, which means it will have had its final testings. She played through a completely different way and is why we have had some new issues!)


  1. FONT COLOUR (MINOR ISSUE): The font colour in a conversation with TALOY goes awry towards the end. (Other conversations may also be affected.) This is fixed in 2.85, but only fixes NEWLY started games.

  2. GOLD PILE: Fixed an error where gold piles randomness was broken. As I am aware how precious PCs are about their gold, an immediate update is now provided. :slight_smile: Only fixes piles before entering the area where they exist. The largest impact in one haul was only 150 gp instead of 3800 gp! (My wife spotted this one.) Although a “minor” error, I appreciate players may not think so. :wink:

  3. ENCHANT RANGED WEAPONS: Allowed some modern recipe type enchantments to work on ranged weapons too. (E.g. +1/+2/+3 ETC Type Enchantments.)

For those wanting the absolute latest v2.85 (Now AVAILABLE), as there are potential benefits to add up to an overall “improvement”.


At the moment, v2.85 has had no further additions, and my wife only has now played 51 hours and 38 minutes of her third play through, which she normally takes around 70 hours to finish. This time around she concentrated on the main tasks (as she knew which ones they were) so that she could test other quests after completing the main tasks.

Once she has finished the game for a third time, the “fixes” should have finished by then, if v2.85 does not turn out to be the last. However, as the remaining play is side quests, I am reasonably hopeful any further repairs will be of “minor” to “cosmetic” only.

Once again, I do thank you for all your patience as The Scroll goes through its patching process.


New Clean Post For Ease …


My wife found another important bug to do with the Sewer Crystals. They are missing! The latest patch only fixes the problem if you have not yet found and acquired the two rotting bags that contain them. (*) Both bags can be found somewhere in the Central Sewers. While the sewer quest will be a lot more difficult to resolve without the crystals (but not impossible), this latest version gives the player a fairer result … and in my opinion, is important enough to require the update.

(*) NB: If you have finished exploring the Central Sewers and need the crystals, I can supply a bespoke fix for you.

Version 2.86 addresses this issue, and also a typo (hence the new Other folder as well). Therefore v2.86 has three potential downloads for all those who want the latest files. The only file changed within Others folder was the TLK file, so if you prefer just to download that file (a lot smaller), then scroll down and use the link below. NB: You will still NEED the MODULE and CAMPAIGN folders.


1) SEWER KNOWLEDGE: From v2.86 the game now also checks to make sure you have read (after finding) the sewer manual before you can interact with the sewer devices. NB: If you have read the book already, read the book again to update the variable.

2) RENAMING BOUGHT ITEMS: The rename item facility (any method) would reset an item name if transferred to another PC … if it was originally a shop bought item. It could be fixed by simply renaming again, but this fix ensures it keeps its new name between PC transfers now.

3) UNIQUE ITEMS: My wife managed to create a couple of UNIQUE items this time around, which highlighted another bit of code: item description that needed fixing. It’s purely cosmetic/information, but now fixed anyway.

For those wanting the absolute latest FINAL v2.86 (Now AVAILABLE) , as there are potential benefits to add up to an overall “improvement”.

The TLK file ONLY:-


My wife has just FINISHED her third play through. Therefore, I have uploaded v2.86 with the hope that it really is “complete” of fixes … and especially free from any game-breaking bugs.


This is also why The Scroll has undergone more testing since v2.65, as there were quite a few performance improvements that required this final testing. In theory, when the final side quest is tested, the module should be “fixed” up to and including all the latest updates. After that, unless I find any problems while continuing building module two, or someone reports a problem, or my wife has yet even another go! … That should be It!

Again … Thanks for all your patience … and do give me feedback, especially if you find any problems, as I would rather fix that as I continue with module two, than discover it later down the line.

Adding a “Leave” next to “Loot All” Button … Helps with decision and no accidental “loot everything” thinking it’s a “Close” when you did not actually want anything more out of a container!



Hi All,

My wife finished her third play through last night, and I have made some final tweaks to game-balancing.

Hopefully, most bugs should now be squashed … especially any potential game-breakers that may have crept in since initial release and updates.

As always, I will continue testing as I carry on with module two, but ask if anybody has any problems or ideas if and when they play the module, do let me know here in this post or via a PM.

If I discover anything that I will address in any future patch, I will continue to let you guys know here.

For now, download, install and enjoy! That’s my hope anyway!






Version 2.87 is now the latest version available, and will remain so unless I discover (or anybody reports) anything important that requires a patch. This version addresses these latest observations:-

  1. As it currently stands, the entire murder scene status clears (body and guards) when a player leaves this area and returns. However, in future releases the entire scene will also clear when the player simply “passes time”. At the moment, only the body is cleared if the player passes time (and not the guards), but the change will be in place in any future release. (Fixed in v2.87)

  2. I have now also suppressed a duplicated “item received” when consolidating “stackable items” ready for any future release. (Fixed in v2.87)

  3. At the moment, a secret door may not close (if discovered from the hidden side). This is addressed in the next update, and will share the same animation as if discovered from the false side. (I don’t think this affects any of the secret doors in module one anyway.) (Fixed in v2.87)

  4. Inventory Performance: At the moment if you hover over an equipped item, the system updates too frequently, causing a minor performance hit while hovering over said item. I have stopped this in the next release. (Fixed in v2.87)



Hi All,

Please now go to this post.

Thanks, Lance.